Resume - Gurnoor Singh

[email protected]
University of Michigan (Combined B.S., M.S. Program in Computer Science)
Class of 2019
o GPA: 3.47, Major: Computer Science
o Relevant Courses:
§ EECS 183(Introduction to CS; C++, Python, Swift): A
§ EECS 203(Discrete Mathematics)
§ EECS 280(Programming (C,C++) and Introductory Data Structures)
o MRC Representative in Multicultural Council
§ Responsible for planning events and maintaining finances allotted to dorm hall.
Rochester High School, MI (Grade 12)
Class of 2015
o GPA: 3.74; AP Scholar with Distinction, ACT: 33 (Mathematics: 36, Science: 36)
M.G.N. Public School, India (Kindergarten to Grade 11)
1999 – 2014
o CGPA: 10.0/10.0; Award of Excellence – International Science, Math, English Olympiad.
• Tutor for EECS 183 (University of Michigan Course)
January 2016 – Present
o Tutoring students on Introductory Computer Science topics
o Languages: C++, Python, Swift; IDEs: XCode, Visual Studio
• Technology Research Assistant - Institute of Social Research
October 2015 – Present
o Web Developer and Social Media outlet manager for Population Studies Center at ISR
o Developing and modifying responsive web designs for and
o Working with Google Apps, Maps and Photoshop scripts to enhance functionality of web and
graphic tools used.
o Skills used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP
• Seasonal Employee at Meijer Inc.
July 2015 - August 2015
Created University of Michigan’s Dining Hall Companion, Dine Fine, using iOS Swift 2.0
o Won Grand Prize at University of Michigan’s EECS Showcase
o Marketing URL:
Built a multi-platform Augmented Reality game: using Google Cardboard
o Honored as one of the top 30 hacks at PennApps
o URL:
Built a social media integrated Tic Tac Toe game for iOS using Swift and Cocoapods.
Created an environmental-friendly lamp using LEDs connected to a circuit and presented it in National
Science Exhibition in India.
• Technical Languages:
o Proficient: Swift, C++, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
o Familiar: MySQL, Ruby, Java, PHP, Node.js
• Tools: AWS EC2, Wordpress,
, Git, XCode, Visual Studio, gdb
• Languages: Proficient in English, Hindi, Punjabi
Won a Grand prize sponsored by Stryker Corporation at University of Michigan’s EECS Showcase for
iOS App ‘Dine Fine’ competing against 171 other projects.