Hello all, I decided to write this so that you all can get to kno

Hello all, I decided to write this so that you all can get to know me so that I am not a complete stranger who would be taking care of your fur babies! I’ll start off my telling you, my name is Amber Voit, I am a full time assistant Pre-­‚Äźkindergarten teacher at a child care center in South Fayette. I live in the Baldwin area with my mom, dad, brother, grandmother and 3 Labrador Retrievers! Needless to say I am very used to living in chaos! Unfortunately, since I am still living at home I am unable to provide “boarding” for your animal at my house at this time, hopefully in the near future I will be moving and this could possibly change! I have pet sat for many family members and friends over the past few years. After graduating from college I needed to make some extra money and decided what better way to spend my extra time watching animals for their owners so that they don’t have to be taken to a boarder, which I am not against, I just think most animals would rather stay in the comfort of their home since they are already under stress being away from their mom and dad. It also is a nice way to keep me active, I have no problem taking your dog on walks (cats too), to the dog park, swimming, playing in the back yard or just for a ride in the car! I have taken care of dogs ranging in all sizes from a small 7 pound Chihuahua to a huge 90 pound German Shepherd and I have loved them all the same! I also have experience giving pets medication (oral and topical) and following the strict schedule of when they need administered. I have reference letters available from a few of the families that I have sat for that I can send to you showing that I am very dependable. I am more than happy to call, send pictures, text and also Facetime while you are away from your pet if that is something that would make you feel more comfortable! All in all I want this to be a wonderful experience for your pet and you. I will do anything that you need to make your trip away from your pet as smooth and easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns you may email me at [email protected] or if you would like to have my phone number please email me and I will send it. Hope to hear from you soon, Amber Voit