Scrapbook Topic: Scientific Method, Fifth Grade Informational Sites

Topic: Scientific Method, Fifth Grade
Informational Sites: This website is a helpful overview
of the scientific method. It includes a description of the scientific method in general as well as a
description of each of the steps. For a quick reference of the
scientific method, this website does the trick. It includes all of the steps plus a short description.
In addition, it includes the definition of a couple of words that are associated with the scientific
method. This website has a step by step guide on how to use the
scientific method. In addition, it includes research options and a bulleted list of common
mistakes. In addition to information about the scientific
method, this website also includes some example. It goes more in depth on each of the steps than
the previous websites. It even has graphs and charts to show how to report results from
experiments. This website provides
real-life examples of how people use the scientific method and not realize they are using it. It
includes examples like using the scientific method when cooking, writing, designing
advertisements, and much more.
Educational Sites: This website has
a quiz on vocabulary words related to the scientific method. It’s very helpful in that students
need to know the terms that are used in the scientific method in order to understand the process. This site has various games and aids related to
the topic. For example, it has a poem, a rap, a crossword puzzle, and flash cards. This link contains a
Spongebob scientific method worksheet. I actually did this worksheet in high school and I
thought it was very creative and helpful to use familiar characters while learning. It made the
material more interesting. This website
contains a quiz over the scientific method. It reviews each of the steps and the different variables
being used. This would be very helpful at the end of the unit to make sure that students have
learned the material. In this website,
there is information about what the scientific method is and how it relates to astronomy. This
would come in handy when trying to apply the scientific method and show how it is used in may
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Lesson Plans: In this lesson plan, students use M&M’s to figure out
which color is the dominant one. In order to figure this out, students will use the scientific
method and write out the steps and results. With this lesson plan, students will learn the scientific
method and implement what they have learned by conducting an experiment. This lesson plans includes step by step
instructions to carry out the scientific method. Students will use paper towels, water, a graduated
cylinder, scissors, a calculator, a pan to test towel pieces, extra paper towels, and a ruler. Students
will conduct an experiment using Tootsie Roll Pops and a computer to learn the scientific
method. This
lesson plans involves reading a book, solving a mystery, and using the scientific method as well.
This does a good job in incorporating other subjects.