Equine Medicine Club University of California, Davis Location

Equine Medicine Club
University of California, Davis
Location: Gladys Valley Hall, Vet Met Dr., Davis, CA
Registration: Admission $40
Please come and join us for a morning of lectures followed by an afternoon of hands on
labs in the veterinary school anatomy labs! Breakfast and lunch are provided! Don't miss
our silent auction and raffle!
How to register?
1. PayPal link currently on UCD website http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/clubs/emc/symposium/index.cfm
2. Registration form - http://goo.gl/forms/yvm2RylPUO
Both need to be done to ensure registration is complete!
Morning Lectures:
Topics include lameness, disaster preparedness, colic prevention, foal care, and
disaster prevention. Presented by Dr. Scot Kateman, Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Julie
Dechant, Dr. John Madigan, Dr. Gary Magdesian
Wetlab/Demonstration Topics:
Feet and Farrier Lab
Limb Anatomy and Dissection Demonstration
Nutrition Demonstration
Parasite Basics and Prevention Demonstration + Lab
Packing and Trail Safety Wet Lab
GI Anatomy Demonstration + Lab
Disaster Preparedness Demonstration