The Copper Cycle Lab report Rubric

Lab Report Standards of Excellence
Introduction/ Objective/ Problem Statement:
 A problem statement is written which identifies the independent and dependent
variables in the experiment. (3 points)
 What was the objective of these labs?
 Independent variable  The form that copper takes (i.e copper
hydroxide, copper oxide, etc)
 Dependent variable  Amount of copper
 Background scientific concepts are included and explained. (1 point)
 What is the Law of Conservation of Matter?
 A hypothesis is included indicating the predicted results. (1 point)
 Predict what you think will happen to the amount of copper if you
change it’s form through several chemical reactions.
_____ out of 5
Experimental Design:
 Materials are listed. (1 point)
 Numbered steps of procedure are clearly stated. “Gather materials” & “Clean
up” are not necessary. (1 point)
 Could be used to reproduce the experiment; specific measurements and
techniques are evident. (1 point)
______ out of 3
Products and reactants of each reaction included and described. (1 point)
Copper cycle is described (each reaction is identified) (1 point)
Original mass is included. (1 point)
Final mass is included. (1 point)
______ out of 4
 Begins by restating the objective/problem statement from introduction.
(1 point)
 Is a summary of the general trend you observed from your data. (1 point)
 Was the mass of the copper the same in the beginning as it was for
your final measurement?
 Includes a few specific examples from your data to support this summary.
 Thoughtful comments about your confidence in your results are included.
Specific explanations of errors made which may have impacted your results are
discussed. (1 point)
 Relevant improvements to reduce these errors are suggested. (1 point)
 A suggestion for further investigation is made to expand upon the original
problem/objective/hypothesis. (1 point)
 What else could you do to investigate the conservation of matter?
_____ out of 6
Writing Quality:
 Writing quality meets the standards of the KHS writing rubric. (1 point)
 Writing is formal; no “I” statements, no commentary that includes feelings
about the experience. (1 point)
______ out of 2
Total Score: _________ out of 20