13 July 2015 COTY TO ACQUIRE P&G ASSETS P&G announced Friday the sale to Coty Inc. of certain brands from its beauty and grooming assets. The brands involved include Hugo Boss and Gucci in the fragrance area, CoverGirl and Max Factor to add to its colour cosmetics portfolio and Wella and Clairol in the hair colour sector. At this time, OBJ has not been advised of any material impact to the PDA program with P&G as a consequence of the sale of these brands. P&G will keep its largest hair, skin and personal‐care brands, which include Pantene shampoo, Olay facial moisturizers and SK‐II luxury skin care. Coty is already a partner of OBJ and OBJ has been working closely with Coty’s prestige skincare group since 2013 on the development of a new skin care and beauty platform, based on the Dermaportation technology. That project has now progressed to an advanced stage with initial testing of the now completed device currently underway in the US.
P&G released details P&G has provided the following list of brands affected by the announced sale and acquisition by Coty Inc. : Wella Professionals (and its sub‐brands), Sebastian Professional, Clairol Professional, Sassoon Professional, Nioxin, SP (System Professional), Koleston, Soft Color, Color Charm, Wellaton, Natural Instincts, Nice & Easy, VS Salonist, VS ProSeries Color, Londa/Kadus, Miss Clairol, L’image, Bellady, Blondor, Welloxon, Shockwaves, New Wave, Design, Silvikrin, Wellaflex, Forte, Wella Styling, Wella Trend, Balsam Color, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Lacoste, bruno banani, Christina Aguilera, Escada, Gabriela Sabatini, James Bond 007, Mexx, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Max Factor and Covergirl. About OBJ: OBJ develops proprietary magnetic micro‐array drug delivery and product enhancement technologies for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods sectors. OBJ partners companies in the design and development of next generation products using physical science rather than chemistry to provide new levels of product performance without the cost of reformulation or new ingredient approvals. OBJ offers a portfolio of proprietary technologies and supports partners by providing IP‐
protected market exclusivity, expertise in magnetic array design, feasibility and efficacy and claims testing, engineering and production. About OBJ's Technologies: OBJ developed a platform of physical enhancement technologies based on low‐cost magnetic micro‐arrays that influence the movement and penetration of drugs, active ingredients and formulations at the molecular level. Complex and patent protected 3‐D arrays and moving ABN 72 056 482 636 284 Oxford Street, Leederville 6007 Perth, Western Australia Telephone +61 8 9443 3011 Facsimile +61 8 9443 9960 magnetic fields have the ability to repulse certain molecules to enhance diffusion and to alter the permeability of certain biological and non‐biological targets. OBJ develops low cost micro‐array film technology that utilises diamagnetic repulsion, induced permeation and energy redirection to offer a new way of managing the speed, depth of penetration and delivery of active ingredients in a wide range of pharmaceutical and consumer products. OBJ has recently added another technology to its platforms. The new DCE technology also uses weak atomic forces to manufacture and control the behaviours of emulsions as gels during application to the skin. Forward‐looking Statements This announcement contains certain “forward‐looking statements” concerning OBJ. Where OBJ expresses or implies an expectation or belief as to future events or results, such expectation or belief is expressed in good faith and believed to have a reasonable basis. Forward‐looking statements provided in this announcement are based on assumptions and contingencies which are subject to change without notice. Such forward‐looking statements including statements regarding intentions, planned events and potential results are provided as a general guide only and should not be relied upon as an indication or guarantee of future performance. There can be no assurance that actual outcomes will not differ materially from these forward‐
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