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Paramedicine Degree
Spring Semester 2015
Program Location-NEW Location
North Metro Campus
Paramedicine Program Admission
Students seeking admission to the Paramedicine Degree Program must be fully admitted to the college
for fall semester 2014. To take pre-admission courses, students should enroll in the college’s Healthcare
Science Certificate.
Transfer Students / Transfer Credit
If you are a transfer student, you must be fully admitted to Chattahoochee Technical College by fall
semester 2014. The College’s document deadline for fall semester 2014 is July 25, 2014.
If you are transferring college credit into Chattahoochee Technical College, official transcripts must be
received by the college’s document deadline, July 25, 2014.
Students must hold a current certification or licensure as an EMT (with AEMT coursework
completed)/EMT-I 85/AEMT levels to advance to the paramedic level.
Program Length
The program will be four (4) semesters long and students are required to be full-time for the duration of
the program.
Pre-Admission General Education Coursework
The overall GPA of the pre-admission courses listed below must be 2.75 or higher. Students must
complete or have transfer credit entered into CTC’s Banner system for the following competitive preadmission general education courses by Thursday, December 18, 2014.
ENGL 1101
MATH 1111
BIOL 2113
BIOL 2113L
BIOL 2114
BIOL 2114L
Course Title
Composition and Rhetoric
College Algebra
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
Anatomy and Physiology II
Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
Additional Coursework
See notes below.
PSYC 1101
Humanities elective*
Any General Education Elective**
January 2015
Paramedicine Chattahoochee Technical College
Course Title
Introduction to Psychology
Credit Hours
*Humanities Elective- Select one: ENGL 2130, HUMN 1101, ARTS 1101, MUSC 1101, THEA1101, ENGL2110
**See Health Sciences webpage, catalogue or HS Advisor for general education elective course offerings
Students may enroll in PSYC 1101 – Introduction to Psychology, Humanities Elective, or the General Education
elective during the PAR program. Courses must be completed with a “C” or better.
Students who do not complete these three courses, PSYC 1101 – Introduction to Psychology, Humanities Elective,
or the General Education elective, by December 18, 2014 will be awarded a Diploma in Paramedicine. After
graduating from the Paramedicine Program, students may enroll in these courses to meet the criteria to receive a
Degree in Paramedicine. Upon completion, students should petition to graduate for the AAS Degree.
Take the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET) Version 5.0 by November 4, 2014. Students
must achieve a total composite score of 60.00 in order to be considered for the program.
A student may take the HOBET two (2) times in a calendar year and must wait a minimum of 30
calendar days in between attempts.
The HOBET is a standardized test that measures the student’s ability in math, reading, grammar and
science. A study guide and practice test can be purchased at
The HOBET is available through the Chattahoochee Technical College’s Continuing Education
Department. To register for the test, please visit the TEAS/HOBET page on the CTC website.
Application Session
To apply to the program you must attend an Application Session during summer semester 2014 to
complete a program application. The sessions will be held at the North Metro. Dates and times will be
posted on the Paramedicine web page.
Final Class Selection
Admission to the program is based on the following criteria:
Competitive GPA
Results of the HOBET
Academic Advisement:
Students should email a Health Sciences Advisor with questions about admission criteria or to schedule
an advisement appointment:
Jennifer Dawkins
Courtney Green
Melissa Rimoldi
[email protected] North Metro, Marietta
[email protected] Canton, Appalachian, North Metro
[email protected] Marietta
January 2015
Paramedicine Chattahoochee Technical College