Respiratory System Notes

Cells and Systems – Science 8
Respiratory System
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Learning Outcomes Addressed
B3. explain the relationship between cells, tissues, organs and organ systems
- identify the main components of the human organ systems
- describe how organ systems work together to obtain and transport nutrients, remove wastes
and exchange gasses
Try to write down as many facts about the structure and function of the following parts of
the respiratory system as you watch the video.
1. Diaphragm
7. Epiglottis
2. Lungs
8. Vocal Chords
3. Intercostal Muscles (muscles
around the ribs)
9. Trachea (windpipe)
10. Bronchi
4. Nasal Cavity
11. Bronchioles
5. Pharynx
6. Larynx
12. Alveoli
Notes and Activities – Science 8
Cells and Systems – Science 8
Respiratory Facts (circle the correct answer)
Your diaphragm moves ( up / down ) as you breath in.
Your intercostals muscles move ( in / out ) as you breath in.
Carefully label the following diagram of the human respiratory system.
Notes and Activities – Science 8