Position Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology) Reports to Microbiology

Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology)
Reports to
Microbiology Team Leader
Synlait Milk Ltd
1028 Heslerton Road, Dunsandel, Canterbury
August 2015
In the initial phases this position will be responsible for helping the Microbiology Team in setting up
the microbiology laboratory by organising the resources needed for testing.
The main responsibility of the role is to provide support to microbiology team such as media
preparation, washing of glassware, cleaning as required, sample weighing in sample preparation
area, monitoring the stock levels of consumables and media, assisting the laboratory team and the
subsampling teams as required.
Key Performance Areas
Performance Expectations:
Laboratory Services
Media preparation
Manage and re-stock all laboratory consumables, media
and glassware in a timely manner
Ensure all laboratory glassware is kept clean.
Assist other laboratory and subsampling staff when needed.
Sample work, including weighing samples, preparation of
sample homogenates.
Sample management, including correct storage, checking
old samples, labelling and monitoring storage conditions.
Management of laboratory waste.
Managing the media and consumables storage area,
including delivering lab requirements of media and
consumables and keeping the areas clear and tidy.
Cleaning of laboratory equipment.
Quality Assurance
Comply with all relevant company policies and delegations.
Comply with all Quality Assurance/ISO systems.
Team Work
Work with others to contribute to team and group outcomes.
Demonstrate active support of Synlait Milk values and
exhibit behaviours that are consistent with them.
Keep up-to-date with business developments in the
company and gain an understanding of the company’s
vision, mission and strategy.
Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology)
PD August 2015
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Health & Safety
Professional & Personal
Keep up-to-date with information on changes to your health
and safety responsibilities.
Engage in regular conversation with your team
leader/manager with regards to health and safety.
Actively contribute to improving health and safety at Synlait
Ensure all health and safety training is completed.
Attend team meetings in which health and safety
information is communicated.
Ensure actions assigned to improve health and safety are
completed in a timely manner.
Participate in the development and implementation of
rehabilitation plans following a workplace Injury or illness.
Follow all applicable “safe work behaviours”.
Undertake identified personal training/development with the
prior approval of your Manager.
Remain abreast of current industry related trends, practices
and disciplines and undertake regular updates in either
competency training or changes in law as required.
Keep up-to-date and demonstrate awareness of relevant
legislation and best practice.
Build networks with relevant organisations, professionals
and associations.
Key Relationships
Quality Team
Consumable and equipment suppliers
Operating Expenses
Delegated authorities within the Synlait Delegated Authorities Policy.
Decision making in scope of this position.
Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology)
PD August 2015
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Organisational Structure
GM Quality &
Team Leader
Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology)
PD August 2015
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Adhering to Principles and
Upholds ethics and values, demonstrates integrity, promotes
and defends equal opportunities, builds diverse teams,
encourages organisational and individual responsibility towards
the community and the environment.
Analyses numerical and verbal data and all other sources of
information, breaks information down into component parts,
patterns and relationships, probes for further information or
understanding, makes rational judgements using the available
information and analysis, produces workable solutions,
demonstrates and understanding of how one issue may be a
part of a much larger system.
Planning and Organising
Sets clearly defined objectives, manages time effectively, plans
activities and projects well in advance and takes account of
possible changing circumstances and resources needed to
complete tasks, monitors performance against deadlines and
Delivering Results and Meeting
Customer Expectations
Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction, sets high
standards for quality, quantity and productivities, monitors and
maintains standards, works in a systematic, methodical and
orderly way, consistently achieves work goals.
Following Instructions and
Appropriately follows instructions from others without
unnecessarily challenging authority, follows policies and
procedures, keeps to schedules, arrives punctually, and
demonstrates commitment to the organisation.
Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology)
PD August 2015
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Qualifications, Skills and Experience
A minimum of NCEA Level 3 in Science is essential.
An approved handler certificate is desirable.
Exposure to ISO 17025 accredited laboratory environment is essential.
One to two years’ exposure to a laboratory environment is desirable.
Good knowledge about microbiology laboratory media is desirable.
Basic science knowledge
A desire to work in a fast paced, state-of-the-art laboratory.
Must be willing and able to learn new skills.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Proven ability to work under pressure and regularly meet deadlines in a multi-tasking
Computer Literacy in MS Word and Excel.
Non-Limitation Clause
This job description is not intended to be a complete or limiting description of the functions that the
employee may reasonably be requested to undertake both within and outside of the normal hours of
I have read and understand the above job description.
Employee Name
Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology)
PD August 2015
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