TN State Director - Southwestern Region

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Southwestern Region
Tennessee State Director (Western Tennessee)
Bro. Edward Jordan
692 Looney Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38107
(901) 483-1318 (Cell)
2013 Report of the Tennessee State Director (Western Tennessee)
To Bro. Theodore Lewis, Southwestern Regional Director and the Southwestern Regional
Board, since the Regional Leadership Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, it has been a
busy but productive year. The Region and the officers of the Regional Board have been
challenged with the responsibility of increasing membership (mostly with reclamation
and reactivation), promoting our National Program (Sigma Global Programs), getting all
chapters in the State to the Serious Sigma Summit in Charlotte, NC, and State Meeting
and Chapter's Retreats, as well as documenting and reporting our programs and activities
(PIA(s) & CSAF), also disseminating accurate and updated information/changes and
mandates from the National HQ and Regional Director and the Regional Board, and,
conducting and overseeing all authorized membership intakes in the state and areas to
ensure that procedures and paperwork are done properly and in order. In addition, the
State of Tennessee hosted the National Founders Day Celebration in Memphis in
Honoring our Most Revered Founder(the most Honorable A. Langston Taylor) in 2012.
This historical event will be forever remember because the city of Memphis placed a
permanent landmark on Beale Street where the Honorable A. Langston Taylor conceived
the idea of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. This was one of many successfully event that
took place the weekend of January 9, 2012. The Fraternity also named its 10th National
Executive Director who also was from the great State of Tennessee, specifically
Memphis. The aforementioned happened, this 2012 year with many campus visits and
Regional Certification Trainings and very, very good communication with chapter
presidents and collegiate advisors. The State's Strengths are: 1) Good strong advisors at
the collegiate chapters and great contact information with the members and the Colleges
and Universities Staff. 2) Traditional Strong Alumni Chapter presents 3) always Good
Growth Potential in the State. The State’s challenges are: 1) Limited financial support to
State Director for the work asked of this office. ( travel, workshops, training materials,
hosting state meeting, etc, etc, etc) 2) State coverage is over 400 miles radius and
possibly expanding (chapter chartering and revitalization). 3) Alumni and Collegiate
relations could be better and 4) a stronger present at the State Meeting of the Regional
Board could have been better this past year. Also, the State of Tennessee had about 15
brothers at the Serious Sigma Summit this Summer in Charlotte, NC. Finally, Tennessee
is the state with the best chapter in the Country as ‘Model Chapter of the Year’ in Tau
Iota Sigma Chapter of Memphis, TN. Now, recently, for 2012 the State of Tennessee in
the Southwestern Region had the largest chapters in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. in
Tau Iota Sigma Chapter for the Alumni and in Delta Nu Chapter for the Collegiate.
These chapters, both located in Memphis, TN, were recognized and awards for their
efforts by our International President and our International Vice President.
Goals and Objectives
Alumni and Collegiate Retreats/Meeting in the Fall & Spring
Growth Projections and expectation from the Region.
National HQ Deadlines, Updated information and mandates.
Regional Deadlines and expectations.
Calendar of events to support each other in the area(s)/state.
Personalized chapter needs through chapter assessments (CSAF).
Special Events (National Founders Day Celebration/Centennial);
Serious Sigma Summit for New Intake Process/Zero Tolerance for Hazing;
National Recognition from IHQ for Largest Membership on the Alumni &
Collegiate fronts in the State of Tennessee.
State Meeting
State of the Region Address by 2nd Vice Regional Director
Membership Services
National Updates
Chapter growth projection for the Region (especially with Alumni Chapter –
reactivation, reclamation, and recruitment)
Regional Program Directors (Workshops, Conference Calls, Trainings)
Regional Conference Information & Preparation & dissemination
(Scholarships, Oratorical and Debate Competition, Registration, Delegates,
Chapter Reports, Step show, Deadlines & Fees and penalties, if any)
Advisor Training (Specifically Intake Procedures- Train the Trainer)
Alumni/Collegiate Relations Workshop(s)
Attendance Importance ( State, Regional & National Meeting)
Regional Officers Accountability Standards
National Founders Day Celebration (Marching Toward the Jubilee)
National Founders Day Celebration
National Board Meeting
National Brotherhood Breakfast
Historical National Landmark in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee of Phi Beta
Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Honoring Most Honorable Founder Brother A.
Langston Taylor
5) Announcement of our New International Executive Director of Phi Beta
Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
6) National Exposure for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. for the State of
Tennessee, especially Memphis, Tennessee.
National Membership Recognition by the International Headquarter
1) International Recognition for the Largest Chapters in the Country for both
Collegiate & Alumni by International President & Vice President.
2) International Press Conference & Reception in Memphis, TN
3) International Cash Rebates for Largest Chapters in Phi Beta Sigma
Fraternity, Inc. for Collegiate and Alumni.
4) Both Chapters for Collegiate and Alumni are from Memphis, TN
Implementation of Goals and Objectives
The implementation of the goals and objectives were simple. The State Meeting was
successfully held on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at LeMoyne-Owen College from
8:30am – 4:00pm. The State Meeting was hosted by Bro. Edward Jordan, State Director
with a host of Regional Board Officers. The State Meeting was very informative and
consistent on unifying message for Southwestern Region ( i.e. training, CSAF, PIA, HQ
updates, MIP procedures, Sigma Wellness Programs Reporting & anticipated 2013
financial challenges - Regional Conference, Conclave, Centennial etc,etc,etc.) sent out
from the Regional Director and the State Directors implementation of the same. The
State Meeting attendance was more than 80 brothers and the host chapter did a fantastic
job of providing refreshment and lunch for the brotherhood. The next Tennessee State
Meeting will be in Nashville, TN at the Tennessee State University Campus. The
National Founders Day Celebration was a huge success with all the 8 living Past National
Presidents presents in Memphis, Tennessee at the downtown Peabody Hotel and the
current National President Bro. Jimmy Hammock and his entire general Board with
National Civil Right Activist Bro. John Lewis. This event turned out to be the biggest
Founders Day Celebration ever recorded and it will be the master plan to be copied for
many years to come. January 9, 2012, Downtown Memphis, TN will always remember
the Founders Day Weekend and its impression the Men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
left (Physically, Mentally, Spiritually).
Action Items
Training with the MIP Paperwork and Procedure continue, Membership
Information Updates from the National HQ and Regional Mandates
Sigma Education on National Programs & PIA Reporting & CSAF &
Branding & Training/Importance/Consequences
Chapter Events and Deadlines obligation ( State Meetings, Regional
Conferences, National Conclave, National Founders Day Celebration,
Chapters’ Financial obligations ( Chapter Tax & Insurance, Membership
Dues, Regional Conference Registration, Conclave Registration, National
Founders Day Registration, Serious Sigma Summit, Centennial, etc.)
The focus for this year was to provide membership the services of tracking all chapters’
activities, financial status, intake processes by monitoring National HQ accuracy of their
records. Another goal was to promote the National Programs and disseminate National
and Regional information, mandates, updates, and National & Regional event calendar
for all the chapters in the State. Also, another objective was to educate members on
documenting and reporting chapters’ program on the PIA( BBB,Social Action,
Education, Membership, Sigma Beta, etc) & CSAF system on the National Website.
Lastly and probably the most important was to increase membership growth for each and
every chapters on all levels. This goal was moderately met last year. But retention was
a problem for the chapters’ growth and/or maintaining membership numbers. But, all
other goals and objectives were accomplished, especially every chapter in the state was in
attendance at the 2012 Regional Conference, State Meeting & National Founders Day
Celebration, Serious Sigma Summit, or at least an account for their chapters.
Respectfully Submitted,
Bro. Edward Jordan
Tennessee State Director
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Southwestern Region
Bro. Theodore Lewis Jr., Regional Director
Bro. Joshua Busby, 1st Vice Regional Director