Fairfax Artist Information Booklet 2016

Please read before completing Expression of Interest Form
The Fairfax Festival is a community cultural development project that connects professional artist
with young people living in northern rural Victoria who have limited access to the arts.
The Fairfax does not commission artists to present a pre-existing work to teach participants. This
project requires that artists engage with participants, impart new skills, and support them through
the process of creating an original piece of work based on their experiences and input. Young
people in rural communities often face issues unique to their location such as geographical isolation, limited opportunities in education, training and employment, challenges pertaining to gender,
race and sexuality due to limited exposure to other ways of being and positive role modelling, increased incidents of teen pregnancy, suicide and a high school drop out rate.
Participants can range from young people wishing to pursue a career in the arts to young people
experiencing any number of social, educational or environmental challenges who benefit from the
experience of learning new skills in self expression in a supportive and creative environment.
The Fairfax is presented in two stages:
In Community Workshops (Four Days in June, July & August 2016)
Selected artists/companies travel to designated rural communities for a period or 4 days (either 4
consecutive days or 2 x 2 days over a period of weeks depending upon the preference of the organisations involved). Artists present skill sharing workshops to their group, and over a period of
the four days, support them to create an original piece of work that is reflective of their experiences, their abilities and which achieves the goals they have set themselves for the duration of the
Locations in previous years have included Swan Hill, Robinvale, Sea Lake, Birchip, Manangatang
& other towns in the north western corner of Victoria.
Fairfax Week (13 to 16 September 2016)
For four days in September, all artists and all participants come to Swan Hill for a week of workshops and activities, including a community performance of the participants work.
Each day, artists continue to work with their group to further develop the performance piece. Additionally, all artists present 90 minute workshops to all other groups involved in the project. Each
evening their is a performance for the participants (and artists of they choose) and the week culminates in a gala performance at the Swan Hill Town Hall featuring the performances created by the
young people in preceding months.
• Artists will work with their assigned group (1 group per artist/company) to create a 10 minute performance or live art piece
• Present four days of in community workshops with their designated groups in either June, July or
August (to be determined in consultation with the groups)
• Attend the Fairfax Week to continue working with their groups as well as present 90 minute
workshops to other participants
• Run rehearsals and tech runs with their groups in collaboration with the Artistic Director and Production/Technical staff
• Artists must stay in the designated communities for the duration of the in community workshops
and will stay in Swan Hill during Fairfax Week
Single Artist
$250 per day plus $52 per diem for each in community workshop day
$300 per day plus $52 per diem for Fairfax Week
$52 per diem for non-work travel days
$375 per day plus $100 per diem for each in community workshop day
$450 per day plus $100 per diem for Fairfax Week
$100 per diem for non-work travel days
• Artists may have a small budget for workshop materials but this must be pre-approved. Artists
are responsible for purchasing their own materials.
• All artists must have their own reliable transport. Many rural communities do not have access by
train or bus. Artists will be reimbursed to the maximum amount of $100 per round trip for in
community workshops and Fairfax Week.
• Fairfax arranges all accommodation in the respective rural communities.
Further information about the Fairfax Festival can be found at our website
www.fairfaxfestival.com.au or our Facebook page facebook.com/FairfaxFestival
[email protected]