Persuasive Presentation - Jewells Primary School

Stage 2 – Persuasive Oral Presentation
Stage 2, 2014
The 2014 Jewells Primary School Public Speaking Competition will commence shortly,
with Stage 2 students to present first-round speeches during Term 1, Week 11,
starting on Monday 7th April , 2014.
Our students are currently studying exposition text types and persuasive language. The exposition
speech format will provide them with an opportunity to present their persuasive techniques to a real
audience. In exposition writing, a writer takes a position for or against an issue and writes strong
arguments to persuade and convince the audience to agree with or act upon their stated position.
The persuasive oral presentation should contain the following:
1. An introduction outlining your issue and your point of view on the issue.
2. At least THREE arguments to support your views on the issue. Your arguments should be
detailed and elaborated upon with further explanations. Where possible, facts and research
should be used to validate your arguments.
3. Persuasive devices to involve the audience such as; emotional words to appeal to the senses,
expression of urgency, exaggeration, technical language, conjunctions, high modality, thinking
and feeling verbs, rhetorical questions.
4. A conclusion strongly restating and summarising your point of view on the topic.
All students are to submit a printed A4 copy of their persuasive speech on Monday 7th April.
Students will then be randomly selected throughout the week to present their speech to the class.
Choose ONE of the following topics and decide whether you are FOR or AGAINST the topic. Then
write a 2-minute speech arguing your side of the issue.
Ride to school.
Stop bullying now!
Are Dragons real?
Share the family
The best pet in the
world is…..
Kids have an
opinion too.
Everyone should
learn to……
Aliens probably
exist out there.
Is homework
We should play
more games at
Learn touch typing
not writing.
Pick up your
Palm cards are useful to prompt speaker’s thoughts however props are not permitted. We
recommend that students practise their speeches frequently so that the speech comes across as
natural and convincing, not as reading from a page of notes.
Successful students progress to Stage finals later in the year.
Attached is a Persuasive Writing Plan to use as a guide.
Marking Scale: The teacher will be asking themselves these questions whilst watching your speech.
Volume and pronunciation: Was the speaker clear and easy to understand?
Did the speaker change volume and tone of voice appropriately?
Voice and Vocabulary: uses emotive language, imagery, gesture
Audience engagement: Does the speaker engage the audience?
Did the audience respond to the speech? Did the speaker use humour?
Content: understands the topic. Uses content specific words.
Structure :
Introduction: Is there a hook to get the audience’s attention? (creative/original)
Is the topic clearly stated?
Three arguments:
Did the speech have three different arguments and detailed explanations?
Conclusion/Restatement: Was the speech summarised effectively? Leave the audience thinking?
Time –limit: How close to the allocated time was the speech?
Body language: Did the speaker only use palm cards as a prompt?
Did the speaker vary their eye contact around the audience?
Pace: Steady pace and easy to listen to.
Preparation: well prepared, confident, recalls most of speech from memory.
Stage 2 Teachers,
Mrs Blain, Mrs Burt, Mrs Waters, Mr Marshall and Miss Vial
Here are some ideas on persuasive devices to use and an outline of a plan.
All students are to submit a printed A4 copy of their persuasive speech on Monday 7th April.
This must be handed to your teacher before you give your speech.