The Great Gatsby Research Project

The Great Gatsby Research Project English III PreAP Dr. Radloff Characterization is crucial to a full appreciation an understanding of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s proposition regarding the values and state of American society. The focus of this project is that each major character performs a critical role in the author’s argument that American values are devoid of substance and that class struggle is a sad consequence of it. Assignment 1. Compile information about one major, assigned character from the novel. Your information must come from at least three different types of sources: a) the novel (primary source), b) literary criticism(s) about the character, and c) secondary source books. 2. You will work on this project in groups of four or less. As a group, you will display the information in a meaningful way in a life‐size outline of the character. You will be provided chart paper to complete the project. Details 1. Research a. Locate a minimum of ten primary quotations from the novel which definitively “show” who or what the character is all about. b. Locate a minimum of five quotations from a minimum of three literary criticisms that present additional insights into the character. c. Locate a minimum of five quotations from secondary sources books that “connect” your character to the time period of the 1920s. This could be from a history, sociology, fashion, etc. source. d. A Works Cited (MLA format) page is due with your research. 2. Synthesis/Portrayal a. Locate or create pictures or illustrations that enhance understanding of the character and their significance. Caution: The emphasis here is not primarily on artistry but on substantive information. b. Create a quintessential depiction that covers the literary elements, the rhetorical elements, and the historical background essential to the character. Your character should be presented in such a way that appearance, personality, social status, symbolism, thematic significance, and social commentary are part of your finished product. Grading The final projects will be posted in the hallway outside the classroom, and they will be graded by guest teachers, using The Great Gatsby Project Evaluation Form. The Great Gatsby Project Evaluation Form Rank each category according to the following: 1 = Does not meet the minimum requirements in terms of number and application 2 = Meets minimum requirements but choices do not clearly support the depiction presented and/or may be inaccurate 3 = Choices show insight but are not as clearly organized/coherently presented as 4s 4 = Choices are accurate, perceptive, and coherent, clearly supporting the depiction presented 5 = Spectacular in every area 1. Close evaluation from 1‐2 feet away a. 10 quotations from the novel that definitely “show” who or what the character is all about b. 5 quotations from literary criticism that present insight into the depiction of the character c. 5 quotations from a secondary source that connect the character to the time period d. Pictures/illustrations that enhance understanding of the character and their significance 2. Distant evaluation from 10 feet away a. Project is arranged neatly and clearly with attention to detail b. The total depiction of the character indicates the personality, social status, plot, and/or thematic significance of the character c. The depiction of the character is unique; materials are used creatively; the entire effect is clever and creative 3. ______ Typed, accurate MLA Works Cited list, indicating all the sources used Total Points: ________ Score: _____________ Grading Scale 40‐38 = 97 37‐35 = 92 34‐32 = 90 31‐29 = 87 28‐26 = 82 25‐23 = 80 22‐21 = 78 20‐18 = 75 17‐16 = 70