Crucible Act Two Vocabulary Application Focus Activities

The Crucible Vocabulary Focus Activity #2: Apply your understanding of the vocabulary words highlighted in your Act One
listening activities to create original sentences that demonstrate your understanding of these words.
to ameliorate
To make something bad better such as a problem or a situation
Common usage: ameliorate the effects of something, ameliorate a negative situation, ameliorate a problem
Synonyms: to improve, to mend, to amend, to reform, to upgrade
Having or showing keen interest or enthusiasm in something.
This adjective is used in conjunction with nouns that describe the interest of a person.
Example: avid reader, avid hunter, avid skier, took an avid interest in…
Irreverent behavior toward anything considered sacred. In the context of the Puritans, something
blasphemous was something said that was against God, the teachings of the church, or the leaders of the
church. Today, this can be applied in other contexts, sometimes with a sarcastic tone for exaggeration. “Some
might call my words wit, others blasphemy.” “He acts as if any words spoken against him are blasphemy!”
Examples: blasphemous words, lies and blasphemy, … is viewed as a blasphemy by…..
To wave or swing wildly; to flounder or struggle with seeming uselessness
This word comes from the name of a farming instrument called a flail (also a weapon of war that has a similar
structure) It consisted of a handle with a freely swinging bar. We usually use this word as a verb – to flail in
reference to a person’s body.
Usage: She was flailing about in the water. I felt like I was flailing about ….. He was flailing about …. (where)
The bird’s wings were flailing… (when/ context)
to flail
Feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment; feeling characterized or
expressing feelings of strong displeasure at something unjust, offensive, insulting, or base.
Usage: indignant expression, indignant at the idea of…. Indignant letter, indignant about (something), became so
indignant that…. He is so indignant about… that….
Punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong
Usage: wreak vengeance on, impose vengeance on, inflict vengeance on, seek vengeance for,
Find at least one other word in the next 24 hours that is unfamiliar to you. Look it up! Record the definition and look at examples
for usage online. Record three examples of sentences where this word might be used. At least one of these should be an original