World History – Final Review Part 1 Blizzard Bag 1 14 Points Use

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World History – Final Review Part 1
Blizzard Bag 1
14 Points
Use the book and your notes from class to answer the following questions as a review for the World History final
exam. Like all previous reviews, the review does a good job of trimming down the rather large amount of
information we have covered and is a good indication of what you will find on the final. Unlike the other
reviews, this review is worth points in the formative category of your 4 th quarter grade. The final is
comprehensive, meaning that you will be tested on information from the ENTIRE YEAR. These questions will be due on
16 May 2014. Standard late work fees apply (-20% 1 day late, -50% 2 days late, not accepted beyond 2 days late).
You may print this paper out, answer the questions, and turn in this page if you wish. However, you do not
need to do so. You may also answer the questions on a lined sheet of paper and turn in your answers. If you
chose the latter, please make sure to number your responses in correlation to the questions, or you may lose
Chapter 18
1. There were 4 main factors that set the stage for World War One. What were these issues? Briefly describe how
each of these factors contributed to the beginning of WWI. (4 points)
2. What event signaled the beginning of WWI? Summarize how this event led to all-out war.
3. What new
would see their first use during WWI?
4. After the Communist Party came to power in Russia, what agreement did it come to with Germany? Briefly
explain this agreement.
5. When WWI was over, how was Germany treated? What did the European allies believe was the only way to
ensure peace? (2 points)
Chapter 19
6. What did the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1929 lead to? What areas did this affect?
7. How did American President FDR respond to this after his election in 1932?
8. What actions did Hitler do that violated the Treaty of Versailles? (give three actions – 3 points)
9. Describe the foreign policy of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin.