KNR 240

KNR 113
Diet Analysis Instructions
1. Record all food and liquid intake for a minimum of five days. At least one of the days
must be a Saturday or Sunday. Write down the amounts and type of food/beverage
consumed on the Daily Food Log found on my website and also on the NutriCalc 3.0
One chicken breast, boneless, skinless, broiled-5 oz.
½ cup Minute Rice with one tablespoon of butter
½ cup canned peas
1 slice Butternut bread, with 1 tablespoon of margarine
1-12 oz. can Coke
2. Using the NutritionCalc Plus 3.0 Online program that came with your text, you will
analyze your intake. Preview the Tutorial on how to use the program first!
3. Click on PROFILE and select “new”. Follow directions on the program to set up your
personal profile. Include all the information and hit “save”.
4. Next click on INTAKES and follow the directions for entering all food and drinks
consumed, including alcohol. Once you find your item make sure to click on the green
box with the + sign to add it to your intake. Be sure to enter the correct amounts and
which meal it was consumed. Remember to change days on their calendar and enter all
consumed for 5 days.
5. Click on ACTIVITIES and enter your exercise for that day. I typed in “weights” to find
weight training as a selection.
6. Click on REPORTS and go to the bottom of their selections and click on ALL DAILY
REPORTS. I had to save a copy of the reports in order to print them out. Print all of the
reports and keep them in this order:
a. Recommendations – Use this report for recording your recommended Dietary fiber,
cholesterol, folate, calcium, and iron.
b. Bar Graph
c. Spreadsheet Report
d. Calories and Fat – Use the “Source of Calories” to find your % Protein, CHO, Fat
and Alcohol that you consumed for page 1 on the worksheet. Use the “Source of
Fat” for the % of Saturated, Mono, Poly and Trans fat consumed over the 5 days.
(page 1 and 2 of worksheet)
e. Calorie Assessment
f. Activity Summary
g. Nutrition Facts
h. MyPyramid – Use this report for your intake and recommendations for the food
7. You are now ready to fill out the diet analysis worksheet found on my website. This
worksheet must by typed! Use the printed reports and information given in lecture to
complete the worksheet. The worksheet must be detailed and specific, especially in the
last column where you list how you will increase, decrease or maintain the amounts
currently consumed. Submit diet analysis worksheet on top with the reports listed in
#6 after it followed by your Daily Food Log sheets. Make sure all papers are
stapled together.
8. For problems with the program see the website and phone number listed on the
Tutorial under “Conclusion”.
Revised 7/08