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TOK Example Title: Comfort and Familiarity
1. Brief explanation of the example (can use bullet points and present in point/counter point fashion)
This article is explains that the controversy of euthanasia depends on various factors. The first is the extent that people know the laws
and the cases they are applicable. The second is the importance of religion in the society, specially Catholic religion, which is against
these laws. The final factor that creates controversy is the distrust of the American health care system since it is a profit run business
instead of being universal and nonprofit like in other countries.
2. One to three Knowledge Issues phrased as open-ended questions.
To what extent do we know that legislation is good for the individual?
To what extent does religion influence our ways of obtaining knowledge?
3. What are the implications (So what? Why is this important? Who is it important to? Why is it important to you? )
 The author claims to know the reasons of why euthanasia is more controversial in the United States than in Europe. She
presents three reasons but she does not have any evidence that these are the reasons for it. She uses her logic in order to
explain the reasons yet without any evidence the reader accepts as knowledge only what the author deduced using logic.
 According to the author the reasons that Americans are opposed to euthanasia are distrust regarding doctors and religious
reasons. Thus, laws that restrict the freedom of people are not decided in a logical manner instead are formed by the emotions
of the majority.
 Statistics only demonstrate that in Oregon, where euthanasia is legal, there is a wider approval of the practice than in other
states. This is not conclusive evidence for any of the authors points, which where the reasons of why people think that way,
yet it is at the beginning of the article so it provides a sense of authenticity of what is not proven. Thus the authors views are
easily accepted as “true” by the reader.
Related to which WOK(s) Justify your choices:
Emotion- feelings of the majority determine what is “right” or “wrong” and laws are made according to these feelings
Reason- the author uses logic in order to understand the reasons behind the people’s emotions
Related to which AOK(S) Justify your choices:
Human sciences- the author is trying to understand the reasons that make individuals think and feel regarding euthanasia
Religion-euthanasia is banned in the Catholic religion; an important factor is people’s views of what is “right” and “wrong”
Math- statistics are used to convince that there is a greater degree of acceptance in other cultures
Ethics-debate on what should American legislation be depending on people’s views of what is “right” and “wrong”
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