Brain Game

However, my Finnish cousins are so proud of me for trying….and I have met
such delightful and patient young Finnish women who have encouraged me.
Every time I get really discouraged, and think this is a folly, I find I can actually
understand something such as a page from a 1906 Almanakka, which shows the
ship my grandfather arrived on in New York (in 1903). Then, I am re-energized!
I am all ready for the second session of lessons at our Koulu…..and will continue
my brain games for a long while to come (even if I am a tongue tied as ever and
still am lousy at rolling an “r”!).
(Inge Holsteyn’s site) exercises, tests to translate,
grammar and word lists
YLE’s course (all in Finnish)
for language impaired and plain
language students. with darling stories, puzzles and projects every verb you’d ever want to
know best known site
flash cards for the computer good for
young people, designed for foreign students and workers all in Finnish, with recordings of texts.