LG 2 – Direct and Partial Variation – Blank Copy

Direct and Partial Variation - LG
I can write the equation given a direct or partial variation situation.
I can graph a direct or partial variation equation.
I can answer questions about a direct or partial variation situation.
1. To run a 30 second ad in prime time, a radio station charges a fixed cost of $200 plus $100
per day the ad is run.
a) Write an equation comparing the cost of the ad and the number of days that it is run.
Define your variables.
b) Graph the equation.
c) For how many days could a company afford
to run the ad if they can afford to spend
$1200? Show your work.
2. A remote control car travels at a constant speed of 45 metres per minute.
a) State the constant of variation in lowest terms, with units: ________________________
b) State the type of variation for this situation. ____________________
c) Write an equation to describe the relation between distance & time. Define your variables.
d) Use your equation to determine the distance the car can travel in 9.5 minutes.