SANTA CLAUS (=Father Christmas) HAS RUN AWAY! Write the

SANTA CLAUS (=Father Christmas) HAS RUN AWAY!
Write the missing person’s notice (=avis de recherche) that will help the police
and his reindeer (=rennes) find him. Don’t forget to mention his age,
appearance, character, qualities, faults/defects, clothes, habits (=habitudes), and
…odd habits! (=manies)
Santa Claus is missing.
He is 100. He has a long beard, he's wearing the most famous costume in the
world and he is Caucasian. He has got evil eyes, he is nervous, Machiavellian,
bad, but he 's intelligent too.
Every Sunday he goes out to kill a happy child. The police think that's because
he had a sad childhood. He's a serial killer. This man is very dangerous.
Sébastien Guillot, Seconde 12
Missing person's notice
Danger! We're looking for the biggest man in the world who is called Santa
Claus or Father Christmas. The last time he was seen, he was with evil and
dangerous Leprechauns who had knives with them.
If you see him, you must scream in order to ask for help.
This long-bearded man doesn't have mercy for the children. He transforms them
into noisy games and he wants to kill them in order to feed his reindeer.
We must catch him. It's very important for your security.
He is one thousand years old, he is small and ratty-looking. This snow-legged
man likes to eat chocolate and ice cream. He's wearing red clothes and his beard
is white.
This generous -or not- person is wanted, dead or alive.
Robin Debarge, Seconde 14
Santa Claus has disappeared! We are looking for him. He's a young person -34
years oldThe last Father Christmas is dead. He's tall, but not too fat, he has got a
moustache, green eyes and he is wearing glasses. His clothes are original, he has
got a big black tee-shirt with a bear on it, a shirt on top and jeans, he's wearing
Doc Martens boots.
He's good-tempered, nice and cheerful, but also very naive.
His odd habits? He laughs all the time.
Mélanie Landréal, Seconde 12
Santa Claus has run away.
The missing person is called Santa Claus. He is about sixty years old, he's
wearing red clothes and a long white beard. His nose his small and a little red
because he goes out when it's snowing.
He's a white-haired man, he has a big belly because he's crazy about Christmas
food and his wife is a good cook.
He's really kind, especially with children, his passion is to give presents ton
everyone all around the world on the 24th of December, but he doen't like
children who are evil; so we can say he's a good person and he isn't dangerous.
He's lazy, that's his only defect.
Physically, he isn't really tall but not very little, he is in-between. He says
«Hohoho » at the beginning of each sentence, and sometimes at the end too.
If you see him, please contact his wife. Her phone number is 3630.
Emilie Seguin, Seconde 3
Have you seen a man in a sledge with reindeer?
It’s Father Christmas! Don’t you know, the white-haired man with a long white
beard who always wears red clothes? He looks tall and big…
On Christmas Day, he carries the heaviest sack. In this big sack, there are many
If you see Father Christmas, call the police to help us find him, his reindeer,
sledge and sack, so you’ll help have a…
DELABRE Claire 2°16
Father Christmas has run away, help us find him!
He’s very tall and big. He wears a long white beard and a big moustache. He’s
got little glasses.
Be careful! He can be very bad-tempered! He doesn’t like being late and in two
days, it will be Christmas, so we must find him quickly!
Oh, I forgot: he wears red and white clothes.
Good luck!
Santa Claus is a big old man. He wears red clothes. He’s got a white skin, big
brown eyes, a very long beard and a little nose.
Santa Claus has got a beautiful sleigh with five reindeer. They were seen in
France two months ago.
If you see this dangerously indispensable man, phone the F.B.I. on 0821
231 610
Be careful, he can have a very good hideaway!
RICHOUX Luca 2°14
Santa Claus is very very old. He’s the oldest person in the world!
He wears red and white clothes with black shoes. He has a long white beard. His
odd habits are: He always says ‘Oh, oh oh!’ and ‘Merry Christmas!’. He comes
down the chimney on the 24th of December at midnight. He has a flying sleigh
with reindeer.
gives toys to children.
He is fast. He likes cookies and milk. He
TROCME Quentin 2°16
Yesterday Father Christmas ran away with his sleigh between 5.00 and 6.00 pm.
The last persons who saw him were a young boy and his mother. He has
certainly decided to run away because he wants to live in a warmer country and
enjoy life!
We have made a description of him, so if you recognize him,
please contact the police:
He has got white hair and a long white beard. He is big and has red clothes. He
wears glasses and carries a big sack around. He flies high in the sky in his
wooden sleigh, even if is certainly more than 60 years old. He may look angry,
but he is funny.
He is too big to go down in chimneys but he will always try to come into your
house! If you see him, please contact the police or the 5 tearful reindeer.
NEANT Robin 2°12
If you see this man, thanks for calling the police or his reindeer.
He is seventy years old approximately. He looks friendly and funny. He is
brown-eyed, grey-haired and he has a thick white beard. He also has little
glasses. Sometimes he scares children with his big beard and loud voice. He
always wears red clothes and black shoes and carries a big sack. Santa Claus is
generous and patient. He only works on December 24th at night when he drives
his sleigh, falls into your chimney and burns his bottom. He loves chocolate and
eats some every evening.
He won’t harm you but if you don’t find him, you won’t have any presents for
ASTRUC Nicolas 2°6
That person looks immortal because he is mythical. He’s
probably 100 years old or more! He wears a red Christmas
jacket. His shoes are black but his beard is white and very big.
He is smiling and jolly. Everybody likes him so I don’t
understand why he was kidnapped or why he has run away!
His job is to give presents to every child in the world.
He only has one defect: he lives in a faraway place and we can’t meet him!
…and we miss Santa Claus! Can you help us? You must remember: if you don’t
help us, you won’t have any gifts. So, after that introduction, I think you are
going to help the police and the desperate reindeer! Back to our subject:
everybody knows him, but my job is my job: He is old, but immortal (maybe a
divinity). He’s got long white hair, I think it is curly, but I don’t remember
well… He is generous, kind and he likes children. He wears a strange red
garment (which to me looks like pyjamas, but hush…don’t tell anyone about it,
I’m joking, children!). Unfortunately, he is not at home, not in his factory, like a
good director. We have the sleigh and the reindeer with us, only Santa Claus is
Oh, I forgot to mention his most famous awful habit: at the beginning of each
sentence, at the end of each phrase, all the time, night and day, (tension is
growing, isn’t it?) he keeps saying: ‘Oh, oh, oh!’
What else were you expecting?
LAMY Pierre
He is an old man. He’s a white-haired man with glasses. He’s got a uniform
which is red and white. He wears black boots. He is nice and sociable with
children. He hasn’t really got any defect as all the people like him. At
Christmas, he gives presents to children who were very nice with their parents.
He’s got a sleigh with reindeer and a big sack. You’re right: It is Father
Message from the Police:
Hey, YOU! I’m talking to you! We need your help! SANTA CLAUS HAS
RUN AWAY! Help us find him!
He’s a fat man (just between you and me!). Before, he was green but now he’s
all red (I don’t mean he’s got the red face of a drunken person, I’m only
referring to the colour of his clothes).
I think he is seventy years old (maybe more?). He’s very generous but his
laughter is ridiculous. It sounds like this: ‘Oh, oh, oh!’ Please find him! My son
will cry if he doesn’t get any present, and this is not a joke!
REWARD: presents for everybody!
You CAN help us! We MUST find Santa Claus before Christmas but we have
no idea where he can be!
He’s got a long white beard. He looks old. He’s got little blue eyes and his hair
is long and grey above but under his red hat, he doesn’t have any hair left. He
wears a big red coat and red pants. He never loses his sack where he keeps
presents. He also wears a black belt, black boots and a green scarf.
He’s very attractive, nice, friendly and very generous. He wears the same
clothes everyday but he smells good ☺
He’s tall and big with long arms to give hugs and sweet lips to give kisses. He
laughs with this onomatopoeia: ‘Oh, oh, oh!’ very loud.
He moves on a sleigh with his reindeer. His habit is to give a lot of presents and
candies to kids. He visits your children when he passes in the chimney close to
the Christmas tree.
If you find him, hold his hand and go to see a policeman in the street or a
reindeer if you are in the countryside or in a forest, because they know exactly
what to do with him.
It’s urgent because Christmas is so close! Thanks! SOUNY Violette
Wanted: Santa Claus!
We are looking for this old person who has in his possession a lot of our gifts!
He wears red clothes and has a thick white beard. He lives in the North Pole, so
we guess that explains why his nose is red, too!
Don’t look at him in the eyes or you can be paralyzed…
His reindeer, Rudolph, misses him and thinks about him all the time: No Santa
Claus, no gifts, that is why we want him alive.
But I warn you: don’t take his clothes and pretend to be the New Santa Claus:
his job is really boring, except on Christmas Eve when he is so busy! Reward:
our thanks and 5 gifts from his sack!
Write a short poem to describe it. Use the structures suggested for
each stanza.
I imagine the high school of my dreams
I’d like it technological
I want it with smiling pupils
My dream is realistic
I wish it were coloured
I wish we stayed in it all the time
If it could be possible
If we could understand everything all the time!
I want to be in class with different people
And go to school with a smile on my face
To achieve my goals
And be happy all my life