Zulfiqar Ali Khan, CHESP, REH

Zulfiqar Ali Khan, CHESP, REH
Manager Environmental Service Manager
University of Maryland Medical System /Shore Health System
219 S. Washington St.
Easton, MD 21601
Phone: 410 822 – 1000 Ext. 5398
Fax: 410-763-9331
E-mail: [email protected]
Educational Background (include degrees, licenses, certification, credentials)
Master of Science (Mathematics) - University of Punjab, Pakistan
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) - University of Punjab, Pakistan
National Restaurant Association
o Financial Management—1996
o Marketing Management—1996
o Administrative Management—1994
o Management Skills—1994
o Foodservice Sanitation—1999
University of Maryland. College Park, MD: Management Institute, Institute 1994
ASHE Certificate in Health Care Safety & Security Management 2001
Registered Executive Housekeeper (REH) 2001
Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) 2002
Clemson University, NC. Custodial Staffing and Standards 2001
Healthcare experience, including number of years in environmental services, years as a
director, manager or supervisor
11 years as EVS Manager
Any current or previous experience as a Board member for or for external organizations
(if none, please tell us so orientation materials can be appropriately reviewed and updated
if necessary)
I am on the Wisp Resort Board since last November (2009)
Date, including year, you joined AHE
I joined AHE in 2000 and attended my first conference in Denver of that year
AHE committee and/or committee chair participation (committee name and dates served)
Member ship committee 2001, 02, & 03
Planning Committee 2004
Recognition Committee 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Planning Committee 2009
Advisory Council 2009, 2010
Other Healthcare related activities (includes but not limited to hospital committees or
task forces)
Safety Committee
Patient Safety Committee
Chairman of Hazardous Waste Committee
List any presentations made to a hospital group (staff training, internal committee
Reducing waste
Making medicine mercury free
Mold in the environment AHE conference 2004
Partnering with Infection control
Monthly meeting and training for the department monthly
Describe in detail why you believe you would be a productive Board member; list your
strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.
I would like to be a board member because I want to be part of the team that continues the work that
makes AHE the organization it is. When you are active in an organization, you learn firsthand how the
decisions are made ad just how committed the leadership is to the membership and is committed to the
A member of this fine organization since 1999, I have 15 years of healthcare and hospitality experience, a
strong work ethic and desire to help make a difference in our chosen field. Making difference these days
requires current information and knowledge. I am an AHA Certified Healthcare Environmental Services
Professional (CHESP). I believe my work experience as being a long term contributing member will
enable me to help AHE continue to grow and prosper.
Please describe how you believe you would contribute to the mission, vision and goals of
AHE as outlined in the strategic plan.
Setting the standard for the environmental excellence is what we do every day and makes us industry
leaders in healthcare environmental services. I am honored to have the opportunity to run for Board
Member. AHE is a strong organization that consists of some of the finest professional resources available
to the profession and they have been developed from within our own ranks.
I believe AHE must remain focused on the core values on which AHE was founded, and that the mission,
vision, and goals should continue to reflect those values. I recognize that AHE must remain flexible in
changing times and that different times may require different strategies, therefore we must willing to
continually review our mission goals and revise them as necessary so we remain relevant to the
Describe your 5 year vision for AHE. Be specific
I see AHE expanding in size and financial growth. I believe we need to reach out to retirement and long
term care facilities to increase our membership and remain true to the reasons we have changed our
name-relevance. I believe that AHE was formed to serve the membership and as long as we stay focused
on meeting member‘s needs, AHE will continue to prosper. I believe that AHE will continue to grow and
be the organization recognized for the proved education and support to it members and those who
choose to be n our chosen professional field.
Tell us about other relevant leadership activities
I am on the WISP Resort Board. WISP is a golf and ski resort in Maryland.