Video Resume Script Hi! My name is Scott Hair and I am currently

Video Resume Script Hi! My name is Scott Hair and I am currently a senior at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in finance, with a certificate in Real Estate within the Leeds School of Business. My studies here at the University of Colorado have successfully prepared me to start careers in both finance and real estate. A few of the courses that have been instrumental in preparing me are corporate finance, investment and portfolio management, principles of real estate practice, and real estate finance and investment analysis. These courses have allowed me to explore, analyze, and fully comprehend the intricacies of both the financial and real estate markets. Aside from my educational, my professional experience in the Real Estate sector has prepared me to start my career. This past summer I worked as an intern for a real estate development company (Castle Rock Development Company) based out of Denver, Colorado. As the company’s sole intern, I performed a variety of different jobs and was exposed to all aspects of the company’s operations. A few of the jobs I performed include reviewing and delivering contextual development plans, drafting homesite maps, and working on various marketing projects. This experience has allowed me to hone my expertise in many different aspects of the real estate industry and has also provided me a solid foundation which I can build my career upon.