Social Studies – Chapter 9 Study Guide

Social Studies – Chapter 9 Study Guide Need to know: ¾ Name an industry that depends on the Midwest’s farms and ranches. ¾ How are farms in the Plains states different today than they were 100 years ago? ¾ Who is known for painting the rural areas of the Midwest? ¾ Which part of the Plains states is mountainous? ¾ Which is the main way people use barges? ¾ What line of work is Frank Lloyd Wright known for? ¾ Where is the largest Arab American community in the U.S.? ¾ When did African Americans begin to migrate to cities in the Midwest? ¾ In which state are these Great Lake cities located? o Chicago o Cleveland o Detroit o Indianapolis o Minneapolis ¾ In which state are these Plain States cities located? o Des Moines o Kansas City o Omaha o St. Louis o Fargo ¾ What are the three kinds of transportation that make many cities in the Great Lakes region hubs? ¾ All vocabulary words from lesson 1 and 2. See you vocabulary study guide sheet.