Poetry Terms Quiz




Poetry Terms Quiz _______ repetition of initial consonant sounds _______poetry in which characters are revealed through dialogue and monologue, as well as through description _______the pattern the end rhymes form in a stanza or poem 3.



_______the continuation of a sentence across a line break without a punctuated pause between lines _______a line of poetry with six feet a. hexameter d. lyric poetry b. alliteration c. enjambment 6.

e. rhyme scheme **************************************************************** _______figure of speech in which a speaker addresses an inanimate object, an idea, or an absent person 7.


_______verse that tells a story _______the repetition of similar consonant sounds typically within or at the end of words 9.

_______a short, witty poem; a saying 10.

_______a line of poetry with five feet a. pentameter d. consonance b. narrative poem c. apostrophe 11.

e. epigram ***************************************************************** _______the repetition of similar vowel sounds, especially in a line of poetry 12.

_______a lyric poem of fourteen lines, typically written in iambic pentameter and usually following strict patterns of stanza divisions and rhymes 13.

_______the analysis of the meter of a line of verse 14.

_______a metaphor that compares two unlike things in various ways throughout a paragraph, stanza, or an entire piece of writing 15.

_______a line of poetry with four feet a. tetrameter d. sonnet 16.

b. assonance e. scansion _______a narrative song or poem c. extended metaphor ***************************************************************** 17.

_______the recurrence of sounds, words, phrases, lines, or stanzas in a speech or piece of writing 18.

_______any object, person, place, or experience that exists on a literal level, but also represents something else, usually something abstract 19.

_______a contrast or discrepancy between appearance and reality 20.

_______unstressed, unstressed, stressed

a. repetition d. anapest ***************************************************************** 21.

b. ballad e. irony c. symbol _______poetry written in unrhymed, iambic pentameter 22.

_______the voice of a poem, similar to a narrator in a work of prose 23.

_______the central message of a work of literature that readers can apply to life 24.

_______a regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that gives a line of poetry a predictable rhythm 25.

_______stressed, unstressed, unstressed a. blank verse d. theme 26.

b. speaker e. meter c. dactyl ***************************************************************** _______a long narrative poem that traces the adventures of a hero 27.

_______two consecutive, paired lines of poetry, usually rhymed, usually forming a stanza 28.

_______an elaborate extended metaphor that dominates a passage or an entire poem 29.

_______the author’s attitude toward the subject of a poem 30.

_______unstressed, stressed a. conceit d. epic 31.

b. iamb e. couplet middle has seven syllables c. tone ***************************************************************** _______a traditional Japanese form of poetry that has three lines and seventeen syllables, the first and third lines have five syllables each, and the 32.

_______the repetition of the same stressed vowel sounds and any succeeding sounds in two or more words 33.

_______a writer’s choice of words 34.

_______a line of poetry with two feet a. dimeter b. haiku c. diction d. rhyme