Guidelines for Writing Team Contract

IS 823: Object Oriented System Analysis and Design / Team # 1 / Team Name: AIM
Team Members:
1) Umair Abbasi
2) Ziad Haddad
3) Rupinder Sohal
4) Artyom Zhukov
Team Procedures
Day, time, and place for regular team meetings:
Preferred method of communication (e.g., e-mail, cell phone, wired phone, Blackboard Discussion Board, faceto-face, in a certain class) in order to inform each other of team meetings, announcement, updates, reminders,
Meeting Dates will be announced at the end of every meeting based on each team members schedule for the
following week.
In case of urgent attention to a topic, team members may reach each other on their cell phones. The norm of
communication in all other scenarios is to communicate via the discussion board set up on Blackboard.
Decision-making policy (by consensus? by majority vote?):
Method for setting and following meeting agendas (Who will set each agenda? When? How will team members
be notified/reminded? Who will be responsible for the team following the agenda during a team meeting? What
will be done to keep the team on track during a meeting?):
Decision will be made by a majority vote in case a decision cannot be reached, the project manager will weigh
all outcomes and opinions and make the final decision.
Agendas and opinions will be discussed and classified by each team member. The project manager will then
handout the agenda to each team member at the end of the meeting, additionally work required will also be
stated in the minutes report posted within 24hours of the meeting on the discussion group.
Each team member is on his/her own accord to keep him/herself updated in case of a missed meeting, by
referring to the minutes report posted on the discussion group. If a team member is missing during a meeting
his/her agenda will be decided upon without requiring the missing team members consent.
Method of record keeping (Who will be responsible for recording & disseminating minutes? How & when will
the minutes be disseminated? Where will all agendas & minutes be kept?):
Records will be kept in the form of minutes report by the project manager and updated within 24hrs on to the
discussion group. A backup copy will also reside in a secure location not on the Internet. It is each team
members responsibility to update him/her self on the particular week’s minutes by downloading the report off
the discussion group.
Team Expectations
Work Quality
Project standards (What is a realistic level of quality for team presentations, collaborative writing, individual
research, preparation of drafts, peer reviews, etc.?):
Any document submitted must contain the Group header and the page number at the bottom of the document.
If a document is in draft version the file name must contain the word draft in it. Professional quality documents
are expected off each team member. In case the document does not meet certain aesthetical standards the
project manager will advise the member on the proper formatting and may under certain circumstances take on
the work of formatting the document. The project manager has the right to edit the document in any way
he/she deems necessary to meet format, information requirements.
Project presentation, individual research, peer reviews all must be undertaken at a professional level.
Strategies to fulfill these standards:
Use templates provided on the discussion group, Internet, gain ideas from previous documents submitted and
accepted, maintain color theme of document previously submitted and accepted, avail yourself of resources in
the textbook.
Team Participation
Strategies to ensure cooperation and equal distribution of tasks:
Strategies for encouraging/including ideas from all team members (team maintenance):
Strategies for keeping on task (task maintenance):
Preferences for leadership (informal, formal, individual, shared):
Agendas will be decided at the end of every meeting and will be left open for each team member to choose
which agenda he/she wishes to pursue. If found by a team member in conjunction with the project manager
that a specific individual team member has been undertaking less taskful agendas in every meeting or on a
regular basis, the project manager will have the right to intervene and reassign a heavier work load task to that
particular team member.
Each team member is encouraged to visit the discussion forum as often as possible and post regular posts not
necessarily on every visit. Posts may be an encouraging opinion regarding another team member’s work,
discussion on a new idea, release of frustration, positive criticism etc.
Regular weekly meetings in which bigger task/s will be divided into smaller pieces and distributed among the
team members, each team member is expected to deliver his/her highest potential of work.
Individual leadership will be examined in the group where an individual is recognized as the team leader but on
the contrary decision making for less critical agendas will be distributed among the team members.
Personal Accountability
Expected individual attendance, punctuality, and participation at all team meetings:
Expected level of responsibility for fulfilling team assignments, timelines, and deadlines:
Each member is accountable for his or her own attendance at the meetings, and to update him/her self on the
minutes of that meeting. Punctuality will be observed and noted in the minutes additionally may be noted by
either team members, participation of all team members present is required.
Deadlines are kept in such a way that a 2 day leeway is provided in case the deadline cannot be matched, if
after the 2 day leeway the assignment is still pending, affirmative action will be taken and future deadlines for
that team member may be discounted.
Expected level of communication with other team members:
Expected level of commitment to team decisions and tasks.
All team members are encouraged to interact with other team members via the forums providing feedback and
productive input.
More than two team members have to affirm commitment to a decision else the issue may be taken to the
project advisor and the decision taken by the advisor would be the final verdict.
Consequences for Failing to Follow Procedures and Fulfill Expectations
As a group, how infractions of any of the obligations of this team contract will be handled:
Any infractions that may arise based on the team contract or mutual understandings among the team members
and the project manager stated/not stated in this contract will be dealt with first internally among the group. A
written forewarning will be given to the team member/s if the infraction continues to exist. After the forewarning
the agenda will be taken up to the project advisor and his or her faith will be decided there upon.
Note: Team members may also issue written forewarnings to the project manager if an infraction exists by the
project manager and a warning had been issued.
Consequences if the infractions continue:
Load of project participation will discontinue and his/her efforts to the point of infraction will be recognized,
there after his participation will cease to exist and infractions and reasons of discontinued work-load will be
documented as part of the final project report.
I participated in formulating the standards, roles, and procedures as stated in this contract.
I understand that I am obligated to abide by these terms and conditions.
I understand that if I do not abide by these terms and conditions, I will suffer the consequences as stated in this
1) ___________________________________________________Date__________________
2) ___________________________________________________Date__________________
3) ___________________________________________________Date__________________
4) ___________________________________________________Date__________________
Team Contract
Project Name: University Registration System (URS)
Team Member
Yelena Barger
Preechaphol Dulyapraphan
Moad Al-Bawaneh
Matthew Brewer
Contact Information
Tel: (620) 343-7091
Tel: (620) 757-5250
Tel: (620) 3408108
Tel: (620) 342-7381
Team Performance Expectations:
Every team member shall, to the best of his/her ability:
Strive to complete all assigned tasks before or by deadlines
Complete all tasks to the best of his/her ability
Listen carefully and attentively to all comments at meetings
Accept and give criticism in a professional manner
Focus on results before the fact, rather than excuses after
Provide as much notice as possible of problems with commitments
Attend and participate in all scheduled group meetings
Group interest comes before individual interest
Team members should accept and deliver criticism professionally
Work will be divided equally among team members
Maintain agreed project plan and other priorities
Work will be divided equally among team members
If there is anything that is bothering a team member/s, it should be communicated
to the team.
o We should respect each other.
Your signature below confirms that you have read and agreed to these terms. If you don’t plan to
abide by them, advise your group and don’t sign.
Unmet Expectations
When team members fail to live up the above expectations, it is important that the group as a
whole not be dragged down by their lack of responsibility. Therefore,
Any member who misses 2 meetings, assignments or other key elements of the team
effort shall be deemed to have failed to meet the expectations agreed to above.
The penalty for this failure is expulsion from the group, with whatever consequences that
might entail.
Our Commitment:
We, the undersigned, have read and understood all of the above terms and conditions and agree
fully to abide by them or accept the consequences set out above.