My Commitment to a Great Patient Experience I promise to never

INTEGRITY – When one’s words and actions create trust, as evidenced by being truthful, respectful, and consistent
Consistently acts in the best interest of our patients, family members, co-workers, and the hospital staff, medical
staff, & volunteers
Speaks up when something appears wrong or inappropriate
Accepts responsibility for one’s actions and the resulting outcomes
Open and honest in one’s dealing with others
COMPASSION – Meeting individual needs with kindness, care and empathy
Anticipates and responds quickly to the needs of others
Acknowledges others by name and greets people with a smile and direct eye contact
Treats others with respect and dignity
Actively listens to understand the needs of others
BALANCE – Harmony in ones professional, personal, and community life as well as in ones’ own mind, body, and
Be willing and open to continuous learning and to new ideas
Contributes to the morale of co-workers through encouragement and support
Promotes healing through a sense of humor, touch, and prayer
Appreciates the value of good nutrition and regular exercise.
EXCELLENCE – Provides care and services that are safe, reliable, and patient centered that drive extraordinary
clinical, operational and financial performance
Creates a patient experience that is consistently reliable and safe
Advocates for the patient to exceed expectations
Consistently follows institutional and regulatory guidelines putting safety first
STEWARDSHIP - Ensures sustainability and preeminence in patient care by responsively managing resources
entrusted to us
Takes ownership by adding value each day to protect and sustain organization
Efficiently utilizes the tools and resources provided
Understands the importance of individual contributions to our overall success
Consistently strives to eliminate unnecessary costs to the company
TEAMWORK – An environment of belonging that values diversity of thought and background while encouraging
individuals to share their different perspectives
Recognizes and shares credit with others on the team
Encourages team spirit through positive feedback and celebrating success
Ensures the success of the team by sharing all relevant information
Seeks to retain team strength by valuing diversity with its members
My Commitment to a Great Patient Experience
I promise to never lose sight of the reason we’re here… to serve our patients.
As a dedicated member of the BFMC team, I recognize that I am a key to providing caring services
whether I serve patients and families directly, or I serve and support my coworkers who do.
I commit myself to living by our values and patient Experience Performance Standards on the job.
Revised copy 04/27/2011