Toolbox Talk 1 – Emergency Communications System
Why introduce an emergency notification system?
Earthquake in Chile on February 27th an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck south and central Chile. It
was the fifth most powerful quake ever measured – 500 times more powerful than the Haiti
earthquake. Several coastal communities were smashed by the Tsunami that followed. The Earth’s
axis moved 8cm shortening the day by 1.26 microseconds. 497 fatalities were reported; 500,000
people with houses severely damaged; no official data on unidentified and missing victims. 284
aftershocks are registered for the 12 days following the quake; 14 are of magnitude 6.0 and higher.
They continue to this day… (video) –
Jim Haynes, Bechtel Chile General Manager tells the story – this major earthquake occurred over 3
minutes. Employees immediately exited the building and fled. Bechtel didn’t have a disaster
response plan, had no satellite phones, and there were gaps in their contact information.
Some Bechtel employees lost family members.
Command posts were set up for Bechtel families however many Bechtel staff could not be contacted
– general disorganization.
Jim developed a leadership team to inspect the damage, track down and communicate with
employees, normalize the situation and develop a relief plan.
They did a really good job and managed to get the situation under control in a few days.
CP203 Emergency Preparedness:
ES&H’s core process 203 describes what should be done in an emergency situation to minimize
your risk. An emergency may occur due to a number of reasons including: a gas fire, explosion,
flood, storm, personal injury, or a toxic release or spill.
Security arrangements for the building are coordinated through Office Services. There are
designated fire wardens, first aid staff, alarm bells, emergency exits and risk assessments being
done in every office and on every site in Bechtel.
Bechtel University course 190 outlines security and emergency arrangements for Pilgrim Street.
In the event of a serious emergency, it is important that we are able to contact and account for all
Bechtel staff. Bechtel Corporate is using a new tool which can send out messages simultaneously to
all our staff on email, SMS, landlines and cell phones until an acknowledgement is received
confirming that they are safe and accounted for.
This system uses the contact information in the Human Resources database. Therefore, it is
important that you update your HR record, through MyInfo, to ensure that you will be contactable
in an emergency, and we therefore require all Civil people to review and update their contact data
in myINFO.
This is a simple process, which can be completed by
1. logging into myINFO
2. selecting contact information
3. selecting work communications data – edit, Cell/Mobile phone contact information, which
must be in the following format:
 +44 207 6517619
IMPORTANT – update your mobile number. If you need to check Outlook, open your contacts and
select ‘add to contacts’ – all the information should then be visible.
An instruction sheet can be found in Appendix 1
International SOS
Bechtel staff are covered in emergency situations by International SOS / ISOS. This means you have
your own personal, medical and safety assistance advisor for emergencies, as well as routine advice
when outside your home country.
If you need a routine referral, lose your medication, or have a medical crisis get in touch with ISOS
on their website and select your nearest emergency centre.
If you don’t have internet access you can call them on the numbers supplied on an emergency card
below. The card also has Bechtel’s membership number
Emergency number in Pilgrim Street
Inform your line manager, call Security ext 7777
Appendix 1
1. Log in to myINFO using the following address:, or click on myINFO from the drop down
menu for Tools and Reference on the Becweb homepage,
2. Click on the Click here to log in to myINFO button, and login with your standard Bechtel user ID and
3. Then click on my Contact Information
4. Then click on Work Communications Data and then click on Edit to update your Work and
Cell/Mobile phone contact information, which must be in the following format:
 +44 207 6517619
5. Once you have inputted the correct numbers, click on Review, and if the numbers are correct then
click on Save. Once this is complete for both Work and Cell/Mobile numbers you can exit and logoff
from myINFO.