Semester: Fall 2014 Instructor: Sandra Haynes Class Info: SDV 100

Semester: Fall 2014
Class Info: SDV 100-F30
Location/Room: SP1-213
Class Name: Student Development
Class Days/Times: Wednesday 7:00PM-8:50PM
Class Credits: 1
Instructor: Sandra Haynes
Phone: 540-891-3020
Office Location: SP1 room 311
Days at Location: Wednesdays
Office Hours: 5:30PM-6:30PM
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Instructor E-mail: [email protected]
Course Description: Assists students in transition to colleges. Provides overviews of college
policies, procedures, curricular offerings. Encourages contacts with other students and staff.
Assists students toward college success through information regarding effective study habits, career
and academic planning, and other college resources available to students. Required for graduation.
Textbook and Supplies: Author – Dave Ellis
Title - The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student – Custom Edition for Germanna Community
College: ISBN 9781-305-300035-4
Learning Outcomes:
Upon completing the course, students will be able to:
articulate three potential careers based on their interests, values, and abilities through their
use of the Virginia Education Wizard
select the appropriate curriculum and electives within that curriculum based on their
career goal(s).
review multiple learning styles and identify their preferred learning style.
articulate the benefits and risks of the three aspects (e.g. credit, savings, and budgeting) of
money management.
identify three to five elements of effective communication (e.g. active listening, verbal
and non-verbal messages, etc.).
identify three to five techniques/strategies for managing anxiety/stress.
Germanna has an email policy in effect for all college email communications in compliance with
VCCS policy. This includes online course related emails and is to ensure confidentiality and
All official email communication will be distributed to VCCS email accounts only. All students,
faculty and staff of the VCCS will use their official VCCS email account when conducting VCCS
Email is an official method for communication within the Virginia Community College System.
Faculty and staff are responsible for reading and responding to email in a timely fashion.
Students are responsible for the consequences of not reading, in a timely fashion, collegerelated communication sent to the official VCCS Student email account.
Faculty members may require email for course content delivery, class discussion, and instructor
conferencing and may specify course-related email policies in their syllabi. Faculty may also
require students to confirm their subscription to VCCS-provided mailing lists.
If you need help accessing your student email account please visit the ACC on either campus.
Faculty email addresses end with “” and student email addresses end with
Faculty Response Time: Students can expect to receive a response to email messages
or telephone calls made to their faculty member within a 24 hour period Monday
through Friday. A response to email messages sent over the weekend will be provided
by close of business on the following Monday.
Additional Attendance/Withdrawal Policy for this course:
Class attendance is an integral part of a sound academic program for most classes at Germanna.
However, alternate teaching techniques, which may not require class attendance, may also be a part
of a sound academic program. Class attendance requirements are found in the course outline, which
the instructor provides to students in each course. Germanna students are expected to be present
and on time at all regularly scheduled classes and laboratory meetings. When a faculty member
determines that a student has not met the class attendance requirements in the course outline,
which will usually conform to the statement at the end of this standard, the faculty member may
submit a Drop/Add Form, showing the last date of attendance by the student, to the Admissions and
Records Office. A grade of "W" will be recorded for all withdrawals, whether initiated by the student
or by the faculty member through the published "Last day to withdraw without academic penalty."
Withdrawal from a course without academic penalty may be made within the first 60% of the
course. The student will receive a grade of “W” for withdrawal. After that time, the student will
receive a grade of “F”. Exceptions to this policy may be considered under mitigating
circumstances which must be documented and submitted to the appropriate Dean of Instruction
for review and consideration. Appropriate paperwork must be received and processed by the
Admissions and Records Office at GCC on or before the last day to withdraw. See “Calendar of
Important Dates.”
Important Dates: These important dates are for the Second Eight weeks only!
Classes Begin
Last Day to Add
Last Day to Drop w/Refund
Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty
Thanksgiving Holiday (No Classes)
Class Ends
Oct 17
Oct 23
Oct 27
Nov 24
Nov 26-29
Dec 16
Academic Honesty – Course Specific (must be consistent with College’s policy statement; see
Part B of this document)
The faculty of Germanna Community College recognizes that academic honesty is an integral
factor in developing and sharing knowledge. We support the concept of academic honesty,
practice academic honesty in our classes, and require academic honesty from our students. GCC
students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in the completion and
presentation of all academic assignments and examinations. Any student found guilty of
cheating, plagiarism, or other dishonorable acts in academic work is subject to disciplinary
Academic dishonesty is cheating and stealing. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited
Using material verbatim from a source without giving credit.
Rewriting material from a source without giving credit.
Using information from an Internet source without giving credit.
Submitting the work of another person as your own work.
Using/copying another student's computer disk.
Copying from another person's paper/test/homework.
Allowing someone else to copy/use your work (e.g., paper, homework, quiz, test).
Violating VCCS Computer Ethics Guidelines in the pursuit of academic studies.
The penalty for academic dishonesty in this course is:
Course Plan for College Closing: Please check the campus web site, as well as blackboard.
Disability Information: If you are a student with a disability and will need accommodations
while enrolled in this course, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services in the
Counseling Center, (540-891-3019 at the Fredericksburg Area Campus or 540-423-9140 at the
Locust Grove Campus).
Emergency Procedures: Emergency procedures are posted in individual classrooms. Students
must familiarize themselves with the procedures to be followed, and the escape routes to be
followed when necessary. Faculty will go through the classroom emergency procedures during
the first class meeting and students are to record these procedures in their class notes. Faculty
may elect to provide written instructions within the first two class meetings.
Student Academic Services:
Library Services: Library Services offers a rich variety of resources to Germanna students from
workshops on how to conduct academic research to an online catalog of print and electronic resources
available at the Locust Grove Campus, the Fredericksburg Area Campus, and the Daniel Technology
Center in Culpeper. FAC’s Information Commons provides a quiet place to research and write. Library
staff can aid students with their research. Students can access thousands of journal titles, most of which
are full text. E-books are available in a variety of disciplines and for leisure reading. Students are
encouraged to take advantage of library resources by visiting any of Germanna’s libraries and exploring
the online resources at:
Tutoring Services: The Tutoring Services Department offers a variety of free academic support
programs for Germanna students at both the Locust Grove and Fredericksburg Area campuses.
Daniel Center students should contact the Locust Grove tutoring office regarding available
services and Stafford Center students should contact the FAC Tutoring Services Office for
available services. To schedule an individual tutoring appointment, call or visit the Locust Grove
or Fredericksburg Tutoring Centers.
Online tutoring is available during daytime, evening and weekend hours. Registered students
may access online tutoring by clicking on the Smarthinking link from the Tutoring Services’
Supplementary academic materials are available free of charge from Tutoring Services, and they
may also be downloaded from the Tutoring Services’ website: Tutoring Services operates a daily walk-in Writing Lab and
Math Lab as well as providing a variety of study skills and academic workshops. Students may
register for the Test Taking/Test Anxiety Workshop, Grammar Workshop, APA/MLA Workshop,
TI83/84 Calculator Workshop, Computer Competency Workshop, Note-taking, Spanish
Discussion Group, Drug Calculation Workshop, and the Basic PC Skills Mini Course by visiting or
calling our offices. Several of these workshops may also be viewed online from the “Online
Tutoring Resources” section of the Tutoring Services’ website:
Academic Computing Center:The ACC provides computer access to students needing to work
on class work, check e-mail, blackboard, etc. Students also can apply, register for classes or
change classes, check grades, etc. using myGCC. Staff is available to assist students with various
computer issues and services. Student can access the internet and MS Office Suite, and
placement testing is administered at LGC.
Testing Service: Testing Services provide proctor services for make-up and distance learning
tests. Test proctoring for various nursing exams, dental hygiene, exit exams and other
college/university testing as well. To determine the hours of the Testing Center, go to the
Electronics (e.g. Cell Phones): Please turn off all cell phones or any other devices that will be
disturbing during class. No texting during class or you will be ask to leave.
Grading Policy and Grading Scale: The quality of performance in any academic course is
reported by a letter grade, the assignment of which is the responsibility of the instructor. GCC
allows grades of A, B, C, D, and F for courses numbered 100-200. GCC does not give plus or
minus grades. For developmental courses (0-99) the appropriate grades are R, U, and S. For an
explanation of those grades, please see the student handbook which can be found online.
Attendance/Participation: 8x20 + 40 = 200
VA Education Wizard: 50
Discovery Wheel & Learning Style Inventory: 75
Goal Setting: 25
Career Plan: 50
GCC Resources/Scavenger Hunt Activity: 50
A: 450- 400
B: 399 - 349
C: 348 - 300
D: 299 - 249
F: 249 or below
Total: 450 points
Please bring text book to every class! All assignments must be turned in on time!
Enter Course Title
Germanna Community College - Tentative Course Activities & Assignments
Introduction & Chapter 1
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Discovery Wheel &
Learning style Inventory
Read & Complete
assignments in text
book: Chapters 2&3
Virginia Wizard. Read &
Complete assignments in
text book: Chapters 4&5
Read & Complete
assignments in text
book: Chapters 6 &7
Read & Complete
assignments in text
book: Chapters 8
Time Management & Goal Setting
Nov 5
Education and Career Planning
Reading & Note Taking
Items due (insert date)
Test Taking
Thinking Clearly & Communicating
Ideas -No Class
Dec 3
Creating Positive Relationships
Applying What You’ve Learned- What’s
Read & Complete
assignments in text
book: Chapters 9 & 10
Read & Complete
assignments in text
book: Chapter 11
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Syllabus Subject to Change
PED and courses which include off-campus participation (e.g., clinicals) as well as courses
that include a laboratory component which results in potential risk to students (e.g., accident
in the lab, field trip) must require a completed Assumption of Risk form prior to student
participation in the course/ activity. Instructor must complete form with specific details
relative to the course or activity. Words bracketed by parentheses indicate need for course
specific information. Completed, signed forms are required for all off-campus activities.
Originals are submitted to Campus Security and copies to Dean’s Office. Faculty should
retain a copy as well. No student can participate in the course or course activity without
submitting a signed form prior to participating.