Tema 2 ADC

Assignment 4 ADC – Binary Search Tree
This homework has a value of 1.5 points. One can find documentation for
everything in it by reading chapter 12 of “Introduction to algorithms /
Thomas H. Cormen et al.”
Write a Java Applet that implements a binary search tree with the following
DELETE. The tree is initially empty.
a) ADD (or INSERT) – You need to have a button “ADD” and a
textbox. When one clicks this button, the number (or key) in the
textbox is inserted in the search tree. The first key added in this data
structure corresponds to the node number 1. The second corresponds
to the node 2, etc. One might use a vector called KEY, so that
keyValue = KEY[keyIndex].
b) SEARCH – When this button is clicked, the applet searches for a key
(from in a textbox) and outputs its index (if found) or -1 (otherwise).
c) SORT – Sorts all the keys in the search tree and prints out the first 10.
d) PREDECESOR – given an index of a node, outputs the predecessor
node (his index and his key).
e) SUCCESOR – given an index of a node, outputs the next node (his
index and his key) in the node list. The predecessor and successor are
considered with respect to the sorted list of keys.
f) DELETE – erases a node from the tree given its index.
g) Complexity – One can print out the sorted keys by finding the
minimum key and then by making n-1 calls to SUCCESOR (function
TREE-SUCCESROR in Cormen). Prove that this algorithm runs in
O(n) time.
The following data needs to be printed all the time:
 the number of nodes (n) in the tree (initially 0)
 the keys for the first 10 nodes (i.e key[0]=23, key[1]=1, key[2]=50)
 the left node for every node (i.e. left[0]=1, left[1]=NIL,left[2]=NIL)
 the right nodes (i.e. right[0]=2, right[1]=NIL, right[2]=NIL)
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Deadline: January 10, 2005