Christopher Reynolds, Abbreviations of Song Publishers and Collections
This list gives the full names of publishers and published collections of songs that are identified
in the database in abbreviated form. When the song was published by the composer, the writer of
the lyrics, a husband or other family member, this is indicated by “(self)”.
25EngBlds = Twenty-Five Best English Ballads (New York: G. Schirmer, 1915)
318th = (self) 318th Engineers (Vancouver, WA)
A&B = (self?) A. & B. Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
A&E = (self) A & E Publishing Co. (Pittsburgh, PA). Anna Viehmeier and Emma Espe
ABC = ABC Standard Music Pub. (New York, NY)
AH&C = Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd. (London)
AH&L = Addison, Hollier & Lucas (London)
APS = A. P. Schmidt (Boston, MA)
ASCAP = American Society of Authors and Publishers (New York, NY)
ATMP = Associated Teachers’ Music Publishing Co. (Exmouth, England)
AY&B = Ager, Yellen & Bernstein (New York, NY)
Abrahams = Maurice Abrahams, Inc. (New York, NY)
AcottHar = Sydney Acott, Harris & Co. (Oxford, England)
Adams = Joseph Adams Music Co. (London)
AdamsC = (self) C. B. Adams Music Co. (Terre Haute, IN)
AdamsCrosby = (self) Crosby Adams Press (Oak Park, IL)
AdamsMus = Adams Music Co. (Jersey City, NJ)
AdAssocChic = The Advertising Association of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Addison = R. Addison & Co. (London)
Addison, Hollier & Lucas: see AH&L
Adelphi = Adelphi Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL; New York, NY)
Ager, Yellen & Bernstein: see AY&B
Albert = J. Albert & Son, Ltd. (Sydney)
Albright = Albright Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Alderman = (self) Beatrice Alderman (Nebraska)
Aldridge = (self) Elizabeth Irving Aldridge (Gloversville, NY)
Alemana = Casa Alemana de Musica (Mexico City, Mexico)
Alexander = Alexander & Co. (London)
AlexanderSL = (self) Alexander & Co. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Alfred = Alfred Music (New York, NY)
Algonquin = Algonquin Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
All Nations = All Nations Exhibit and Festival Committee (Cincinnati, OH)
Allan = Allan & Co. (Melbourne, Australia)
AllanMoz = Mozart Allan (Glasgow, UK)
Allen = (self) Della Warthen Allen
AllenHar = Allen & Harrison (New York, NY)
AllenTW = Thomas W. Allen Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Allied = The Allied Music Co. (Cleveland, OH)
Allinson = (self) Audra Crowell-Allinson (Des Moines, IA)
Alpha = Alpha Music (New York, NY)
AmAdvance = American Advance Music Co. (New York, NY)
AmComAll = American Composers’ Alliance (New York, NY)
American = American Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
AmeyHod = Amey & Hodgins (Toronto)
AmMusPub = American Music Publishers (San Francisco, CA)
AmMusPubC = American Music Publishers (Chicago, IL)
AmSocNPSW = American Society of Non-Professional Song Writers, Inc. (Denver, CO)
AmSong = American Song Publishing Company (New York, NY)
AmWoman = American Woman’s Association, Inc. (New York, NY)
Andersons = The Music House Andersons (Sydney, AUS)
AndersonW = Walter Anderson (New York, NY)
Andreas = (self) Andreas Music Pub. Co. (Davenport, IA)
AngloAm = Anglo-American Music Corporation (London)
AngloCan = Anglo-Canadian Music Publishers Association (Toronto, Canada)
AngloFr = Anglo-French Music Co. (London, UK)
Anstead = W. H. Anstead (New York, NY)
Archibald = (self) Hazel M. Archibald (New York, NY)
Arcturus = Arcturus Publishing Co. (London)
Argus = Argus Book Shop (Chicago, IL)
ArmBacon = Armstrong & Bacon, Model Music Store (San Francisco, CA)
Armstrong = Armstrong Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
Arno = Arno Music Co. (New York, NY)
Arnold = Edward Arnold (London)
ArnoldEK = (self) E. K. Arnold (Battle Creek, MI)
Arrow = Arrow Music Pub. Co. (Boston, MA)
Arrowsmith = Arrowsmith Brothers (London)
Arthur = Arthur & Co. (London)
Artmusic = Artmusic (New York, NY)
ArtPubSoc = Art Publication Society (St. Louis, MO)
Ascherberg = E. Ascherberg, Ltd. (London)
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew: see AH&C
Ash&Parry = Ashdown & Parry (London)
Ashdown = Edwin Ashdown, Ltd. (London)
AsherJac = Asher & Jacobus (Enid, OK)
Assoc. = Associated Music Publishers (Cincinnati, OH)
Associated Teachers’ Music Publishing Co.: see ATMP
AtEase4 = Musical Opening Choruses, Finales and Production Numbers for Soldier Shows being
“At Ease,” vol. IV (New York: USO Camp Shows, 1943)
AtkinsM = (self) Mabel Atkins
Atkinson = (self) Atkinson (Morecambe, UK)
Atwill = J. F. Atwill (New York, NY)
Aufderheide = (self) J. H. Aufderheide (Indianapolis, IN)
Augener = Augener & Co., Ltd. (London)
Authors = Authors and Composer Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Axelrod = Axelrod Music (Providence, RI)
AyerM = (self) Maude Snover Ayer (Grand Rapids, MI)
B&H = Breitkopf & Härtel (New York, NY)
B&L = Buck & Lowney (St. Louis, MO)
B&W = Black & White Music Co. (New York, NY)
BC&S = (self) Brunjes, Carlo and Sanders (New York, NY)
BMC = Boston Music Co. (Boston, MA)
BV&C = Brigman, Vocco & Conn, Inc. (New York, NY)
Baccari = Alessandro Baccari (San Francisco, CA)
Bach = Bach & Co. (London)
Back-Log = The Back-Log of New York (New York, NY)
BaderE = (self) Eva Talbott Bader (Independence, IN)
Baker = William H. Baker & Co. (Boston, MA)
BakerC = (self) Clara L. Baker (West Grove, PA)
BaldwinA = (self) Anita Baldwin (CA)
BaldwinM = Murray Baldwin (San Francisco, CA)
BaldwinPiano = Baldwin Piano Co. (Denver, CO)
BallEA = (self) Eva Allen Ball (Los Angeles, CA)
BallEG = (self) E. Gertrude Ball (Springfield, MA)
Ballenger = Edw. L. Ballenger Music Pub. Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
BalmWeb = Balmer & Weber Music House Co. (St. Louis, MO)
Banner = The Banner Co. (Chicago, IL)
Barnes = (self) A. S. Barnes
BarnettE = (self) Eva Ware Barnett (Little Rock, AR)
BarryU = (self) Ursula Burford Barry (Los Angeles, CA)
BartlettI = Ida Plumley Bartlett
Basler = Basler’s Music Publishing House (Pittsburgh, PA)
BauerE = (self) Emilie Frances Bauer
BayleyFerg = Bayley & Ferguson (London)
Beal = Beal & Co. (London)
BealStut = Beal, Stuttard & Co. (London)
BeardE = (self) Evelyn S. Beard (Nebraska City, NE)
Beaumont = (self) Fannie Beaumont (Oswego, NY)
BeckC = Charles E. Beck (Los Angeles, CA)
Beebe = (self) Bessie L. Beebe
BeerSchirmer = Beer & Schirmer (New York, NY)
BellJ = (self) John J. Bell (Brea, CA)
Belwin = Belwin Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Bendix = Theo. Bendix Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
Benjamin = (self) Florence M. Benjamin (Toronto)
Benner = (self) Margaret Benner (Elgin, NE)
BennerGem = (self) Benner & Gemmell (Salem, OR)
BennettD = (self) Dot E. Bennett (Lansing, MI)
Bent = (self) L. B. Bent (Everett, MA)
Benteen = F. D. Benteen (Baltimore, MD)
Bergstrom = Bergstrom Music (Honolulu, HA)
Berlin = Irving Berlin, Inc. (New York, NY)
Bibo = Bibo, Bloedon & Lang (New York, NY)
BiboL = Bibo-Lang, Inc. (New York, NY)
Bickell = (self) Bessie M. Bickell (Haverhill, MA)
Birchard = C. C. Birchard & Co. (Boston, MA)
Birmingham = Press of the Birmingham Printers (Birmingham)
Black = A. & C. Black (London)
Black & White Music: see B&W
BlackJP = (self) Jennie Prince Black (Irvington, NY)
Blackie = Blackie & Son (London and Glasgow)
Blackmer = Blackmer Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
BlackWhite = The Black and White (London) [Journal]
Blagdon = Emily G. Blagdon (Somerville, MA)
Blake = Charles D. Blake & Co. (Boston, MA)
BlakeFlick = Blake Bros. & Flick (Nashville, TN)
Blockley = John Blockley (London)
Blodgett&B = Blodgett & Bradford (Buffalo, NY)
Blomquist = (self) Claribel Murphey Blomquist (Seattle, WA)
Bloom = Sol Bloom (New York, NY)
Blossom = Blossom Music (London)
BlueWest = Blue West Music Publishers (Seattle, WA)
BobbsM = Bobbs-Merrill Co. (Indianapolis, IN)
Boettiger = (self) Rose Cole Boettiger (Seattle, WA)
Bolinger = (self) Bolinger Music Co. (Jacksonville, FL)
Bond = Carrie Jacobs Bond (Chicago, IL)
BondLP = (self) Lillian Pearl Bond (Syracuse, NB)
BondS = The Bond Shop (Chicago, IL)
Bond&Son = Carrie Jacobs Bond & Son (Chicago, IL; Boston, MA)
Bond&Son (HWD) = Carrie Jacobs Bond & Son (Hollywood, CA)
Boner = Wm. H. Boner & Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
Bonnycastle = (self) Mrs. R. H. Bonnycastle (Campbellford, ON)
Boosey = Boosey & Co., Ltd. (London; New York, NY)
Boosey&H = Boosey & Hawkes (London; New York, NY)
Boslow = (self) Mrs. Paul Boslow (Joplin, MO)
Bossert = W. J. Bossert (San Francisco, CA)
Boston = Boston & Co. (London, UK)
Boston Music Co.: see BMC
BostonAdv = Boston Sunday Advertiser (Boston, MA)
BostonBrownBk = Brown Book of Boston [Magazine]
BostonSun = Hearst’s Boston Sunday American
Bosworth = Bosworth & Co., Ltd. (London)
Bourne = Bourne Co. Inc. (New York, NY)
Boughton = Boughton’s Music Store (Newark, NJ)
Bouvier = Albert J. Bouvier (Fall River, MA)
Bowen = Edward A. Bowen (Malden, MA)
Bowerman = Bowerman & Co. (London)
Boyle = (self) Edward I Boyle Co. (Worcester, MA)
Brackelsberg = (self) Charlotte Brackelsberg (Kansas City, MO)
Bradlee = C. Bradlee (Boston, MA)
Bradley = Milton Bradley Company (Springfield, MA)
Bradshaw = (self) M. Rita Bradshaw (Endicott, NY)
Brainard = S. Brainard & Co. (New York, NY)
Brainard's = S. Brainard's Sons Co. (Chicago, IL; New York, NY)
Bramlage = H. J. Bramlage (Kansas City, MO)
Brancado = Brancado Publishing Co., Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)
Bratton = Bratton Music Publishing Co. (Culver City, CA)
Brauer = Adolph Brauer (Dresden, Germany)
Brehm = Brehm Bros. (Erie, PA)
BriceG = (self) Gloria Brice (Windber, PA)
BriTaylor = Brian, Taylor & Co (New York, NY)
Brigman, Vocco & Conn: see BV&C
Broadcast = Broadcast Music Inc. (New York, NY)
Broadhurst = A. V. Broadhurst (London)
Broadway = Broadway Music Corp. (New York, NY)
BroadwaySp = Broadway Music Pub. Co. (Spokane, WA)
BroderSch = Broder & Schlam (San Francisco, CA)
Brohman = The Brohman Co. (New York, NY)
Brokaw = Brokaw Music Publishing Co. (St. Joseph, MO)
BromPiper = (self) Bromley & Piper Music Publishers (Los Angeles, CA)
BrooksP = (self) Preston S. Brooks (Baltimore, MD)
Broome = T. Broome (London)
BrownDD = (self) Daisy Dean Brown (Independence, KA)
Browne = Ted Browne Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Browning = Hiram B. Browning Music Co. (Toledo OH)
Brunjes, Carlo and Sanders: see BC&S
Brunswick = The Brunswick Shop (Seattle, WA)
Brutting = Charles A. Brutting (Cincinnati, OH)
Bryan = Vincent Bryan Music Co. (New York, NY)
Bryant = Bryant Music Co. (New York, NY)
BstnSunAm = Boston Sunday American, Music Supplement (Boston, MA)
Buchanan = (self) Fannie R. Buchanan (Grinnell, IO)
Buck & Lowney: see B&L
Buckeye = Buckeye Music Publishing Co. (Columbus, OH)
Buffum = (self) Herbert Buffum (San Francisco, CA)
Bulman = (self) Bulman Bros. (Winnipeg, MAN)
Bunz = Bunz & Co. (London)
Burk = (self) William J. Burk
Burnes = (self) Gertrude Burnes (Portland, OR)
BurnsShep = (self) Burns-Sheppard Music (Selma, AL)
Burr = Henry Burr Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Burrhus = Burrhus Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
Byron = J. M. Byron (San Francisco, CA)
Bys = Oluf Bys Musikforlag (Kristiania, Norway)
C&P = Church & Paxon (New York, NY)
CIS = Choice Irish Songs
CMC = Composers' Music Corp. (New York, NY)
CSS = Choice Sacred Songs (Boston: White-Smith Music Publishing Co., 1892)
Cabell = (self) Geraldine Cabell (Kansas City, MO)
Cable = The Cable Company (Norfolk, VA)
Cahn = Cahn Music Co. (New York, NY)
Cadillac = The Cadillac Music Co. (New York, NY)
CalCarols = California Carols (Oakland: Lucy C. Browne, 1897)
Calumet = Calumet Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Camp = Camp Publishing Com. (Hollywood, CA)
Campbell = Lloyd Campbell Publications (San Francisco, CA)
CampConn = Campbell, Connelly & Co., Ltd. (London)
CampFred = (self) Fred S. Campbell (Lynn, MA)
CampLoft = Campbell-Loft Music Co. (New York, NY)
CampRuby = (self) R. A. Campbell (Los Angeles, CA)
CampShorey = (self) The Campbell-Shorey Co. (Lynn, MA)
CanAm = Canadian-American Music (Toronto)
CanadianMus = Canadian Music Sales Corporation Ltd. (Toronto, ON)
Canterbury = (self) Canterbury Publications (Los Angeles, CA)
Capitol = The Capitol Publishing Co. (Hartford, CT)
Capper = (self) Capper Publishing House (Topeka, KA)
CareyG = (self) George H. Cary (Akron, OH)
Carlin = Carlin Music Co. (Indianapolis, IN)
CarlinLen = Carlin & Lennox (Indianapolis, IN)
Carson = Jenny Lou Carson: Western Songs, Cowboy Songs, Home Songs, Mountain Songs
(Chicago: M. M. Cole Publishing Co., 1943)
Cary = Cary & Co. (London)
Casco = Casco Publishing Co. (Portland, ME)
CaseyML = (self) M. L. Casey (Denver, CO)
Cassel = Cassel & Co. (London)
CasselMP = Cassel Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
CassM = (self) Marie H. Cass (Peterboro, NH)
Caughling = D. M. Caughling & Co. (Toledo, OH)
Cavanagh = Carlton Cavanagh & Co. (New York, NY)
Central = Central Music Co. (Milwaukee, WI)
Century = Century Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Chambers = W. & R. Chambers (Edinburgh, UK)
ChambersF = (self) Florence Chambers (Atlantic City, NJ)
Champagne = Octave Champagne (Montreal, PQ?)
Chandler = H. F. Chandler (Chicago, IL)
Chanot = F. W. Chanot (London)
Chappell = Chappell & Co., Ltd. (London; New York, NY)
Chappell-Harms = Chappell-Harms, Inc. (New York, NY)
Charm = Songs of Charm, Theodore Presser, 1933
Cherio = Cherio Music Publishers, Inc. (New York, NY)
Chester = J. & W. Chester (London)
Chicago = The Chicago Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
ChicExam = Chicago Examiner, Sunday (Chicago, IL)
ChicSunday = Chicago Sunday American (Chicago, IL)
ChildLife = Child Life [magazine]
Children’s = Children’s Song Album (McKinley Music Co.)
Choice Irish Songs: see CIS
ChoiceLow = Choice Songs for Low Voice (Boston: White-Smith Music Publishing Co., 1897)
Choice Sacred Songs: see CSS
Choudens = Choudens (Paris, France)
Christman = (self) Harvene Christman Music Pub. Co. (Allentown, PA)
Church = John Church Co. Inc. (Cincinnati, OH; New York, NY; London)
Church & Paxon: see C&P
ChurchCC = C. C. Church & Co. (Hartford, CT)
ChurPax = Church, Paxson & Co. (New York, NY)
CinciCom = Cincinnati Commercial Gazette (Cincinnati, OH)
CineMart = Cine-Mart Music Publishing Co. (Hollywood, CA)
Cinephonic = Cinephonic Music Co., Ltd (London, UK)
City = City Music Publishing co. (Lichfield, UK)
ClarkOS = (self) Mrs. O. S. Clark (Battle Creek, MI)
Clemmer = (self) C. A. Clemmer (Indianapolis, IN)
ClevelandPD = The Sunday Music Section, Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
Cluett = William Cluett & Son (Troy, NY)
Clifford = (self) Beatrice Clifford (San Francisco, CA)
CliffordF = (self?) Frances Clifford Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Cloutier = (self) Ada Paquin Cloutier (Phenix, RI)
Cobb = (self) C. L. Cobb (Long Branch, N. J.)
Cobb = (self) Myra Marie Cobb (South Royalston, MA)
Cock = Lamborn Cock (London)
Cocks = Robert Cocks & Co. (London)
Cohen = Meyer Cohen Music Pub. Co. Inc. (New York, NY)
ColbyCC = (self) C. C. Colby (Erie, PA)
ColbyL = (self) Lucille Colby (El Paso, TX)
Cole = J. Cole & Son (Baltimore, MD)
ColeMM = M. M. Cole Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
Coleman = Charles Coleman (Brooklyn, NY)
Collins = (self) Laura Sedgwick Collins (New York, NY)
CollinsA = (self) Augusta Collins (San Francisco, CA)
CollinsAR = (self) A. Roger Collins (Walkerton, ON)
CollinsArt = The Collins Art Co. (Fort Worth, TX)
Colmar = (self) Mary Colmar (San Francisco, CA)
Colonial = Colonial Music Pub. Co. (Boston, MA)
ColsonE = (self) Edith Waite-Colson (Binghamton, NY)
Columbia = Columbia Music Co. (Columbia, PA)
ColumbiaNY = Columbia Music Co. (New York, NY)
Columbine = Columbine Music Co. (Denver, CO)
Colversity = Colversity Press (Los Angeles, CA?)
Composer = The Composer's Press, Inc. (New York, NY)
Composers' Music Corp.: see CMC
Conant = H. L. Conant (Taunton, MA)
Concord = Concord Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Congress = Congress Music Publications (Miami, FL)
Continental = Continental Music Co. (New York, NY)
Converse = Converse College (Spartanburg, SC)
Cooper = D. W. Cooper Pub. Co. (Boston, MA)
Cornell = Cornell Music (New York, NY)
Cote = Coté Publishing Cie. (Mt. Vernon, NY)
Cotton = (self) Elizabeth J. Cotton (Indianapolis, IN)
Cowherd = (self) Katherine W. Cowherd (Washington, D. C.)
Cox = A. Cox & Co. (Toronto, ON)
CoxEd = Edward Cox (London)
Craig = Craig Music Press (Seattle, WA)
CraigEllis = Craig-Ellis & Co. (Chicago, IL)
Cramer = J. B. Cramer & Co., Ltd. (London)
CramerB = Cramer, Beale & Co. (London)
CramerW = Cramer, Wood & Co. (London)
Crawford = Crawford Music Co. (New York, NY)
Criterion = Criterion Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Crocker = H. S. Crocker (San Francisco, CA)
Cross = Cross Music Company (Hollywood, CA)
CrowelA = (self) Audra Adyett Crowel (Colfax, IA)
CundyWhit = Cundy & Whitcomb
Curtice = Ross R. Curtice Co (Lincoln, NE)
Curtis = R. G. Curtis Co. (New York, NY)
Curwen = J. Curwen & Sons, Ltd. (London)
Czerny = William Czerny (London)
DARwisc = Daughters of the American Revolution, Wisconsin (Wisconsin)
DB&H = De Silva, Brown and Henderson (New York, NY)
DD&G = Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble (New York, NY)
DWA = District Welfare Aid (Boston, MA)
DailyTel = Daily Telegraph (London)
DalWood = Dalby-Woodward Pubs. (Salt Lake City)
Daly = Daly (Boston, MA)
DalbyW = Dalby-Woodward Publishers (Salt Lake City, UT)
Dallaire = (self) Alice Dallaire and Celia Dawe [Lowell, MA ?]
Daniels = Chas. N. Daniels (San Francisco, CA)
DanielsW = Daniels & Wilson (San Francisco, CA)
DanielsWJ = W. J. Daniels (Muncie, IN)
Darewski = Herman Darewski Music Publishing Co. (London)
Darter = Darter & Sons (Capetown, South Africa)
DavidMP = David Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY, and Pittsburgh, PA)
DavidR = (self) Reese C. David Co. (New York, NY and Pittsburgh, PA)
DaviesF = (self) Florence E. Davies (Philadelphia, PA)
DavisC&E = Davis Coots & Engel (New York, NY)
DavisD = D. Davis & Co. (Sydney, Australia)
DavisDM = (self) Daisy M. Davis
DavisE = (self) Edith E. Davis (Detroit, MI)
DavisJ = Joe Davis Music Co., Inc. (New York, NY)
DavisMS = (self) Mary Smyth Davis
Davison = Duncan Davison & Co. (London)
Day = (self) Ella Hudson Day (Rotan, TX)
DayMarco = Marco Day (Monterey, CA)
De Luxe = De Luxe Music Co. (New York, NY)
De Marion = (self) Marie Biro de Marion (Chicago, IL)
De Silva, Brown and Henderson: see DB&H
De Voll = Cal de Voll (Chicago, IL)
DealAn = (self) Deal-Anderson (San Francisco, CA)
Dearborn = Dearborn Music Co. (Chicago)
Dehnhoff = K. Dehnhoff (New York, NY)
DelaneyJ = (self) J. F. Delaney (Ottowa, Ont.)
DelawareHud = Delaware-Hudson Steamship Co. (New York, NY)
Delkas = Delkas Music Pub. Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Delmar = Delmar Music Co. (Montreal, Canada)
DelmarMC = Delmar Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Delonais = Arnett-Delonais (Chicago, IL)
DelphineF = Florence Delphine (Los Angeles, CA)
Delta = Delta Music Co. (Detroit, MI)
Demorest = W. Jennings Demorest (New York, NY)
Dempsey = C. F. Dempsey, Bijou Theatre (New York, NY)
Denison = T. S. Denison & Co. (Chicago, IL)
DennisB = (self) B. Dennis (Oakville, ON)
Dennison = (self) Norma B. Dennison (Los Angeles, CA)
Denton =E. J. Denton (New York, NY)
DentonCD = Denton, Cottier and Daniels (Buffalo, NY)
DeVaignie = DeVaignie Music Corp. (Chicago, IL)
Dewhurst = (self) Louise Litta (=Louisa Dewhurst) (New York, NY)
Diamond = (self) George H. Diamond (New York, NY)
Diehl = The Diehl Music Co. (Boston, MA)
DiGrado = (self) Emma I. Di Grado (Providence, RI)
Dinham = Dinham, Blythe & Co. (London)
District Welfare Aid: see, DWA
Ditson: see OD
DitsonC = Chas. H. Ditson (New York, NY)
DitsonSacred = Ditson Treasury of Sacred Songs (Boston, MA: Oliver Ditson, 1919-22)
Dixon = Harold Dixon Music Publisher (Chicago, IL)
Dixon-Lane = Dixon-Lane Music Pub. Co. (St. Louis, MO)
Dobbs = Dobbs & Co. (London)
DodgeR = (Self) Ida Helen Dodge and Logan Bailey Rooney (Fortuna, CA)
Donajowski = E. Donajowski (London)
DonaldDep = (self) Donaldson & Deppen (Hollywood, CA)
Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble: see DD&G
DouglasS = (self) Sallie Hume Douglas (Honolulu, HA)
DouthittER = (self) Douthitt, Everest & Reeser (Oklahoma City, OK)
DowlingSut = (self) The Dowling Sutton Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
Downing = (self) Lulu Jones Downing
Dresser = Paul Dresser Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
Droop = E. F. Droop & Sons (Washington, D. C.)
DuBois = DuBois Music Co. (Evansville, IN)
Ducci = O. Ducci & Co. (London)
DuffStew = Duff & Stewart (London)
Dugdale = H. Kirkus Dugdale Co. (Washington, D. C.)
Duncan = (self) Duncan Sisters Music Pub. (Chicago, IL)
DuncanV = (self) Vivian Duncan Publications (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Durand = A. Durand & fils (Paris, France)
Durant = R. L. Durant (Los Angeles, CA)
Durgin = Durgin d’Lash Publishers (Chicago, IL)
DuvallN = (self) Nina M. Duvall
Dyer = W. J. Dyer and Bro. (St. Paul, MN)
Eady = A. Eady & Co. (Auckland, NZ)
Eakle = (self) Flora B. Eakle (Dayton, OH)
Earl = (self) Harriet Earl
Eaton = (self) Jane Lillian Eaton (Rutland, VT)
Echo = Echo Music Publishing (Seattle, WA)
Eclipse = Eclipse Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
EdAm = Editorial America, Inc. (New York, NY)
Edwards = Gus Edwards Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
EightFamous = Eight Famous Mezzo-soprano Songs by Popular Composers (London: Chappell,
ca. 1935)
Eiler’s = Oregon Eiler’s Music House (Portland, OR)
Eldridge = Eldridge Publishing Company (Franklin, OH; Denver, CO)
EldridgeE = (self) Eldridge Entertainment House (Franklin, OH)
Elite = Elite Music Co. (Los Altos, CA)
EliteMSP = Elite Music Supply Co. (New York, NY)
ElitePub = Elite Publishing Co (San Francisco, CA)
ElkanVog = Elkan-Vogel Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
Elkin = Elkin & Co., Ltd. (London)
Elkin10 = Ten Celebrated German Songs (London: Elkin, 1907)
Ellis = Ellis Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
EllisJ = J. F. Ellis (Washington, D. C.)
EllisM = (self) Marquis Ellis (Los Angeles, CA)
EllisR = R. Ellis (New York, NY)
Emerson = Emerson Union (Boston, MA)
Empire = Empire Music & Travel Club (New York, NY)
EmpireCA = Empire Music Publishing Co. (Oakland, CA)
EmpirMus = Empire Music Publishers (New Westminster, Canada)
Engel = Harry Engel (New York, NY)
Enoch = Enoch & Sons (London; New York, NY)
EnochCos = Enoch freres & Costallat (Paris)
Erd = (self) Daisy M. Erd (Boston, MA)
Escher = Charles F. Escher, Jr. (Philadelphia, PA)
EscherC = (self) Charles F. Escher (Philadelphia, PA)
Escott = Escott & Co. (London)
Eslinger = (self) Hattie Eslinger (Wichita, KS)
Estes = (self) Estes & Estes (Brooklyn, MI)
Etude = The Etude Music Magazine (Philadelphia, PA)
Eulenberg = Ernst Eulenberg, Ltd. (London, Leipzig)
Evans = Evans Music Co. (Boston, MA)
EvansWA = W. A. Evans & Bro. (Boston, MA)
Evergreen = Evergreen Music (London, UK)
Examiner = Sunday Examiner (San Francisco, CA)
Exclusive = Exclusive Publications (New York, NY)
Ewer = Ewer & Co. (London)
FCPRR = Florida Central and Peninsular R. R. Co. (Jacksonville, FL)
FD&H = Francis, Day & Hunter, Ltd. (London)
F&F = Feist & Frankenthaler (New York, NY)
Fairchild = (self) Lyndon T. Fairchild (Danbury, CT)
Famous = Famous Music Corp. (New York, NY)
FamousWr = Famous Writers Music Co. (New York, NY)
Faunce = J. H. Faunce Co.
Fay = (self) Louis J. Fay Music Publishing Co. (Boston, MA)
Fearis = J. S. Fearis & Bro. (Chicago, IL)
Feist = Leo. Feist (New York, NY)
Feist & Frankenthaler: see F&F
Feldman = B. Feldman & Co., Ltd. (London)
Fenner = (self) Fenner Publications (California)
Ferrett = E. Ferrett & Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
Fetrow = (self) Jessie Fetrow (Seattle, WA)
Fidelity = Fidelity Music Co. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Fidler = (self) W. A. Fidler (Denver, CO)
Fifty Modern English Songs
Fillmore = Fillmore Music House (Cincinnati, OH)
FineArts = Fine Arts Music Co. (Louisville, KY)
Fiot = A. Fiot (Philadelphia, PA)
FiresideFav = Brainard’s Dollare Musical Library, Volume 1, Fireside Favorites (Cleveland and
Chicago: S. Brainard’s Sons, 1880).
Firestone = (self) Idabelle Firestone
Firth = Firth, Son & Co. (New York, NY)
FirthPond = Firth Pond & Co. (New York, NY)
FisherL = (self) Lena Leonard Fisher (Cleveland, OH)
Fischer = J. Fischer & Bro. (New York, NY)
FischerC = Carl Fischer, Inc. (New York, NY)
FischerMP = Fischer Music Pub. Co. (Burlington, IA)
Fisher = Fred Fisher, Inc. (New York, NY)
Fisk = Fisk Music Pub. Co. (San Francisco, CA)
FitzSimons = H. T. FitzSimons Co. (Chicago, IL)
Flammer = Harold Flammer, Inc. (New York, NY)
FlammerCC1 = Harold Flammer Choral Collection, vol. 1 (Flammer: New York, NY, 1937)
Flanagan = (self) Fred Flanagan (Vona, CO)
Flanner = Joseph Flanner (Milwaukee, WI)
Flannery = (self) Flannery Music Publishing Co. (Des Moines, IA)
FlanneryA = (self) Agnes V. Flannery (Des Moines, IA)
Flannigan = (self) Francis J. Flannigan (Watertown, NY)
Flaschner = O. Flaschner Music Co. (New York, NY)
Flickinger = (self) Caroline Rice-Flickinger (Honolulu, HA)
Foley = A. Foley (Salisbury, England)
Forbes = E. E. Forbes and Sons Company (Birmingham, AL)
FordHG = H. G. Ford & Co. (Dayton, MT)
Forrest’s = Forrest’s (Cape Town, South Africa)
Forrester = (self) C. A. Forrester (Ventura, CA)
Forster = Forster Music Pub. (Chicago, IL)
ForsterF = F. J. A. Forster (Chicago, IL)
Foster = Carlton Russell Foster (Los Angeles, CA)
FosterA = (self) Rev. Almon and Elizabeth Foster (Utica, NY)
FosterC = (self) C. R. Foster Company (Los Angeles, CA)
Fournier = (self) Cora Wyse-Fournier (Boston, MA)
FournierL = (self) Lillian Poole Fournier (Sault Ste. Marie, MI)
Fox = Sam Fox Pub. Co. (Cleveland, OH; New York, NY)
Fracker = (self) C. R. Fracker (Iowa City, IA)
Frain = Frain Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Frampton = (self) William Frampton (Sandown)
France = (self) Leila France (San Francisco, CA)
FranceMcD = (self) Leila France McDermott (San Francisco, CA)
FranceDay = Francis-Day (Paris, France)
Francis = Francis Bros. (London)
FrancisDay = Publications Francis-Day (Paris, France)
Francis, Day & Hunter: see FD&H
Frank = Joseph E. Frank (Minneapolis, MN)
Franklin = John Franklin Music Co. (New York, NY)
Franklyn = Charles Franklyn (London)
Frankman = (self) Edna Frankman (Indianapolis, IN)
FraserRoss = Fraser Ross Company (Chicago, IL)
Frazer = Frazer Publishing Co. (Detroit, MI)
Freeman = Harold Freeman Music Co. (Pawtucket, RI)
FreemanC= (self) Carolyn R. Freeman (Taylor, Cortland Co., NY)
Freer = (self) Eleanor Everest Freer
French = H. A. French (Nashville, TN)
FrenchK = (self) Katherine Gordon French
FrenchS = Samuel French (New York, NY)
Friedman = Leo Friedman (Chicago, IL)
FriedmanG = Geo. A. Friedman, Inc. (New York, NY)
FryeB = (self) Bertie Frye (McLeansboro, IL)
FullerC = (self) Caroline M. Fuller (Minneapolis, MN)
GS = G. Schirmer (New York, NY)
Gaines = (self) The Gaines Publishing Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Galaxy = Galaxy Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Gallatin = Gallatin Music Corp. (Gallatin, TN)
Gallur = Gallur & Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Gamble = Gamble Hinged Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Garbutt = Frank E. Garbutt Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Garden = Garden Greetings (Cleveland, OH)
GardenSong = Garden Song Shop (Sierra Madre, CA)
Gardner = (self) Joe Gardner (Truckee, CA)
GardnerS = (self) Sarah L. Gardner (Pittsburgh, PA)
GarrettE = (self) Elizabeth Garrett (Las Cruces, NM)
Gaut = (self) Helen Lukens Gaut (Pasadena, CA)
Gay = (self) Agnes D. Gay (New London, NH)
GeibWalker = Geib & Walker (New York, NY)
Gem = Gem Dance Folio of [year]
General = General Publishing Co. (London)
Gibbons&S = Gibbons & Stone (Rochester, NY)
Gilbert = Gilbert Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Gill = H. W. Gill & Co. (London)
Gillespie = Frank H. Gillespie & Co. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Gillick = The Gillick Company (San Francisco, CA)
Gillis = (self) Allean Johnson Gillis (Torrington, WY)
GillS = (self) Sidnie Gill Music Co. (New York, NY)
Globe = Globe Music Co. (New York, NY)
GlobePub = Globe Publishers (Philadelphia, PA)
Go-Hawks = The Go-Hawks Happy Tribe Benefit Fatherless Children of France
Godey’s = Godey’s Magazine (and Lady’s Book)
Golden = The Golden Pub. Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
GoldenGate = Golden Gate Publications (Oakland, CA)
GoldLeaf = Gold Leaf Music Pub. Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Goodrum = (self) Ella Mae Goodrum (Lonoke, AR)
Gordon = Hamilton S. Gordon (New York, NY)
GordonB = (self) Bertha F. Gordon
GordonST = S. T. Gordon & Son (New York, NY)
Gorham = C. L. Gorham & Co. (Worcester, MA)
GormanTay = (self) Gorman & Taylor (Providence, RI)
Gospel = National Gospel Workers Aid Society (Baltimore, MD)
GouldE = (self) E. F. Gould (Chicago, IL; New York, NY)
Graff = (self) Leta Bishop Graff (Brookfield, MO)
Graham = Roger Graham (Chicago, IL)
GrahamA = (self) Adelaide Dorothy Graham (Portland, OR)
GrahBlack = Grahame, Black & Co. (London)
Grandview = Grandview Music Co. (Vancouver, Canada)
Grant = (self) E. M. Grant (Kingston, Ontario)
Gray = H. W. Gray Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
GrayM = M. Gray (San Francisco, CA)
Gray’s = Gray’s Music Stores (San Francisco, CA)
Gray-Lhevinne = (self) Estelle Gray-Lhevinne (Alameda, CA)
GreatEast = Great Eastern Music Publishers (New York, NY)
Greeley = (self) Signora Peppina Muratori Greeley (Randolph, NE)
GreenBA = (self) Mrs. David Green (Hamilton, ON)
GreenE = (self) Evangeline M. Green (Hankinson, ND)
GreenFr = (self) Frances M. Green (Beatrice, NE)
GreenM = (self) Mary Thompson-Green (Portland, ME)
Greene = (self) Herbert Wilbur Greene (New York, NY)
Greenfield = Greenfield Music Co. (Greenfield, MA)
Greenough = (self) Eliza M. Greenough (Denver, CO)
Gregg = (self) Gregg Pub. Co. (Indianapolis, IN)
GreggLA = (self) Gregg Music Pub. Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Grever = (self) Maria Grever Corporation (New York, NY)
Gridley = A. E. Gridley (Skaneateles, NY)
GriffinV = (self) Vashti Rogers Griffin (San Diego, CA)
Griggs = Griggs Eng (San Francisco, CA)
Grinnell = Grinnell Bros. (Detroit, MI)
Groene = J. C. Groene Music Pub. Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
Grossmann = (self) Gertrude E. Grossmann (Baltimore, MD)
Grunewald = L. Grunewald Co. Ltd. (New Orleans, LA)
Grus = L. Grus Cie. (Paris, France)
G. Schirmer: see GS
Guilford = (self) Earle E. Guilford (North Adams, MA)
H&C = Hopwood & Crew (London)
H&D = Huntzinger & Dilworth (New York, NY)
H&M = Hall & McCreary Co. (Chicago, IL)
H&McC = Hitchcock & McCargo (New York, NY)
Hall = Hall Music Co. (Sioux City, IA)
Hall & McCreary: see H&M
HallJT = John T. Hall Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
HallW = Wendell Hall Music Publishers (Chicago, IL)
HallWm = William Hall & Son (New York, NY)
Hals = Brodrene Hals (Kristiania, Norway)
Hamelle = J. Hamelle (Paris, France)
Hamilton = (self) Gertrude Thomas Hamilton (Peters, CA)
HamiltonD = (self) Della Hamilton (Stanhope, IA)
Hammett = J. L. Hammett Co. (New York, NY)
Hammond = Hammond & Co. (London)
Handy = Handy Bros. Music Co. (New York, NY)
HandyWC = W. C. Handy Music Pub. (New York, NY)
Hansen = Wilhelm Hansen (Copenhagen, DK)
Harck = Katherine Clapp Harck (Sterling, IL)
Harding = Frank Harding’s Music House (New York, NY)
Harmonic = Harmonic Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
Harmony = Harmony Music Co. (Hartford, CT)
HarmonyMP = Harmony Music Publishers (Chicago, IL)
Harms = Harms, Inc. (New York, NY)
HarmsTB = T. B. Harms & Co. (New York, NY)
Harper = Harper & Bros. (New York NY; London)
Harris = Frederick Harris Music Co. (London; Toronto)
HarrisC = Chas. K. Harris (New York, NY)
HarrisCW = Charles W. Harris (New York, NY)
HarrisF = F. Harris Co. (Oakville, ON)
HarrisT = Thoro Harris (Chicago, IL)
HarrisWJ = Will J. Harris Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Harsch = (self) Ada Koppitz Harsch
Hart = Hart & Co. Empire Music Albums
HartleyL = (self) Lora R. Hartley (Wabash, IN)
HartMus = (self) Hart’s Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Harvey = (self) R. Harvey (Guelph, ON)
Haskell = (self) Dora L. Haskell (Lewiston, ME)
Haskins = (self) William R. Haskins Co. (New York, NY)
Hatch = Hatch Music Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
HatchC = Charles W. Hatch Music Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Hatch&L = Hatch & Loveland (Los Angeles, CA)
Hathaway = F. E. Hathaway (Chicago, IL)
Hatzfeld = Hatzfeld & Co. (London)
Haviland = F. B. Haviland Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
HawsChins = (self) The Haws & Chins Co., Music Publishers (Fairbury, NE)
HawMills = (self) Hawes and Mills (Bridgeport, CT)
Hayden = (self) Rose Hayden (Stratford-on-Avon, UK)
Hayet = Ch. Hayet (Paris, France)
Hays = A. Hays (London)
Hazzard = (self) K. S. Hazzard (Chicago, IL)
Haymond = (self) Nora Lee Haymond (New York, NY)
Heck = (self) Mae Devoto Heck (Cincinnati, OH)
Heffelfinger = R. W. Heffelfinger (Los Angeles, CA)
Held = Charles W. Held (Brooklyn, NY)
HelfHager = Helf & Hager (New York, NY)
Heltman = Fred Hletman Co. (Cleveland, OH)
Henderson = CharlesH. Henderson Music Pub. Co. (Corry, PA)
HendersonK = (self) Kay Dover Henderson (New York, NY)
Herald = Herald Square Music Pub. (New York, NY)
Herbert = Herbert & Co. (New York, NY)
HerbertJW = J. W. Herbert & Co. (Montreal, PQ)
Heritage = R. A. Heritage (Valparaiso, IN)
Higgins = H. M. Higgins (Chicago, IL)
Highland = (self) Gladys Pauline Highland (Columbus, OH)
HillColeman = Hill-Coleman (New York, NY)
HillH = Howard A. Hill (Chicago, IL)
Himan = Alberto Himan (New York, NY)
Himmelman = Charles Himmelman & Co. (Chicago, IL)
Hinds = Hinds, Hayden & Eldredge, Inc. (New York, NY)
Hinkson = (self) Alpharetta Hinkson (New Castle, PA)
Hirs&Sel = Hirsekorn & Selig (Brooklyn, NY)
Hit = The Hit Publishing Co. (Boston, MA)
Hitchcock = Hitchcock’s Music Stores (New York, NY)
Hitchcock & McCargo: see H&McC
Hoffman = The Raymond A. Hoffman Co. (Chicago, IL)
Holiday = Holiday Songs and Every Day Songs and Games, ed.Emilie Poulson (Milton Bradley:
Springfield, MA, 1901)
Holland = J. B. Holland (Meridian, MS)
Hollis = Hollis Music (New York, NY)
HollisB = B. Hollis & Co. (London)
Holloway = J. Starr Holloway (Philadelphia, PA)
Holmes = Holmes Music Co. (Middletown, NY)
Homeyer = Charles W. Homeyer & Co. (Boston, MA)
Honeyboy = Geo. Evans Honeyboy Minstrels Song Album (Geo. Evans’ Minstrels Co., 1915)
Hooper = (self) Mamie Carroll Hooper (Chicago, IL)
Hoosier = Hoosier Publishing Co. (Indianapolis, IN)
Hopkinson = J. & J. Hopkinson (London)
HopsonL = (self) Lucian Hopson (San Antonio, TX)
Hopwood & Crew: see H&C
Houghton = Houghton & Co. (London)
Howard = Howard & Co. (London)
HowardMF = (self) Minnie F. Howard (Newburyport, MA)
HowardMus = (self) Howard Music Company (Los Angeles, CA)
HowardS = (self) Sara Jean Howard and Alice Sharp Kenny (Detroit, MI)
HowBrown = Howard & Brown Music Co. (St. Louis, MO)
HowHav = Howley, Haviland & Co. (New York, NY)
HowHavD = Howley, Haviland & Dresser (New York, NY and Chicago, IL)
Hoyt = N. M. Hoyt (New York, NY)
HoytJ = John Hoyt Music Co. (Davenport, IA)
Hug = Hug & Co. (Leipzig and Zurich)
Hughes = (self) Jos. H. Hughes (Saginaw MI)
Hull = J. P. Hull (London)
Humphries = Bruce Humphries (Boston, MA)
HuntlyMax = Huntley-Maxwell Co. (Chicago, IL)
Huntzinger = R. L. Huntzinger, Inc. (New York, NY)
Huntzinger & Dilworth: see H&D
Hutchings = Hutchings & Co. (London)
HutchingsR = Hutchings & Romer (London)
ICB = International Concert Bureau (London)
IMC = Independent Music Club (London)
Idea = The Idea Publishing Co. (Boston , MA)
Igo = B. T. Igo (Boston, MA)
Illinois = Illinois Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Illustration = L’Illustration. Supplement musical (Paris, France)
Imperial = Imperial Music Co. (Montreal)
Indiana = Indiana Music Co. (Terre Haute, IN)
IndianVP = Indian Village Printing Co. (Detroit, MI)
IndpndntON = Independent Publishing Co. (Goderich, Ontario)
Ingram = Tolbert R. Ingram Music Co. (Denver, CO)
Innella = (self) Patrick Innella (Boston, MA)
InterMus = International Music Publishers (Kansas City, MO)
Interstate = Interstate Music Co. (Macon, MO)
Isbister = Isbister & C0. (London)
Jacobs = Walter Jacobs (Boston, MA)
Jacobsen = (self) Hazel Felt Jacobsen (Logan, UT)
Jameson = Jameson & Co. (London)
JamesonBT = B. T. Jameson (Maine?)
Jeffreys = Charles Jeffreys & Co. (London)
Jeffreys' = C. Jeffreys & Son (London)
Jenkins = J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Jennings = G. B. Jennings (Cincinnati, OH)
JenningsC = (self) C. B. Jennings Music Co. (Howard City, MI)
Jewel = Jewel Music (New York, NY)
Johnson = Charles L. Johnson (Kansas City, MO)
Jonassohn = E. Jonassohn (New York, NY)
Jones = Jones Music Co. (New York, NY)
JonesA = (self) Abbie Gerrish-Jones (San Francisco, CA)
JonesE = (self) Ella Disbrow Jones (Trenton, NJ)
JonesH = H. Franklin Jones (Brooklyn, NY)
Jung = P. L. Jung (New York, NY)
Jungnickel = Ross Jungnickel, Inc. (New York, NY)
K&C = Kohler & Chase (Oakland, CA)
KBMusic = K-B-Music Co. (Boston, MA) [=Krey Music Co.?]
Kaiser = Jos. J. Kaiser (New York, NY)
Kansas = The Kansas City Talking Machine Co. (Kansas City, Mo.)
Kaun = W. A. Kaun Music (Milwaukee, WI)
Keane = Michael Keane, Inc. (New York, NY)
Keene = (self) W. C. Keen’s Music Publishing Co. (Baltimore, MD)
KeitEngel = Keit-Engel, Inc. (New York, NY)
Keith = (self) Claire Cox Keith (Richmond Hill, VA)
Keith’s = Keith’s Music Publishing House (Long Branch, NJ)
KeithProwse = Keith, Prowse & Co. (London)
KellerBuch = (self) Keller-Buchanan Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
KellyZ = (self) Zettie Kelly (Memphis, TN, Covington, TN, or Cincinnati, OH)
KerrE = (self) Elizabeth Kerr (Stamford, CT)
Kibble = Kibble & Co. (London)
Kilgour = (self) Ruth Kilgour (Montreal)
KimballD = (self) Kimball-Downing Studios (Chicago, IL)
King = Fred W. King Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
KingDM = D. M. King (Pittsburgh, PA)
KingP = (self) Pearl King (Spring Green, WI)
Kirssin = (self) Mrs. Lewis E. Kirssin (Gettysburg, PA)
Kistner = Fr. Kistner (Leipzig, Germany)
KlawErl = Klaw & Erlanger (New York, NY)
Kleber = H. Kleber & Bro. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kluchansky = (self) Anna M. Kluchansky (Los Angeles, CA)
Koezle = Verlag Gottlob Koezle (Wernigerode, Germany)
Kohler & Chase: see K&C
Koninsky = (self) Edw. M. Koninsky & Bros. (Troy, NY)
KoontzE = (self) Edna Ula Koontz (College View, NB)
Koppitz = (self) Koppitz & Alger (Pittsburgh, PA)
Korn = Julio Korn (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Kornheiser = Phil. Kornheiser (New York, NY)
Kranz = G. Fred. Kranz Music Co. (Baltimore, MD)
Kremer = Victor Kremer Co. (Chicago, IL)
Krey = (self) Krey Music Co. (Boston, MA)
Krolage = Joseph Krolage Music (Cincinnati, OH)
Kuessner = L. C. Kuessner (Chicago, IL)
KuhnAB = (self) Aurel Burtis Kuhn (Chicago, IL)
KuhnTune = (self) Kuhn Tune Publications (Chicago, IL)
Kunkel = Kunkel Brothers (St. Louis, MO)
Kussel = Philip Kussel (Cincinnati, OH)
L&H = Lyon & Healy (Chicago, IL)
L&W = Langinger & Webster (San Bruno, CA)
LackeyE = (self) E. M. Lackey (Nashville, TN)
LadiesHJ = Ladies’ Home Journal
Laemmle = Music House of Laemmle (New York, NY)
Lafleur = Lafleur & Son (London)
LakeM = (self) Mary Daggett Lake (Fort Worth, TX)
Lamb = W. H. Lamb (Boston, MA)
Lamkin = (self) Miss Marjorie Lamkin (Clarksdale, Miss.)
Lang = Lang Music Pub. Co. (Boston, MA)
Lang&M = Lang and Mendelssohn (Boston, MA)
Langdon = (self) Langdon Music Publishing Co. (Minneapolis, MN)
Lange = (self) Emma Busch Lange (Champaign-Urbana, IL)
Langinger & Webster: see L&W
Larson = Henry Larson Music Pub. (Hiawatha, KA)
Larway = J. H. Larway (London)
La Salle = La Salle Music Publishers, Inc. (New York, NY)
Laudy = Laudy & Co. (London)
Laurel = Laurel Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Lavenu = L. Lavenu (London)
Lawlor = (self) Chas. B. Lawlor (New York, NY)
Lawson = The R. S. Lawson Co. (Keyport, NJ)
Leahy = Leahy Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Leeds = Leeds Music Corp. (New York, NY)
LeeWalker = Lee & Walker (Philadelphia, PA)
LeggettW = (self) W. I. Leggett (Chicago, IL)
Legters = Legters Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Leidt = M. M. Leidt (Buffalo, NY)
Lemoine = Henri Lemoine & Cie. (Paris)
Lengnick = A. Lengnick & Co. (London)
Lennox = Cecil Lennox, Ltd. (London)
Leonard = Leonard & Co. (London)
LeonardGB = Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (London)
LeonardH = Hal Leonard Corporation (Milwaukee, WI)
Leslie = C. E. Leslie Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
LewisCor = (self) Lewis-Corby (Montclair, NJ)
LewisPax = (self) Lewis-Paxson Publishing Co. (Cleveland, OH)
Liber = J. Liber (London)
Liberty = Liberty Music Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Lincoln = Harry J. Lincoln Music Co. (New York, NY)
LincolnCF = (self) Charles F. Lincoln (Weymouth Landing, MA)
LincolnPA = Harry J. Lincoln Music Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
LinnParr = (self) Linn-Parr Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
LipmanA = (self) Adeline C. Lipman (Milwaukee, WI)
LittleA = (self) Annie Little (Auburn, ME)
Litz = (self) Mrs. Maggie B. Litz (Grafton, W. VA)
Livernash = Will Livernash Music Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Lloyd = Lloyd Publishing Shop (Chicago, IL)
Lloyds = Edwin D. Lloyds (London)
Loepke = (self) G. Marschal Loepke (Wollaston, MA)
Lomady = A. E. Lomady
Lombard = Rose Lombard Music Co. (St. Paul, MN)
London = London Music Publishing Co. (London)
LondonMus = London Music Agency (Sydney, Australia)
LondonMusS = London Music Stores (Nottingham, UK)
LondonNews = Illustrated London News (London)
Lonsdale = C. Lonsdale (London, UK)
Lorden = Les. Lorden Music Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Loree = (self) Mrs. G. W. Loree (Rockwood, ON)
Lorenz = Lorenz Music Publishing Co. (Dayton, OH)
LosAngeles = The Los Angeles Music Pub. Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Loucks = (self) Loucks Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Lowell = Lowell Pub. Co. (Chicago, IL)
Lublin = Lublin & Co. (London)
Lucas = S. Lucas & Co. (London)
Luckhardt = Luckhardt & Belder (New York, NY)
LucWeb = S. Lucas, Weber & Co. (London)
LucWPH = S. Lucas, Weber, Pitt & Hatzfield (London)
Lyle = Lyle Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
LyonHall = Lyon & Hall (Brighton, UK)
Lyon & Healy: see, L&H
Lyric = Lyric Music Publishing Co. (London)
LyrFanI = Lyric Fancies. A Selection of Songs by American Composers (Boston, MA:
Arthur P. Schmidt Co, 1912), vol. 1
LyrFanII = Lyric Fancies. A Selection of Songs by American Composers (Boston, MA:
Arthur P. Schmidt Co, 1913), vol. 2
M&T = Miles & Thompson (Boston, MA)
McCS&B = McCarthy, Smalle & Brookhouse (Boston, MA)
MES = Fifty Modern English Songs
MM = Modern Music
MOM =Masterpieces of Melody and the Musical Art (Siegel Myers School of Music, 1906)
MPA = Music Publishers of America (New York, NY)
MRR = Musical Record and Review (Boston, MA)
MacD&St = MacDonald & Steiner (New York, NY)
MacEvoy = (self) J. Louis MacEvoy (Seattle, WA)
MacMillan = MacMillan, Ltd. (London)
MadisonL = (self) Laurena H. Madison (Fox Lake, MN)
MagPopSong = Magazine of Popular Songs (Popular Songs Publishing Co., Los Angeles, CA)
See also: PopSongs
Maho = J. Maho (Paris, FR)
Manhattan = Manhattan Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
ManningC = (self) Clarence Manning & Co. (New York, NY)
ManningK = (self) K. L. Manning
March = March Brothers, Publishers (Lebanon, OH)
Marcell = (self) R. C. Marcell (Ottawa, KS)
Marks = Edward B. Marks Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Marquette = Marquette Pub. Co.
Marriott&W = Marriott & Williams (London)
Marshall = (self) Marshall Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
MarshallMus = Marshall Music (Dallas, TX)
Maryland = Maryland Music Publishing Co. (Baltimore, MD)
Masters = Masters Music Publications (Boca Raton, FL)
MathStrick = Mathias & Strickland (London)
Matzenauer = From the Repertoire of Margaret Matzenauer: A Group of Five Songs (New York,
NY: Harold Flammer, Inc, 1923)
Maunsel = Maunsel (Dublin, Ireland)
Maurice = The Peter Maurice Music Co., Ltd. (London)
Mauvais = Zeno Mauvais Music Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Maxwell = W. Maxwell Music Co. (New York, NY)
MaxwellM = (self) Mary E. Maxwell (Tacoma, WA)
Mayfair = Mayfair Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Maynard = R. Maynard (London)
MaynardR = (self) Ross H. Maynard (Boston, MA)
Mayo = (self) Mrs. M. E. Mayo (Blue Hill, ME)
McCaffrey = Henry McCaffrey (Baltimore, MD)
McC&Fisher = McCarthy & Fisher (New York, NY)
McCabeIF = (self) Ida F. McCabe (Framingdale, SD)
McCarron = McCarron, Bird & Co. (Melbourne, Austrralia)
McCarthy, Smalle & Brookhouse: see McCS&B
McClure = H. R. McClure Co. (Sidney, OH)
McDaniel = Joe McDaniel (New York, NY)
McDermott: see, FranceMcD
McKay = David McKay Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
McKinley = McKinley Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
McLeod = Kenneth McLeod Publisher (San Jose, CA)
McPherson = (self) Aimee Semple McPherson (Los Angeles, CA)
Meher = Donovan Meher, Ltd. (London)
Mellin = Mellin Music, Inc. (New York, NY)
MeloArt = Melo-art Music Publishers (New York, NY)
Melody = Melody Music Co. (New York, NY)
MelodyLn = Meldoy Lane Publications (Mew York, NY)
Mendelssohn = Mendelssohn Music Co. (San Diego, CA)
Menne = (self) H. E. and M. A. Menne (Williamsport, PA)
Mentel = Mentel Bros. Publishing Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
Mercury = Mercury Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Meredith = Tuller Meredith Co. (New York, NY)
Meridian = Meridian Music Publishing Co. (London, UK)
Merry = John Merry Publishing Co. (Lincoln, NE)
Merton = (self) Merton Music Co. (New York, NY)
MES: see Fifty Modern English Songs
Met = Metropolitan Music Co. (Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY)
Metz = Metz Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Metzler = Metzler & Co. (London)
MileHi = Mile Hi Music Pub. Co. (Denver, CO)
Miles & Thompson: see M&T
Miller = Bob Miller, Inc. (New York, NY)
MillerB = (self) Billie Miller (Mount Vernon, NY)
MillerMus = Miller Music Inc. (New York, NY)
Millet’s = Millet’s Music Saloon (New York, NY)
Mills = Jack Mills (New York, NY)
MillsF = F. A. Mills (New York, NY)
MillsGC = (self) G. C. Mills (Scarsdale, NY)
MillsR = R. Mills (London)
Milton Bradley: see Bradley
MinerI = (self) Mrs. Irene L. Miner (Brant, MI)
Minnick = J. E. Minnick Co. (New York, NY)
Mittenthal = Joe Mittenthal, Inc. (New York, NY)
Mocatta = B. Mocatta & Co. (London)
ModAmC = Modern American Compositions for the Piano (New York, NY: Robbins Music
Corp, 1939)
ModMusP = Modern Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
ModStand = Modern Standard Music Company (Chicago, IL)
MolterWurl = Molter & Wurlitzer (Chicago, IL)
Montrose = Montrose Music Co. (Montrose, CA)
Moon = Moon & Co. (London)
Moore = (self) A. K. Moore
MooreBrock = Moore & Brock (Columbus, OH)
MooreHaz = (self) Moore-Hazard Music Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Moran = (self) Moran Music Pub. Co. (Vincennes, IN)
Moret = Villa Moret Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
Morley = W. Morley & Co. (London)
MorleyM = (self) Mary Harriet Morley (no city known)
Morris = Joseph Morris Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
MorrisE = Edwin H. Morris (New York, NY)
MorrisEd = (self) Edward Morris Music Pub. Co. Inc. (New York, NY)
MorrisJ = Joe Morris Music Co. (New York, NY)
MorrisR = R. Morris (New York, NY)
MorrisS = (self) Sarah Alice Morrice (Los Angeles, CA)
Morrison = Morrison Music Co. (Bellingham, WA)
MorrisonS = Morrison Music Co. (Seattle, WA)
MorrisonSF = Morrison Music Co. (San Francisco, CA)
MorrisonYT = Songs and Personalities of the Production “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”
(Seattle, WA: Morrison Music Co., ca. 1947)
Morrison#1 = Morrison Melodies Number One (San Francisco, CA: Morrison Music, 1924)
Morros = Boris Morros Music (Hollywood, CA)
Morse = Theodore Morse Music Co. (New York, NY)
Moutrie = Collard Moutrie (London)
MulloyJ = (self) Jean Munro Mulloy (Winnipeg, Canada)
MunroJ = (self) Jeannie Munro (North Adams, MA)
Murdoch = Murdoch, Murdoch & Co. (London)
MusArt = Music Art Shop (Chicago, IL)
Musette = Musette Publishers (New York, NY)
Mushrush = (self) Esee J. Mushrush (Conneaut Lake, PA)
MusicalArt = Musical Art Pub. Co. (Chicago, IL)
MusicalEx = The Musical Exchange (London)
Musical Opening Choruses, etc.: see AtEase4
Musical Record and Review: see MRR
MusLib = Music Library (Chicago, IL)
Music Publishers of America: see MPA
MusProduct = Music Products (Chicago, IL)
MusPubCo = The Music Publishing Co. Ltd. (London)
MusPubCorp = Music Publishing Corporation (San Francisco, CA)
MusPubSoc = Music Publishing Society (Liverpool, UK)
MusWk = Musical Works (Chicago, IL)
NCBoyGirl = National Committee on Boys and Girls Work Inc. (Chicago, IL)
NMB = National Manuscript Bureau (New York, NY)
NYAmJ = New York American and Journal (New York, NY)
NYJ&Ad = New York Journal and Advertiser (New York, NY)
NYMS = New York Music Supply (New York, NY)
NYSunPress = New York Sunday Press (New York, NY)
NYT = New York Times (New York, NY)
National = National Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
NationalMS = National Manuscript Nureau (New York, NY)
NaturalFood = The Natural Food Company, Ltd. (London)
Nau&S = Nau & Schmidt (Milwaukee, WI)
NeeleyTurner = Neeley & Turner (Geyserville, CA)
NewEng = New England Pub. Co. (Easthampton, MA)
NewlandR = (self) Newland and Rucker (Oakland, CA)
Newman = Newman Pub. Co., Ltd. (London)
Newton = Newton Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
New York American and Journal: see NYAmJ
New York Journal and Advertiser: see NYJ&Ad
New York Music Publishing House: see NYMusic
New York Sunday Press: See NYSunPress
New York Music Supply: see NYMS
New York Times: see NYT
Niagara = Niagara Parks Commission (Niagara Falls, ON?)
Nichol = E. Nichol (London)
Nicholson = Nicholson & Co. (Sydney, Australia)
Nicholson’s = Nicholson’s Pty. Ltd. (Sydney, Australia)
NicklinM = (self) Maude Nicklin (Nickleville, PA)
Nightingale = Nightingale & Co. (London)
Nordheimer = Nordheimer Piano & Music Co. (Toronto, ON)
North = F. A. North & Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
NorthAm = North American Music Co. (New York, NY)
Northern = Northern Music Corporation (New York, NY)
NorthPub = (self) The North Publishing Co. (Bradford, PA)
Norven = (self) Norven Publishing Co. (Croydon, England)
Norworth = (self) Norworth Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Novello = Novello & Co., Ltd. (London; New York, NY)
NovelloA = Alfred Novello (London)
NovelloE = Novello, Ewer & Co. (London)
NYHerald = Supplement to the The New York Herald (New York, NY)
NYJournal = Supplement to the New York Journal & Advertiser
NYMusBur = New York Music Bureau (New York, NY)
NYMusic = New York Music Publishing House (New York, NY)
NYPress = New York Press (New York, NY)
NYSPress = Supplement to the New York Sunday Press (New York, NY)
NYWorld = Supplement to the New York World, The Sunday World Music Album
O’Connell = (self) J. W. O’Connell (Nevada, MO)
OD = Oliver Ditson Publishing Co. (Boston, MA)
Odeon = Odeon Music Co. (London)
Ohio = Ohio Publishing (Cleveland, OH)
Ollivier = Robt. W. Ollivier (London)
OllivierC = Charles Ollivier (London)
Olman = Olman Music Corporation (New York, NY)
OlsenJJ = (self) J. J. Olsen, Jr. (San Antonio, TX)
Oppenheimer = Oppenheimer Bros. for Charlotte Forster (London)
Orchestral = Orchestral Publishing Co. (London)
Oriole = Oriole Music Publishing Co. (Spokane, WA)
Orne = The Orne Publishing Co. (Portland, ME)
Orpheus = Orpheus Music Publishing Co. (London)
OrpheusChic = Orpheus Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
Osborne = E. Osborne & Co. (London)
Ouseley = J. Ouseley Music Co. (London)
OwenJ = (self) Julia D. Owen (Kansas City, MO)
OwenTex = (self) Julia D. Owen (Navasota, TX)
Owl = The Owl Pub. Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Oxford = Oxford Music Pub. (London)
OxfordD = Oxford Music Pub. (Detroit, MI)
OxfordUP = Oxford University Press (London)
P&H = Pace & Handy (Memphis, TN)
P&P = Phillips & Page (London)
Pace & Handy: see P&H
PacElec = Pacific Electric Railway Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Pacific = Pacific Music Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Paddack = (self) Nina M. Paddack (Onondaga, NY)
Page = Pierre Page, Sr. (Chicago, IL)
Paige = W. H. Paige & Co. (Terre Haute, IN)
Paine = Paine Publishing Co. (Dayton, OH)
PaineD = (self) Della Williams Paine (Toledo, OH)
Paling = W. H. Paling & Co. (Sydney, Australia)
Pallma = Pallma Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Paramount = Paramount Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Park = Thompson Park
ParkMP = Park Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
ParkerC = Parker-Charles Music Pub. (London)
ParkerDit = Parker & Ditson (Boston, MA)
ParkerKM = (self) The Hon. Mrs. R. Parker (London)
Parks = J. A. Parks (York, NE)
Pasadena = Pasadena House of Music (Pasadena, CA)
Paterson = Paterson & Sons (Edinburgh; London)
PateyWil = Patey & Willis (London)
Pattison = J. N. Pattison (New York, NY)
Patton = E. D. Patton Music Co. (Omaha, NE)
Paull = E. T. Paul Music Co. (New York, NY)
PaullPio = Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Paxton = W. Paxton & Co. (London)
Pease = Pease Piano Co. (New York, NY)
Peer = Peer Musikverlag, GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)
PeerInt = Peer International Corp. (New York, NY)
Peerless = Peerless Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Penn = Penn Music Co. (New York, NY)
Pepper = Harry Pepper
Perry = John F. Perry & Co. (Boston, MA)
PerryGill = Perry & Gill (London)
Perry's = A. W. Perry's Sons (Sedalia, MO)
Peters = C. F. Peters (Leipzig, Germany)
PetersAC = A. C. Peters & Bro. (Cincinnati, OH)
PetersJL = J. L. Peters (New York, NY)
PetersStL = J. L. Peters (St. Louis, MO)
PeWebb = Peters, Webb & Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
Peycke = (self) Peycke Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA)
Phelps = Phelps Music Co. (New York, NY)
PhelpsC = (self) Charlotte M. Phelps (San Jose, CA)
Philleo = (self) Estelle A. Philleo (Rosebud, MT)
Phillips&C = Phillips & Crew (Atlanta, GA)
PhillipsOliv = Phillips & Oliver (London)
Phillips & Page = see P&P
PhilPress = Supplement to the Philadelphia Press (Philadelphia, PA)
PhilTimes = Philadelphia Times Supplement (Philadelphia, PA)
Photo = Photo Play Music Co. (New York, NY)
Pianola = Pianola Co. (Melbourne, Australia)
Piantadosi = Al Piantadosi Music Publisher (New York, NY)
PictorialMag = Pictorial Review Magazine
Picture = Picture Music (New York, NY)
Pierce = (self) Seneca Pierce (Milwaukee, WI)
PierceC = (self) Clara Johnston Pierce (Pomona, CA)
Pillsbury = Pillsbury Flour Mills Co. (Minneapolis, MN)
Pioneer = Pioneer Publishing Co. (London)
PittHatz = Pitt & Hatzfield (London)
PoetLore = Poet-Lore (Philadelphia, PA)
PolkG = (self) G. P. Polk (Greenwood, IN)
Pollworth = Pollworth Music Publishing Co. (Milwaukee, WI)
Pond = Wm. A. Pond & Co. (New York, NY; Ridgefield Park, NJ)
Pontious = (self) Eva Pontious (Napoleon, OH)
Popeye = Popeye Song Folio (New York, NY: Famous Music Corp., 1936)
PopMels = Popular Melodies (New York, NY)
PopSongs = Popular Songs (Popular Songs Publishing Co., Hollywood, CA)
See also: MagPopSong
Popular = The Popular Music Pub. Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
Portilla = Portilla Music Corp. (New York, NY)
PotterV = (self) Virginia Potter (Newport, RI)
Potts = R. Potts & Co. (Brighton, UK)
Powell = C. C. Powell (Fort Wayne, IN)
Power = Power & Co. (Bradford)
PowerJ = J. Power (London)
PowersL = (self) Lillian R. Powers (Miami, FL)
Portland = Portland Music Cabinet (London)
Presser = Theodore Presser Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
Price = (self) The Price Shop (Colorado Springs, CO)
PriceMl = M. L. Price Music Co. (Tampa, FL)
PriceMM = (self) Maude McFerran Price (Colorado Springs, CO)
PriceReyn = Price & Reynolds (London)
Priestley = W. H. Priestley & Sons (Birmingham, England)
PrimWest = Primrose & West Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
PrinceM = Meryl Prince (San Francisco, CA)
Probasco = (self) Probasko & Co. (Mishawaka, IN)
Prochaska = (self) Evelyn Prochaska (New York, NY)
Prochazka = J. O. von Prochazka (New York, NY)
ProcPatt = Proctor-Patterson Music Co. (Macon, GA)
ProctorJ = (self) Jessie Olive Proctor (Los Angeles, CA)
Purcell = Purcell & Co. (London)
Quaritch = A. H. Quaritch (London)
QueenC = Queen City Music Pub. Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
Quincke = W. A. Quincke (Los Angeles, CA)
Quinn = T. & T. Quinn, Publishers (Waterloo, IA)
Quinzard = Quinzard & Cie. (Paris, France)
Radio Music = Radio Music Publishing Co. (Minneapolis, MN)
Radiotunes = Radiotunes, Inc. (New York, NY)
Ransford = Ransford & Son (London)
RawlingsL = (self) Louise Rawlings (Forest, ON, Canada)
RaynerDal = Rayner, Dalheim & Co. (Chicago, IL)
RayWarner = (self) Raymond-Warner Co. (Shelbyville, MI)
RB&W = Riker, Brown and Wellington (Boston, MA)
Read = (self) Blanche C. Read (Providence, RI)
Recital = Recital Publications (Huntsville, TX)
Redkey = (self) Mrs. Lida M. Redkey (Pueblo, CO)
RedLetter = The Red Letter Press (Chicago, IL)
Reed = G. P. Reed (Boston, MA)
ReederW = Reeder & Walsh (London)
Rees = (self) Nettie Keil Rees (Minneapolis, KS)
ReeseM = (self) Mary Adelaide Reese (Mound City, KA)
Reeves = Wellington Reeves Music Co. (London)
Reid = Reid Bros. (London)
Reinecke = The Reinecke Music Service (Erie, PA)
Reis = Val. A. Reis Music Co. (St. Louis, MO)
Reisinger = (self) Mary McKee Reisinger (Greenwich, CT)
Remick = Jerome H. Remick (Detroit, MI; New York, NY)
RemickM = Remick Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Remington = C. K. Remington (Buffalo, NY)
Remsen = (self) Alice Remsen
Republic = Republic Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
Rettmons = Rettmons Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Reynolds = Reynolds & Co. (London)
Rew = (self) Frances L. Rew (Chicago, IL)
Richards = Richards & Co. (London)
Richmond = Maurice Richmond Music Co. (New York, NY)
RichmondC = (self) Charles A. Richmond (Dover, NH)
Ricordi = G. Ricordi (London, New York, Milan)
RieckR = (self) M. Rieck & E. H. Ruehl (New Hamberg, ON)
RIFedWC = Rhode Island State Federation of Women’s Clubs
Riker, Brown and Wellington: see RB&W
RileyE = E. Riley (New York, NY)
Ringle = Dave Ringle (New York, NY)
Rinker = Rinker Music Co. (Lafayette, IN)
Rivarde = Rivarde & Co. (Rochester, NY)
Roat = Chas. E. Roat Music Co. (Battle Creek MI)
Robbins = Robbins Music Corp. (New York, NY)
RobbinsJ = J. J. Robbins, Inc. (New York, NY)
Rodney = (self) Rodney & Co. (Jersey City, NJ)
Rogers = Winthrop Rogers (London)
Rohlfing = Rohlfing Sons Music Co. (Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI)
Rohrer = (self) Gertrude Martin Rohrer (Wilkinsburg, PA)
RomaE = (self) Elise Pardow Roma (San Francisco, CA)
Ronell = (self) Ann Ronell Music (New York, NY)
Root = Frank K. Root & Co. (Chicago, IL)
RootCady = Root & Cady (Chicago, IL)
Rork = Ernest A. Rork (Memphis, TN; Paducah, TN)
Rosenburg = L. Budd Rosenburg Music Publishing House (San Francisco, CA)
Rosenthal = (self) Mildred Rosenthal (San Francisco, CA)
RoseSny = Rose & Snyder Co. (New York, NY)
Rosewig = A. H. Rosewig (Philadelphia, PA)
Ross = Louis H. Ross & Co. (Boston)
RossFP = (self) Frances Porter Ross (Asbury Park, NJ)
RossFraser = (self) Fraser Ross (New York, NY)
Rossini = Rossini & Co. (London)
Rossiter = Will Rossiter (Chicago)
RossiterH = Harold Rossiter Music Co. (Chicago)
Rotter = (self) Etta Rotter (Cody, WY)
Row = R. D. Row Music Company (Boston, MA)
Royal = Royal Music Co. (New York, NY)
RoyalPub = Royal Publishing Co. (Worcester, MA)
Royell = (self ?) The Royell Press (Chicago, IL ??)
Royle = (self) Edwin Milton Royle (Chicago, IL)
Russell = G. O. Russell (Boston)
RussellA = (self) Annie Christian Russell (Alexander City, AL)
RussellL = (self) Lillian Russell
Ryalls = Ryalls & Jones (Birkenhead)
RyanBradley = (self)
S&B = Stainer & Bell, Ltd. (London)
SBVT = Shapiro, Bernstein & Von Tilzer (New York, NY)
SH&M = Schmitt, Hall & McCreary Co. (Minneapolis, MN)
SWAM = Song Writers of America Magazine (New York, NY)
Saalfield = Richard A. Saalfield (New York, NY)
Saalfield, [1887])
SacredBMC = Twelve Sacred Songs (Boston: Boston Music Co., 1955)
SacredChap = Nine Sacred Songs (London: Chappell & Co., 1919)
SacredJude = W. H. Jude, ed., “The Christian World” Album of Sacred Songs (London: James
Clarke & Co., ca. 1912)
SacredRS = Sacred Solos: A Collection of Popular and Sacred Solos (New York: Richard A
SaffordH = (self) H. E. Safford (Keene, NH)
Sanders = (self) Alma Sanders (New York, NY)
Santly = Santly-Joy Inc. (New York, NY)
Sather = Al Sather (San Francisco, CA)
Saunders = R. P. Saunders (Hollywood, CA); and Saunders Publications (Hollywood, CA)
SaundersM = (self) Mae Sheppard Saunders (Chicago, IL)
Savage = (self) Savage Music Publishing Co. (Seattle, WA)
Scal&McC = Scallan & McCarthy (Boston, MA)
Schacht = The Otto F. Schacht Voice Studios (Duluth, MN)
Schaum = Schaum Publications, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
Schirmer: see GS
Schlam = Hugo V. Schlam (New York, NY)
Schlossman = (self) A. B. Scholssman (Chicago, IL)
Schmid = Johann C. Schmid
Schmidt: see APS
Schmitt = Paul A. Schmitt Music (Minneapolis, MN)
Schmitt, Hall & McCreary: see SH&M
SchmittP = Schmitt Publishing
Schott = Schott & Co., Ltd. (London)
Schroeder = Schroeder & Gunther (New York, NY)
SchroederDL = D. L. Schroeder (Flushing, NY)
Schuberth = Edward Schuberth & Co. (London; Leipzig, Germany; New York, NY)
SchusterMil = Schuster & Miller (New York, NY)
Schwab = (self) Ruby Hooton Schwab
Scrutton = J. Scrutton (London)
Scull = A. Scull & Co. (Bridgeton, N. J.)
SearchP = P. W. Search (Marion, OH)
See Saw = See Saw Music Corp. (New York, NY)
Seidel = Seidel Music Pub. Co. (Indianapolis, IN)
Selden = Edgar Selden Music Publishing and Production Co. (New York, NY)
Seliladean = Seliladean Publishers (Jackson Hole, WY ?)
Senart = M. Senart (Paris, France)
Senf = B. Senf (Leipzig, Germany)
Service = Service Music Co. (Providence, RI)
Setchell = George W. Setchell (Boston, MA)
Sexton = George J. Sexton (Hartford, CT; New York, NY)
SFNews = San Francisco News Letter (San Francisco, CA)
Shackle = William Shackle (Christchurch, NZ)
ShapBern = Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. (New York, NY)
Shapiro = Maurice Shapiro Music Publishers (New York, NY)
Shapiro, Bernstein & Von Tilzer: see SBVT
ShapRem = Shapiro, Remick & Co. (New York, NY)
ShapTil = Shapiro, von Tilzer Music Co. (New York, NY)
Sharples = H. Sharples & Son (London)
SharrowB = (self) Belle Sharrow (Philadelphia, PA)
Shattinger = Shattinger Publishers Inc. (London)
ShattPiano = Shattinger Piano & Music Co. (St. Louis, MO)
ShattPubl = Shattinger Publications, Inc. (Oakville, ON)
Shaw = J. W. Shaw & Co. (Montreal)
ShawW = W. F. Shaw
Sheard = Charles Sheard & Co. (London)
SheetMus = Sheet Music Magazine Standard Organ (Paramus, NJ)
Shepherd = John Shepherd (London)
ShepherdH = (self) H. Shepherd (Chicago, IL)
SherClay = Sherman & Clay (San Francisco, CA)
SherHyde = Sherman & Hyde (San Francisco, CA)
ShermanGau = (self) Sherman and Gaumer (South Bend, IN)
ShermanSq = Sherman Square Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
SherwoodA = (self) Alice Sherwood (Creston, IA)
Shull = (self) Sallie J. Shull (Los Angeles, CA)
Sidles = Harry Sidles, The House of Melodies (Lincoln, NE)
SilberGrock = Silberman & Grock (London)
Silberman = L. Silberman & Co. (London)
Silver = (self) The Violet Silver Foundation (Washington, DC)
SilverBur = Silver Burdett & Co. (New York, NY)
SimpsonA = (self) Alfred L. Simpson, Inc. (New York, NY)
Sinclair = Sinclair & Co. (London)
SinclairRC = Sinclair Refining Co., Inc.
Sin&Cov = (self) Sinclair and Covert (xxx)
SingAlong = Sing-Along. Album of Musical Readings and Children’s Songs of the Vaughn De
Leath Junior Melody Circle (New York: Edward B. Marks, 1932).
Skidmore = Skidmore Music Co. (New York, NY)
SkinnerB = Bessie M. Skinner (South Hadley Falls, MA)
Sklare = Irving Sklare Publishing Co. (Portland, OR)
Slater = (self) Cahterine Hamilton Slater (Springfield, MA)
Slocum = (self) Slocum Publishing Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Smith = (self) F. J. Smith (Chicago, IL)
Smith&Eb = S. G. Smith & F. Eborall (Toronto)
SmithEthel = Ethel Smith Music Corp. (New York, NY)
SmithFr = Frank Smith Music Co., Limited (Vancouver, BC)
SmithJ = James Smith & Son (Liverpool, England)
SmithMV = (self) Maria Vrooman Smith (New York, NY)
SmithJW = J. W. Smith, Jr. (Brooklyn, NY)
SmithSR = (self) S. R. Smith Music Co. (Lead, SD)
Snyder = Ted Snyder Co. (New York, NY)
SnyderJ = Jack Snyder Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
Sobie = Carl Sobie Music Publisher (Detroit, MI)
Song Hit = Song Hit Guild, Inc. (New York, NY)
SongLyr = Song Lyrics Inc. (New York, NY)
Song Writers of America Magazine: see, SWAM
SongSynd = The Song Writers Syndicate Music Publishers (Connersville, IN)
Songs = Songs & Co. (Leicester, England)
SongsGirls = Songs for Girls (Philadelphia, PA: Theodore Presser Co., ca. 1931)
Songs of Charm: see, Charm
Songs for Girls: see, SongsGirls
SongsZion = Songs of Zion for the Church Choir (Dayton, OH: Lorenz Publishing Co., 1942)
Southern = Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc. (New York, NY)
SouthernAL = Southern Music Co. (Birmingham, AL)
SouthernCA = Southern California Music Company (Los Angeles, CA)
Sovereign = Sovereign Music Corp. (New York, NY)
SquiresG = (self) Grace Reynolds Squires (Mt. Carroll, IL)
Spaulding = George L. Spaulding (New York, NY)
SpaulGray = Spaulding & Gray (New York, NY)
SpearDehn = Spear & Dehnhoff (New York, NY)
Spears = (self) Anne E. Spears
SpraCol = Sprague-Coleman (New York, NY)
Square = Square Deal Music Pub. (Denver, CO)
Stahl = Stahl (Berlin, Germany)
Stainer & Bell: see, S&B
Stair = (self) J. F. Stair (Cleveland, OH)
StanBryan = Stanley-Bryan Music Co. (Kansas City, KA)
Standard = Standard Music Publications, Inc. (New York, NY)
Star = Star Music Co. (New York, NY, and London)
Stark = Stark Music Co. (St. Louis, MO)
StarkCow = Stark & Cowan Music Publishers (New York, NY)
Stasny = A. J. Stasny Music Co. (New York, NY)
Stauffer = Aubrey Stauffer & Co. (Chicago)
StCecilia = St. Cecilia Music Publishing Co. (London)
Steffani = (self) Steffani Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Stegmayer = (self) J. J. Stegmayer (Berlin, NY)
StephensB = Bob Stephens, Inc. (Temple City, CA)
Sterling = Sterling Music (Seattle, WA)
SterlingIL = Sterling Music Company (Chicago, IL)
SterlingNY = Sterling Piano Co. (Brooklyn, NY)
SterlingUK = Sterling Music Pub. Co. (London)
SterlingWI = Sterling Music Publishers (Racine, WI)
Stern = Joseph W. Stern & Co. (New York, NY)
Stevens = H. Barton Stevens Music Co. (Boston, MA; New York, NY)
Stewart = Stewart & Co. (London)
Stierlin = Thiebes Stierlin Music Co. (St. Louis, MO)
StLouis = St. Louis Music Corporation (New York, NY)
Stockwell = A. H. Stockwell (London)
StoneH = Herbert S. Stone & Co. (Chicago, IL)
Store = H. L. Store (Spokane WA)
Stork = Stork Music Publishing Co. (London, UK)
StoryOE = (self) O. E. Story Music Pub. (Boston, MA)
StoryPB = (self) Pauline B. Story (New York, NY)
Strauss = Strauss Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Strickland = Strickland Bros. (London)
Strinker = (self) Bertha Bauer Strinker (Phoenix, AR)
StVrainSanford = Margaret St. Vrain Sanford (Chicago, IL)
Success = Success Music Company (Chicago, Il; Aurora, IL)
SullivanL = (self) Mrs. Luta B. Sullivan (Anderson, SC)
SumBir = Summy-Birchard Pub. (Chicago, IL)
Summy = Clayton F. Summy (Chicago, IL)
Sumner = (self) Caroline L. Sumner (Norwood, NY)
Sunlight = Sunlight Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Sun = Sun Music Co., Inc. (New York, NY)
SunPub = Sun Publishing Co. (Rising Sun, IN)
Sunset = Sunset Publishing Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Sunshine = Sunshine Crest Music Co. (Knox, ND)
Sutton = Sutton (Melbourne, Australia)
Swan = Swan & Co. (London)
Swartz = (self) Blanche Buck Swartz (Fort Worth, TX)
Swastika = Swastika Music Publishers (Chicago, IL)
Swift = F. Swift & Co. (Blackpool, England)
SwiftCo = Swift and Company (Chicago, IL)
Swisher = M. D. Swisher (Philadelphia, PA)
Tamblyn = (self) Bertha Louise Tamblyn (Toronto, ON)
TaylorCar = (self) Taylor and Carroll (Providence, RI)
TaylorHH = Herbert H. Taylor, Inc. (New York, NY)
TaylorM = (self) Mary Lyon Taylor (Beverly Hills or La Jolla, CA)
Tebbetts = (self) George W. Tebbetts (Los Angeles, CA)
Tele-Mus = Tele-Mus (Hollywood, CA)
Tellier = Henri Tellier (Paris, France)
Temple = Temple Music (New York, NY)
TetelM = (self) Marie Tetel (Portland, ME)
ThomasA = (self) Adelaida Louisa Thomas (Brighton, UK)
ThomasE = (self) Ella Thomas (Philadelphia, PA)
Thome = Jos. Thome (Newark, NJ)
Thompson = C. W. Thompson & Co. (Boston, MA)
ThompsonB = (self) Beatrice Evelyn Thompson (Bristol, NH)
ThompsonG = Gordon V. Thompson (Toronto)
ThompsonM = Thompson Music Co. (Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA)
ThompsonMol = (self) Mollie Thompson (Library, PA)
ThompsonP = Thompson Publishing Co. (Toronto)
Thorkil = (self) Martha Emma Thorkildson (Los Angeles, CA)
ThornburgHam = Thornburg and Hampton Music Pub. Co. (Hollywood, CA)
Thrash = (self) Ethel Thrash (San Bernardino, CA)
Thurber = Thurber Music Co. (Boston, MA)
Tice = (self) Blanche M. Tice Music (Sioux City, IA)
TiceD = (self) Blanche M. Tice (Denver, CO)
TiceP = (self) Blanche M. Tice Pub. (Chicago, IL)
TiceP (SC) = (self) Blanche M. Tice Music Pub. Co. (Sioux City, IA)
Tilzer = Harry von Tilzer Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
TobyC = (self) Mrs. Charles H. Toby (Stoneham, MA)
TobyCH = (self) Mrs. Charles H. Toby (Dover, NH)
TobyCM = (self) Mrs. Charles H. Toby (Manchester, NH)
ToddB = (self) Mrs. B. Todd (Barbertown, OH)
Toff = David Toff Music Publishing Co. (London, UK)
Tousey = F. Tousey (New York, NY; London)
Transcon = Transcontinental Music Co. (New York, NY)
Triangle = Triangle Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY)
Trifet = F. Trifet (Boston, MA)
Tripp = E. Tripp (Louisville, KY)
Trumpler = Chas. W. A. Trumpler (Philadelphia, PA)
Tucker = (self) Beatrice M. Tucker (Butte, MT)
Tuckwood = C. Tuckwood (London)
Tufts = Tufts College Bookstore (Tufts College, MA)
TullarMer = Tullar-Meredith Co. (New York, NY; Chicago, IL)
Turcot = E. L. Turcot (Lowell, MA) and J. E. Turcot (Montreal, PQ)
Turner = (self) The Turner Tunes (Indianapolis, IN)
Twelve Sacred Songs: see, SacredBMC
Twenty-Five Best English Ballads: see, 25EngBlds
UMusicHouse = The University Music House (Ann Arbor, MI)
Unique = Unique Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
United = United States Music Co. (Williamsport, PA)
UnitedPC = United Pub. Co. (Lowell, MA)
UnitedMus = United Music Pub., Co. (New York and Pittsburgh, PA)
Univ = University Society (New York, NY)
UnivMus = Universal Music Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Universal = Universal-Edition (Vienna, Austria)
UnivEx = University Extension Conservatory (Chicago, IL)
UnivNeb = University Publishing Co. (Lincoln, NE)
USMusPub = United States Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
USPub = United States Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
V&S = Vert & Sinkins (London)
Valentine = (self) Alma Valentine (Lockington, Ohio)
VallejoF = Francisca Vallejo (San Francisco, CA)
VanAl&Curtis = Van Alstyne and Curtis (Chicago, IL)
Vandersloot = Vandersloot Music Co. (Williamsport, PA.)
Varney = (self) Varney Music Co. (St. Louis, MO)
Vaux = Vaux Music Co. (Detroit, MI)
VillarR = (self) Rose Villar (New York, NY)
Vincent = Charles Vincent (London)
VincentJ = (self) James Upshur Vincent, Jr. (Stephenville, TX)
VincentM = Vincent Music Co. (London)
Vinton = The Vinton Music Pub. Co. (New York, NY; Boston, MA)
Vivian = The Vivian Music Publishing Co. (Boston, MA)
Vocalist = The Vocalist (London)
Vogel = Elkan-Vogel Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
VogelJ = Jerry Vogel Music Co., Inc. (New York, NY)
Volkwein = Volkwein Bros., Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Volland = P. F. Volland (Chicago, IL)
WB&S = Waterson, Berlin & Snyder (New York, NY)
WS&P = White, Smith & Perry (Boston, MA)
Wabash = Wabash Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Wade = (self) Vera Hoff Wade (Harpster, OH)
WadhamsM = (self) Wadhams-Moline Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL)
Wagner = Charles L. Wagner (New York, NY)
Wait = (self) Wait Music Co. (Sturgis, MI)
WallA = (self) Adele S. Wall (no city)
Wallace = (self) Dixie Wallace (Tulsa, OK)
WallaceMc = (self) Wallace-McMillan Music (Columbiana, AL)
Walrus = Walrus Co. (Pittsburgh, PA)
WalshH = Walsh, Holmes & Co. (London)
WalterM = Mary Walter Publishing Co. (London)
Ward = Miss Miriam Ward (Cleveland, OH)
Ware = (self) Harriet Ware Publishers, Inc. (New York, NY)
WareDown = Ware-Down Music Ltd. (Beverly Hills, CA)
Warfield = (self) Clara M. Warfield (Sioux City, IA)
Warman = Warman Music Inc. (New York, NY)
WarmanM = (self) Marie Warman (London, ON)
Warner = Warner Bros. Music
WarrenE = (self) Elinor Remick Warren
WarrenP = Warren & Phillips (London)
Warwick&R = Warwick Bros. and Rutter (Toronto, ON)
Waterloo = Waterloo Music C. (Waterloo, ON)
Waters = Horace Waters (New York, NY)
Waterson = Henry Waterson, Inc. (New York, NY)
Waterson, Berlin & Snyder: see WB&S
Watson = (self) Mrs. Frank R. Watson (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Wa-Wan = Wa-Wan Press (Newton Center, MA)
Weasner = H. C. Weasner (Buffalo, NY)
WeaverTP = Theran Pearl Weaver
WeberB = (self) Bertha Weber (Martinez, CA)
WeberFS = Weber, Fields & Stromberg (New York, NY)
WeberN = (self) Nellie Albright Weber (West Pittston, PA)
Webster = Wesley Webster (San Francisco, San Bruno, CA)
Weekes = Weekes & Co. (London)
Weil = Milton Weil Music (Chicago, IL)
Weile = Weile Publishing (St. Louis, MO)
Weitzel = Edward Weitzel & Co. (Detroit, MI)
Welch = Emmett J. Welch (Philadelphia, PA)
WelchA = (self) A. E. Welch
Wells = Wells Music Co. (Denver, CO)
Wenger = (self) C. M. Warfield (Sioux City, IA)
Werner = Edgar S. Werner & Co. (Belmar, NJ)
West = West & Co. (London)
Western = Western Music Co. (Los Angeles or San Francisco, CA)
WesternSp = Western Specialty (Vancouver, Canada)
Wetmore = (self) Sarah Thompson Wetmore (New York, NY)
WetmoreDB = Wetmore Declamation Buereau (Sioux City, Iowa)
Weymann = Weymann & Son (Philadelphia, PA)
Whaley = Whaley-Royce & Co., Ltd. (Toronto)
Whited = (self) Elma R. Whited (Middleport, NY)
WhiteGoul = White and Goullaud (Boston, MA)
WhiteH = H. White (Washington, D.C.)
Whitelaw = (self) J. S. Whitelaw (Batavia, IL)
WhitelawS = (self) Whitelaw & Stanley (Batavia, IL)
WhiteWill = Willard White Co. (Chicago, IL)
White-Smith = White-Smith Music Pub. (Boston, MA)
White, Smith & Perry: see WS&P
Whitfield = (self) F. A. Whitfield (Seattle, WA)
Whithers = G. Whithers & Sons (London)
Whitmore = Floyd E. Whitmore (Scranton, PA)
WhitmoreMus = Whitmore Music (Scranton, PA)
Whitney = (self) Margaret Whitney (Salt Lake City, UT)
WhitneyCW = C. W. Whitney (Hammond, IN)
WhitWarn = Whitney-Warner Publishing Co. (Detroit, MI)
Wickberg = (self) Wickberg Publishing House (Ocean Park, WA)
Wickins = Wickins & Co. (London)
Widmer = Widmer-Stigler Music Publishing Co. (New York, NY)
WidmerKM = K. M. Widmer (xxxx, New York)
Wight = Irene D. Wight (New York, NY)
Wightman = (self) Alice A. Wightman (no place)
Wilcocke = Samuel Wilcocke (London)
Willats = G. E. Willats Music Bureau (San Francisco, CA)
Willey = Willey & Co. (London)
Williams = Joseph Williams (London)
WilliamsA = (self) Arthur F. Williams (Bradford, PA)
WilliamsC = (self) Clarence Williams (New York, NY)
WilliamsE = Ernest S. Williams (Boston, MA)
WilliamsJ = Jess Williams (Lincoln, NB)
WilliamsMH = Williams Music House (Birmingham, AL)
Willig = George Willig, Jr. (Baltimore, MD)
Willis = Willis Music Co. (London)
WillisE = E. Willis & Co. (London)
WillisM = Willis Music Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
WillisW = W. H. Willis (Cincinnati, OH; Chicago, IL)
WilsonAA = (self) Addie Anderson Wilson (Dothan, AL)
WilsonD = Daniel H. Wilson (Portland, OR)
WilsonW = Weston S. Wilson (San Francisco, CA)
Wimberly = (self) Mrs. G. W. Wimberly (Washington, D. C.)
Windsor = Windsor Music Co. (Chicago, IL)
Winner = Sep. Winner (Philadelphia, PA)
WinthropR = Winthrop-Rogers (London)
WinterD = D. L. Winter (Chicago, IL)
Wise = Wm. H. Wise & Co. (New York, NY)
Witmark = M. Witmark & Sons (New York, NY)
WitmarkSac = Witmark Sacred Vocal Duet Album (New York, NY: Witmark, 1948)
WomanSS = Woman in Sacred Song, ed. Eva Munson Smith (Boston: D. Lothrop and Company,
Wood = B. F. Wood Music Co. (Boston, MA)
Woodbridge = (self) Charlotte Louise Woodbridge (Nanking, China)
WoodCo = Wood and Company (London)
WoodW = Will Wood (New York, NY)
Woodward = Willis Woodward & Co. (New York, NY)
WoodyW = (self) The Woody & Wolfe Music Co. (Rogers, AR)
Woolhouse = C. Woolhouse (London)
WordMus = Words and Music, Inc. (New York, NY)
WordWork = Word and Work (Louisville, KY)
Worker’s = Worker’s Music Association (London)
Worley = John Worley & Co. (Boston, MA)
Worrell = (self) Lola Carrier Worrell (Denver, CO)
Worthing = (self) Bess Worthington (no place given)
Wright = Lawrence Wright Music Co. (London)
WrightJE = (self) Jennie E. Wright (Denver, CO)
WrightL = L. Wright Music Co. (Leicester, England)
WrightMus = Wright Music Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Wulschner = Wulschner Music Co. (Indianapolis)
YankeeDix = Yankee-Dixie Pub. Co. (Detroit, MI, Meridian, MS)
York = The York Music Co. (New York, NY)
Zimmerman = Zimmerman Print (Cincinnati, OH)
Zoe = (self) Zoe Swanberg (Quincy, IL)