Creating a web presence that works for you with websites, blogs and

creating a web presence
that works for you around the clock
with websites, blogs & social media
illuminea is an internet marketing firm that helps companies
create and optimize their web presence with comprehensive
blogging and social media strategies.
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the web is the place to be
When someone is interested in your product, service or
industry, you want them to find you. Until recently, you did
that by building a web site, and hiring an SEO (search engine
optimization) expert.
This is not enough anymore.
People only spend 5% of
Content consumption outside of websites has increased 153%
their time using web
in the last 9 months. Overall, 53% of online users are
search. 47% is spent on
consuming content outside of a publisher's site.1 Statistics
also show that people only spend 5% of their time searching
(using Google, Yahoo, etc.) when using the web. A whopping
47% of users' time is spent browsing and viewing content,
which they find in search results, but also via social
recommendations on networks like Facebook, or on blogs and
other content sites.2
What this means for you: to really use the potential of the
web, you can no longer solely depend on your website. You
need to be out there.
the new web is really the place to be
To be part of this growing, social, content-rich environment,
companies need to adopt a new consumer-centric approach
to marketing that involves:
Transparency and dialogue
Going to where your users are
Rich content
illuminea can help you get there.
Brandstreaming: What Is It & Who's Doing It?, ReadWriteWeb, July 28, 2008.
Internet Activity Index, issued by The Online Publishers Association: "“New online
features and communities are also leading consumers to spend a larger share of
their online time with content. Consumers spend considerable time with socialnetworking sites, which serve not only as places of content but are also increasingly
important communications vehicles.”
illuminea web presence services
The irrelevant corporate
illuminea takes companies from the "irrelevant corporate
website: "we’re tired of
website" to a web presence that works for them by providing
the corporate website and
the following services:
all its happy marketing
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1. Creating comprehensive and measurable web
marketing strategies:
smart looking dudes or
minority women crowded
around the computer
identifying goals and audiences
identifying the appropriate tools to use to
achieve goals and reach audience
raving about your
designing a detailed content creation and
management plan
2. Implementing web marketing strategies by:
Designing and developing search engineoptimized websites/blogs
Creating rich content for websites, blogs, press
releases, e-newsletters, and more using a
variety of media.
Creating and managing social profiles and
Designing and managing e-newsletter
campaigns to drive people to your distributed
web presence
Managing your blog and web presence with
continuous content creation, online relationship
management, etc.
We also provide consulting services to companies on their
web, blog, and social media strategies.
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85% of 18-34 year olds in
To learn more about why blogs and social media are such
the US use social media
important tools for creating an effective web presence, please
(Universal McCann's
see our comprehensive presentation at
"Media in Mind" study,
August 2008)
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