Transform Your Clinical Knowledge Into a Medical Career Medical

How to Apply
My name is Oscar Bueno
and I’m your dedicated
Walden University
Enrollment Advisor.
I’ve worked as a Walden Enrollment Advisor for 5
years and my job is to help you in making an
informed decision about your education. I’m here to
answer questions, offer information and ensure that
you are aware of the benefits of pursuing a degree at
Walden that will give you the skills you need to make
a positive impact in your future and in your
20% Tuition Reduction
To ensure that you receive your
tuition reduction, provide your
Enrollment Advisor with your:
Medical Student
Concurrent Enrollment
1) Med school acceptance letter
2) Med School Code: 4414324
Please let me know how I can help!
For more information about anything from our
programs, to the course structure, or about
financial aid, please email me at:
[email protected]
Transform Your
Clinical Knowledge Into
a Medical Career
Oscar Bueno
Direct: 443-627-7849
Skype: oscar.bueno.waldenu
Fax: 443-267-0145
650 S. Exeter Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
650 S. Exeter Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
[email protected]
on deciding to
continue your education, and thank you for
considering Walden University. As you launch
your academic career, you may have considered
the benefits of earning two degrees at the same
Through the partnership with Walden, a U.S.
regionally accredited online university, you are
able to pursue a second degree that will empower
you to affect a positive social change and prepare
you for the competitive residency match process
by enhancing your academic credentials and
developing your professional perspective.
Reputation matters, and Walden University is an
accredited online institution celebrating more
than 40 years of serving the higher education
needs of working professionals.
Compete Advantage
Walden programs can help you develop critical
and creative thinking skills required to address
individual health needs, as well as local and global
communities through healthcare services,
research and education. Walden’s concurrent
curriculum will augment your clinical knowledge
and enhance your understanding of the evolving
healthcare delivery system. Medical students
require a sound understanding of administrative
policy and practices to administer care both
effectively and efficiently in a rapidly changing
Tuition Reduction
Qualifying medical students accepted to a
Walden program are eligible for a
20% tuition reduction
for the life of the program. Please contact your
Enrollment Advisor to apply the reduction.
College of Health Sciences
B.S. in Health Studies
B.S. in Public Health
B.S. in Healthcare Management
Master of Healthcare Administration
Master of Public Health
M.S. in Clinical Research Administration
M.S. in Health Informatics
Ph.D. in Public Health
Ph.D. in Health Services
College of Management & Technology
B.S. in Business Administration
B.S. in Business Communication
B.S. in Communication
B.S. in Information Technology
M.S. in Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Information Systems Management
Doctor of Business Administration
Ph.D. in Management
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
B.S. in Psychology
B.S. in Forensic Psychology
B.S. in Political Science and Public Administration
M.S. in Psychology
Master of Public Administration
Master of Public Policy
Ph.D. in Psychology
Walden Support Services
Walden’s Career Services Center can help you
maximize your resume building, and interviewing
skills so that you can compete at a higher level.
The results of the 2014 National Residency
Matching Program® (NRMP®) showed that
53% of US International Medical Graduates
successfully matched .*
The Walden Library offers more than 50,000 full
-text journals, 90 databases, 100,000 electronic
books, and 1.5 million dissertations—available at
any time, online.
Financial Aid Eligibility
If you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident,
you may be eligible to receive federal financial
aid, which can help you fund your Walden
Program. Walden University is certified by the
U.S. Department of Education to participate in a
variety of grant and loan programs available to
U.S. citizens. New and current students must
meet eligibility requirements to receive and
maintain federal student aid.
Qualifying Canadian Walden Students may also
have access to funding from some Canadian
Inquire with your Enrollment
Advisor for further details.
International Students have access to private
loans. Please inquire with your Enrollment
Advisor for further details.
* 2014 National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®)
To ensure that you receive your
tuition reduction, provide your
Enrollment Advisor with :
1) Med school acceptance letter
2) Med School Code: 4414324
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