3.5-inch Ultra ATA/100 Internal Hard Drives

3.5-inch Ultra ATA /100
Internal Hard Drives
Thousands of business files
1,300 hours of digital music
20,000 digital photos
80 hours of digital video
115 exciting games
Thousands of business files
2,000 hours of digital music
30,000 digital photos
120 hours of digital video
170 exciting games
Thousands of business files
2,700 hours of digital music
40,000 digital photos
160 hours of digital video
225 exciting games
Thousands of business files
3,400 hours of digital music
50,000 digital photos
200 hours of digital video
288 exciting games
Thousands of business files
4,800 hours of digital music
75,000 digital photos
300 hours of digital video
425 exciting games
The fast, powerful, easy way to safely store
all your data.
These premium-quality, super-silent drives combine highly advanced storage hardware and software technology. They’re built to last, with a robust, rugged design.
• The world’s quietest 7200-RPM hard drive delivers ultra-high performance.
Thousands of business files
6,400 hours of digital music
100,000 digital photos
400 hours of digital video
575 exciting games
• Award-winning DiscWizard™ software makes installation a snap.
• Built-in self-monitoring technology helps ensure maximum reliability.
• Unprecedented five-year warranty covers all parts and labor.
Seagate is the world’s
largest manufacturer
of disc drives.
3.5-inch Ultra ATA/100 Internal Hard Drives
Ultra ATA /100
7200 RPM
8MB Cache
3.5-inch Drive
PC or Mac
Advanced features, blazing
The best drives come from Seagate
Seagate hard drives lead the industry in high
performance, powerful features and sophisticated
software—yet they’re exceptionally easy to install
and use. There’s no better way to store and work
with everything from film, video, and audio files to
the latest memory-intensive games.
Engineered for high performance
7200-RPM high-performance drive with an 8-Mbyte
cache handles massive amounts of data effortlessly.
And the most advanced fluid-bearing (FDB) motor
ensures whisper-quite operation.
Fast, easy installation
DiscWizard™ software simplifies installation. PC World
calls DiscWizard “the best setup utilities,” and you’ll
Built for safety and security
Seagate hard drives are protected by built-in selfmonitoring technology that continuously checks your
hard drive for data safety and drive performance.
Our unsurpassed SeaTools™ diagnostic software
is included.
Drive Specifications
• 7200 RPM
• 8MB cache
• 350 Gs nonoperating
shock resistance
• Less than 25 acoustic
System Requirements
• Microsoft Windows XP,
Me, 2000, 98SE, NT
• May be used with Linux,
Apple Mac OS and Netware
• ATA/IDE interface (Ultra
ATA/100 recommended)
• Open 3.5-inch bay or slot
for drive
• 48-bit addressing is required
to exceed the 137GB
capacity limitation imposed
by 28-bit addressing
Package Contains
• Internal Barracuda®
hard drive
• Interface cable
• DiscWizard™ installation
• SeaTools™ diagnostic
• Quick installation guide
• Mounting screws
Product Dimensions
• Package dimension:
9.75" x 8.75" x 3.8"
• Package weight: 2.3 lb.
Worry-free, five-year warranty
Seagate drives are so durable, we back them with
a five-year warranty that covers all parts and labor.
Free tech support
Rely on Seagate for friendly, free technical advice
even after your warranty ends.
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