At last! A whole week with no forecast of 100+ temperatures. The

At last! A whole week with no forecast of 100+ temperatures. The mornings
should all be wonderfully cool for a while; we should all get out and spend a few
moments enjoying them before the busy commotion of the day.
Our Bingo group is slowly getting larger – last week there were a total of 27
players. Jesse Locke hit the jackpot on Friday with 10 bingos, but not even that
could give him first place over Rosa Lea Skelley who won consistently all week
long to make her top dog. Each day had a few blackout prize winners, but each
day the luck came to different ones. Betty Arter, Noma Johnson, Jr. Murphy,
Norma Moler, W.T Bryan, Mike Patrick and Judith Winn were all prize winners.
During Story Time with Margie on Friday, she read about some of life’s
funniest moments as listed in the Reader’s Digest; then the group shared some of
their own funniest moments for some pretty good laughs. Sometimes real life can
be even funnier than what you read about, and those times can make the best and
longest lasting memories.
The big screen in our lobby was a gathering place for those who enjoy a good
western movie on Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon the NASCAR race was
playing for all of our racing fans.
We’d again like to express our gratitude for those who come each Sunday
morning to provide worship services and communion for our residents. Devotional
times through the week are appreciated also. Since several of us are not able to
join our own home congregations each week, the chance to become a
‘congregation’ here and worship together is a valuable experience for all those who
take part.
We’d like to say “good luck” to all those entering their best efforts in the county
fair this week, and we hope everyone has a good time there as well. Since we are
not able to be there this year with our food booth, our apologies to those who were
looking forward to a great burger, but watch out for us next year!
Stop by any time for a chat over a cup of coffee – we’ve got stories to share.
See you soon.