Geology 100 Final Exam Study Guide The following is a list of topics

Geology 100 Final Exam
Study Guide
The following is a list of topics for our Final Exam. Do not view this as your one and
only study aid for this exam. For example, you should review Exam I and Exam II so you
are comfortable with the concepts covered previously in class – see the exams & answers
on reserve in the GEOLOGY library for clarification. Also, review your notes from
lecture, using the book to clarify any questions or gaps in your notes. Then look at this
study guide and assess your preparation for the exam.
Material from Exam I and II: See Exams on reserve in the Geology Library, and the
review sheets for those exams. Links to the review sheets (pdf) are on the WebCT
webpage. This material will comprise ~50% of the Final Exam.
New Material: Topics listed below will comprise ~50% of the Final Exam
Topic A. Mass Wasting
Results of mass wasting: sediment transport and landscape evolution
Factors influencing mass wasting
Major mass wasting processes
Topic B. Water, Water Reservoirs, and the Water Cycle
Origin of Earth’s water
Properties of water: e.g., polar molecule and heat capacity.
Results of water’s uncommon properties: Surface tension and heat content
Hydrologic Water Cycle and Hydro-Tectonic Water Cycle
Earth’s Reservoirs of Water
Topic C. Surface Water and Streams
Sources of water in a stream
Flow of water in a stream
Erosion and sediment transport by streams
Factors influencing Flooding
Topic D. Groundwater
Groundwater flow
Discharge from and recharge to groundwater aquifers
Groundwater use and associated hazards
Topic E. Deserts and Aeolian Processes
Distribution of Arid Environments
Causes of Deserts
Sediment transport and erosion by wind
Factors influencing dunes
Topic F: Glaciers and Ice Ages
Glaciers: Two types, How they move, Where they are on Earth today.
Sediment transport in Glaciers
Glacial Budget
Causes of Ice ages
Topic G: Climate Change
Greenhouse effect: What is it?
Global climate change (warming): cause and effects