WordMaster List 2A

WordMaster List 2A
1. Vitriol – Noun – 1. Abusive or venomous language used to express
blame or bitter, deep-seated ill will. 2. A former name for sulfuric acid, a
highly corrosive acid. SYNONYMS: bitterness, contempt, disdain,
NOTE: Vitriolic is a common form of this word. As an
adjective, it means antagonistic, hateful, hostile.
2. Evince – Verb – 1. To show clearly; make evident or manifest; to prove.
2. To reveal the possession of (a quality, trait, etc.) [Evince one’s
distaste by frowning] SYNONYMS: to declare, demonstrate, indicate,
3. Labyrinthine – Adjective – 1. Related to or resembling a labyrinth
(any confusingly complicated state of things or events; a maze).
2. Complicated. SYNONYMS: complex, convoluted, mazelike.
4. Surrogate – Noun – 1. A person appointed to act for another; a
substitute. Adjective – 1. Acting as a replacement. SYNONYMS:
backup, pinch hitter, stand-in.
5. Partake – Verb – 1. To take or have a part or share along with others;
to participate (usually followed by in). [He won’t partake in the victory
celebration.] 2. To receive or share a portion (usually followed by of)
[Will you partake of this meal?] SYNONYMS: take part in.
6. Exempt – Verb – 1. To free from an obligation or debt [to exempt a
student from a final exam]. SYNONYMS: exclude, release, relieve.
Adjective – 1. Released from or not subject to, an obligation
[organizations exempt from paying taxes].
7. Composure – Noun – 1. Serene, self-controlled state of mind;
calmness; tranquility [Despite the chaos around him, he maintained his
composure.] SYNONYMS: assurance, equanimity, equilibrium, levelheadedness; self-control, serenity.
8. Proselytize – Verb – 1. To convert or attempt to convert; to recruit.
SYNONYMS: convince, persuade, sway.
9. Fervid – Adjective – 1. Heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm [a
fervid speaker]. 2. Extremely hot, burning. SYNONYMS: animated,
ardent, enthusiastic, intense, passionate.
Equilibrium – Noun – 1. A state of rest or balance due to the
equal action of opposing forces. 2. Mental or emotional balance;
equanimity. [The pressures of her new job caused her to lose her
equilibrium.] SYNONYMS: composure, poise.
Repress – Verb – 1. To keep under control, to check, or suppress
(desires, feelings, actions, tears, etc.). 2. To put down or stop (disorder,
riot, etc.). 3. To reject from the conscious mind (painful or disagreeable
ideas, memories, etc.). SYNONYMS: smother, stifle.
Overbearing – Adjective – 1. Domineering, dictatorial; rudely
arrogant. 2. Of overwhelming or critical importance [the overbearing
argument in favor of the decision]. SYNONYMS: bossy, disdainful
Edict – Noun – 1. A decree issued by a ruler or authority. 2.
Any official proclamation or command. SYNONYMS: decree, directive,
fiat, mandate, order.