Unit 7 Overview Questions

Unit 7 Overview Questions
1. What was the purpose of the cattle drives?
2. Describe the job of the cowboy.
3. Why would a town in Kansas want to attract the cattle trade?
4. What did a town need to become a cattle town?
5. How and why did the Kansas legislature put a stop to the cattle drives?
6. What were railroad land grants and why were they controversial?
7. Why did the railroads compete to sell land in Kansas?
8. What was the role of a town site association?
9. Why did the railroads encourage small specialized businesses to settle in their towns?
10. Explain the saying, “the rain follows the plow.”
11. What were some of the first crops grown in Kansas?
12. Explain the difference between subsistence farming and commercial farming.
13. Name at least one way farm work was made easier by mechanization.
14. What was the purpose of the Grange movement?