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The text to which all page numbers refer is Beowulf the Warrior, retold by Ian Serraillier, illustrated by
Severin, 1994, Bethlehem Books, ISBN 1-883937-03-5.
Historical Background - See also the book Viking Life, by John Guy, Barron's Educational Series, 1998.
Learn what was happening around the world at the time this tale was told by going to:
HyperHistory Online
Angelcynn: Anglo-Saxon Living History, 400-900AD - a site rich in background content - the
most useful parts:
o History - includes some sound files and resource links.
o Clothing - men's and women's clothing - follow the link to read about clothing and
appearance of the Early-Christian Anglo-Saxons.
o There is now information specific to Beowulf when you click the Poetry link
Anglo-Saxon Culture - follow the links to Art and Archaeology and Living History to link to
some other resources.
Beowulf Room - some history - follow the link at the bottom to the Sutton Hoo Room.
Illustrations from Sutton Hoo and other cultural sites - scroll a bit down the page for these
excellent photographs
Celts and Saxons - this is a college resource! some of the links are dead, but if you have a
research topic, you should find a link to follow
Danes, Swedes/Geats & Vikings
o Horsens Guide to the History of Denmark
o The Danish History, by Saxo Grammaticus - no, I do not expect you to read this all, but
it fun to look at what college students need to know!
o Danish History - a timeline - use this along with one of the Beowulf background essays
to find out what was happening when the epic was written.
o Running a Household in the Viking Era - food, clothes, practical things
o The Viking Experience - a reenactment group gone commercial - browse the catalogs of
costumes and props
o Female Viking Dress - what the women wore - pay attention to dates
A Living History - photo reenactment of scenes from the epic
The Village of Wichamstow - interactive village to tour - find out about Anglo-Saxon life
The Mead Hall - how to make mead, who drank mead, and other historical fun
Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes and A Boke of Gode Cookery
The Sutton Hoo Horde - the great helmet plus links to other items
Costume Page - resources, history, links
Summaries and Notes
Class Notes - These are the notes we will review in class. Please print them and tape them
inside the front and back covers of your text. The document covers: What is an Epic? and What
is an Epic Hero? (this link opens a Word document - download to your hard drive) - .pdf
The Beowulf Project - An illustrated summary of the epic, including pictures of Anglo-Saxon
The Beowulf Room - plot summary with illustrations
Beowulf: The Main Characters - printing this will provide you with good set of notes
Beowulf : background, illustrations, link to audio files - link to map does not work
Bulfinch's Age of Fable - includes a summary of the story, with links, plus links to other
resources for more information
Grendel's Mother's Attack - page focusing upon this section - has a manuscript photo.
Beowulf: the Last Moments - focusing upon the end of the epic - has a manuscript photo.
More About Beowulf - a very short summary, from ShrinkLits.
Dragons - These pages discuss the Western dragon, its appearance, habits, and stories, and other
Dragon Lore - you are interested in European Dragons - read the legend of St. George and of
the Nibelung Horde
Here Be Dragons - follow links to What is a Dragon and Dragons in History