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Finance/Accounting/Bookkeeping,  Office  Administrator,  Human  Resources  

June  24,  2015  


VR  Analytical  (

)  is  a  local,  well-­‐established,  25-­‐person  biopharmaceutical  testing   company  that  needs  someone  who  can  skillfully  wear  three  hats.  We  are  seeking  someone  who  is   experienced  with  and  interested  in  fulfilling  these  roles  with  our  company:  finance/accounting/   bookkeeping,  office  administration,  and  facilitation  of  human  resources  functions.    


Finance/Accounting/Bookkeeping  (40  percent)    

The  right  candidate  will  have  years  of  experience  in  all  areas  of  accounting  including,  entering  AP  and   managing  vendor  payments,  producing  invoices  and  managing  AR  including  collections  when  necessary,   managing  automatic  payments,  and  performing  end-­‐of-­‐month  reconciliations.  Twice  monthly  payroll  will   also  be  a  responsibility  so  training  or  knowledge  of  BOLI  regulations  is  essential.    In  addition,  executive   reports  including  P&L,  project  profitability  and  cash  flow  projections  will  be  needed.    This  person  must   understand  the  principles  of  accounting  and  be  able  to  work  seamlessly  between  the  P&L,  Balance  Sheet   and  the  Statement  of  Cash  Flows.    While  experience  with  other  accounting  programs  may  be  acceptable,   the  ideal  candidate  will  have  used  QuickBooks  extensively.    More  than  a  cursory  knowledge  of  Excel  would   also  be  a  plus.  He/she  will  work  with  the  president  and  COO  to  implement  and  manage  cost  controls   through  the  use  of  proforma  budgets  and  profitability  expectations.  The  ideal  candidate  will  also  be  able  to   participate  in  strategic  planning  events  and  contribute  his  or  her  financial  perspective  to  the  management   team.    We  are  looking  for  someone  who  has  the  ability  to  quickly  become  part  of  our  team  and  get  up  to   speed  on  these  functions  and  how  they  are  applied  at  our  company.    


Office  Administration  (40  percent)  

We  are  in  need  of  an  energetic,  versatile  and  organized  office  administrator  who  is  willing  and  able  to   provide  administrative  support,  including  but  not  limited  to:  

Managing  phones  and  directing  inquiries  to  the  appropriate  department  or  person  

Maintaining  company  files    

Making  and  managing  travel  arrangements  

Vendor  relations  and  support  

Support  Project  Management  with  creating  and  maintaining  client  files  

Facilitate  meeting  details  (Skype,  conference  calls,  food  service,  information  packets)    

Overall  office  maintenance  and  administrative  support  as  needed    


Human  Resources  (20  percent)    

Finally,  we  need  someone  who  can  oversee  Human  Resources  functions  at  our  company  and  serve  as  the   liaison  with  a  third-­‐party  consultant.  This  person  will:    

Oversee  recruiting  and  hiring    

Create  and  maintain  Personnel  Files    

Oversee  the  performance  appraisal  system  

Arrange  employee  training  and  development  courses  as  requested  by  supervisors  

Coordinate  benefits  administration  (Aflac,  health  insurance,  401K  administration)    

Manage  annual  renewal  for  health  insurance  


63020 Lower Meadow Drive, Suite 3, Bend, Oregon 97701 l 541-388-1253 l


A  bachelor’s  degree  in  accounting,  finance  or  business  administration.    

Training  and  certifications  in  Human  Resources  policies  and  practices  is  desirable.    

Ability  to  pass  a  pre-­‐employment  felony  background  check.    

Three-­‐to-­‐five  years  of  experience  with  increasing  responsibility  in  finance/accounting  role  and  with   some  experience  with  office  administration  and  human  resources  responsibilities.    

Proven  ability  to  work  closely  with  senior  leadership  and  handle  confidential  information.    


About  VR  Analytical :  

Founded  in  2001,  VR  Analytical  is  a  leading  extractables  and  leachables  (E/L)  cGMP  contract  research   organization  (CRO)  providing  testing  services  for  the  bio/pharmaceutical  industry.  VR  Analytical  has   extensive  knowledge  about  the  applicable  science  and  technology  utilized  in  the  E/L  field.  In  addition,  VR  

Analytical  has  been  actively  involved  in  the  development  of  industry  best  practices  and  interpreting   regulatory  expectations  as  the  E/L  science  has  evolved.  VR  Analytical’s  experience  in  the  E/L  field  has   enabled  us  to  develop  and  offer  customized  test  packages  that  bio/pharmaceutical  end  users  and  suppliers   need  to  mitigate  the  potential  risk  of  extractables  and  leachables  reaching  patients,  and  to  help  companies   prepare  for  regulatory  submission.  


We  are  a  small,  but  fast-­‐paced  and  quick-­‐thinking  organization.  At  the  same  time,  we  are  a  casual,  fun,  and   supportive  team,  and  the  company  offers  great  benefits  including  competitive  salary  (DOE),  health   insurance,  retirement  benefits  and  more!    


How  to  Apply:  

If  interested,  apply  through  our  HR  partner  BBSI  at

 with   Finance   in  the   subject  line.  Application  must  include  a  cover  letter,  resume,  and  three  professional  references,  including  

  your  most  recent  employer  and  supervisor  (we  will  not  contact  him/her  until  you  give  permission).    

VR Analytical l 63020 NE Lower Meadow Drive, Suite 3 l Bend, Oregon 97701 l 541-388-1253 l