Cognitive Psychology Final Exam

Cognitive Psychology Final Exam
Use research to support or refute this statement: Human reasoning and
decision making is essentially irrational.
Are the concept of insight (from the Gestalt psychologists) and internal
representation (from Eisenstadt and Kareev) related? If so, how? If not, why?
If a person is more intelligent according to the Triarchic theory of Sternberg,
should that person still fall prey to the decision making mistakes observed by
Kahneman and Tversky?
How do you know if a machine is intelligent?
Evaluate the computer metaphor and the neuron metaphor. Which overall, is
a better metaphor given the material we have examined across the course?
What is the most important aspect of human cognition that you have learned
this term? Support your description of this feature of cognition and how it
operates with research. Why do you find it to be at the top of your list? Also,
what is the most important aspect of human cognition, broadly considered,
that has not been covered in this course? Why?