consumer & industry liaison committee meeting – 22 april 2015

Summary of Minutes
On 22 April 2015, the National Measurement Institute (NMI) hosted the 11th Consumer and Industry Liaison
Committee (CILC) meeting at its Lindfield office.
Purpose of CILC
To allow representatives of NMI, industry and consumers to exchange views about trade and regulatory matters as
they relate to trade measurement; and formulate advice to NMI aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of
the regulatory framework and service levels.
Member Representation
Along with NMI representatives, seven industry and consumer members attended the meeting, representing the
following organisations:
Australian Food & Grocery Council
QLD Consumers’ Association / CHOICE
Consumers Association of South
Precision Calibration Services
Australia/Consumers Federation of
Weighing Industry Association of Australia
Unilever/Food & Beverages Importers Association
Master Grocers Australia/Liquor Retailers
Key Points
NMI advised on progress with the Government’s Regulation Reform agenda. NMI will shortly conduct a public
consultation for potential reform to National Instrument Test Procedures (NITP). As part of the Regulation
Reform, quasi-regulations—like NITPs—would still exist but would not be mandatory. Stakeholders are invited
to put forward their comment on this issue.
The Weighing Industry Association representative emphasized the importance of keeping quasi-regulations for
industry as they provide a stable framework for industry to operate within. He noted that without these quasiregulations, there would be nothing else for industry to fall back on.
NMI briefed members on another key aspect of the Regulation Reform—improving the usability of NMI’s
website. NMI has hired a digital agency that will develop user profiles and conduct user testing. Stakeholders
may be contacted to provide feedback on their experience of the NMI website.
NMI advised members of successful distribution of industry-specific communication on trade measurement
issues and subsequent media coverage. Some recently published fact sheets include Trade Measurement and
Franchising, and Pattern Approval – What are the Next Steps. Details of NMI’s Trade Measurement
Indigenous Awareness campaign, which launched on 18 May in Darwin, were also communicated.
Members were advised of the outcomes of NMI’s various National Compliance Programs including: craft and
boutique breweries; trial purchases; discount variety stores; remote locations; and international foods. The
Consumers Association of South Australia representative noted the positive value in NMI’s focus on ‘taring’.
NMI informed members that R79 would go to a preliminary vote to the members of the International
Organisation of Legal Metrology in June 2015. If voted yes, it would be considered during the Committee of
Legal Metrology in October 2015.
The Department of Industry and Science representative advised members that the Department would review
Part 4 of the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009 and conduct a public consultation this year,
informed by a discussion paper. The consultation is scheduled to finish in June 2015, with options for change
presented to the Minister later this year. More information can be found here.
Members were informed by the Department of Industry and Science representative that the Government had
issued an annual report on the 2014 deregulation activities undertaken. A regulator performance framework
would be effective from July 2015 to be established within 12 months. NMI would have to conduct a selfassessment process based on six key performance indicators. Members discussed the Committee’s role in
providing feedback on NMI’s performance for the framework. It was agreed that the regulator performance
framework survey would be an agenda item for discussion at the next CILC meeting.
The next CILC meeting will take place from 1pm to 3pm on Wednesday, 28 October 2015 at NMI’s Lindfield