Listening Process Chart

Listening involves steps or stages just as the communication process does. In order to
listen, one must hear, attach meaning to the speaker’s message, consider the response
options and provide feedback.
Example: I am sitting in class and I hear the teacher start talking
(HEAR). Although there are other noises in the classroom, I decide to
listen to my teacher because I need a good grade in the class. The
teacher says, “This review sheet that I am handing out will be helpful as
you study for tomorrow’s test.” I process these sounds to mean, we are
going to have a quiz tomorrow. If I want to do well, I should take this
handout and use it to study from.” (ATTACH MEANING). As the handout
is passed down my aisle, I consider whether I really need this sheet as I
have paid attention in class and think I am probably ready for the test
without having to study. (CONSIDER OPTIONS). I decide to take a copy,
put it into my oral communication binder and make a note on my
assignment agenda to study the review sheet. (PROVIDE FEEDBACK).