CEAT Student Council Agenda

CEAT Student Council Agenda
6:30 p.m., Thursday, August 27, 2009, 102 ATRC
I. Call to Order
II. Roll call
III. Officer Reports
 VP of Committees: Coleman Akin
o Cheap Lunch – Will start next week
 Set-Up 10:15-11:15
 Serving 11:15-12:15
 Clean-Up 12:15-?
 5 points/hr this year
 Sign-up sheet passed around
 VP of Finance: Manny Cortez
o Budget outline will be ready for next meeting
o Fewer companies at Career Fair meaning less income
 VP of Communications: Denise Armstrong
o Update member information sheet – check for
correctness and update incorrect info
o New member applications out – Due by noon Sep. 3
in EN 101
o New member recruitment – if you want to pass out
fliers see Denise after the meeting
o Application grading (StuCo and CFC) Thursday Sep. 3,
1-5 pm in VOGT room – 15 points!
o New points list
o CFC Update: Stuart Randel and Jodie Millemon
 CFC applications and interviews – need help
with interviews on September 8
 Email Jodie or Stuart if you want to help
 VP of Relations: Katie Nixon
o “Guess That Member” explanation and sign-up
 Participation forms passed around
 Random facts from facebook so members can
guess who it is
 Whoever gets the most correct at the end of the
semester will get a prize!
o Ninjaneers – Flag football team sign-up sheet
 Will try to play Mondays at 5:00 or Wednesdays
at 9:00
 VP of Publications: Tamara Asher
o Chalking for Career Fair
 Sunday September 13
 Sign-up sheet passed around
o Class announcements for Career Fair
 Career Fair: Cally Kingsley
o Around 100 companies
o Plans for Career Fair
o Need everyone’s help with advertising – chalking,
fliers, spread the word in class
 NAESC Conference: Rusty Wallace and Abby Robinson
o Overview
o Logo design
o Plan for execution
o Contact information
IV. Senate Report
V. Old Business
VI. New Business
 Senate seat open – let Justin know if you’re interested
VII. Informal Discussion
 Club/Society Announcements
 Brag Box
VIII. Adjourn