MAP - From War to Peace

Major Concept: From War to
Peace 1919-1920 In the years
following the end of World War I,
many Americans enjoyed great
prosperity; However, this time
period also brought unease over the
apparent spread of radical
influences. The American people
sought leaders who offered a return
to peaceful times and they willingly
contributed to a thriving, consumerdriven economy.
 Postwar Issues
o Red Scare
 A New Economic Era
 Harding and Coolidge
 Lasting Effects of WWI
Key Questions:
What were the causes and effects of
the first Red Scare?
What challenges did the U.S. face at
the end of World War I?
US II Learning Standards:
USII.10 Describe how the battle between traditionalism and modernity manifested itself in the major
historical trends and events after World War I and throughout the 1920s (H)
the Boston Police Strike
the Red Scare and Sacco and Vanzetti
racial and ethnic tensions
Pacing Guide: December 1-December 12 (10 days)
Skills and Outcomes: When students have
Formative/Summative Assessments:
finished studying this topic, they will know and be
Students will complete the following products/other
able to:
assessments to demonstrate the skills and
Analyze the primary sources photo taken by the
understandings they have acquired
Electric Club of Louisville, Kentucky on pp. 620621. (Skills Handbook H28-H29)
 Write a brief but informative editorial
Preview Postwar Havoc using PIC Method
explaining the public interest in the trial of
Sacco and Vanzetti. Explain to what extent
 Identify the problems the United States faced
the Red Scare and hostility toward
after World War I (GO 11 or 12)
How did the U.S. limit immigration
after World War I?
Have you ever been accused of
something you did not do? How did
you feel?
What role did the Ford Motor
Company and Henry Ford play in
revolutionizing American industry?
How did the growth of the auto
industry affect related industries?
How did advertising change the
America marketplace?
What were the economic
weaknesses in the thriving economy
of the 1920s?
How did Harding’s approach to
governing affect his administration?
What did Coolidge envision as the
driving force in the growth and
development of the nation?
How did Coolidge’s basic beliefs
compare to those of Harding?
What were the lasting effects of
Analyze the concept of 100 Percent
Americanism (GO #2)
Analyze the political cartoon, “Put Them Out
and Keep Them Out,” on page 624
Connection to Today: Read, Terrorism in
the United States p. 623.
Connection: Explain the purpose of The
American Civil Liberties Union founded in
1920. Are Americans ever willing to give up
some civil rights in order to achieve security?
o Identify the Patriot Act
Identify the causes and effects of the first
Red Scare after reading pages 622-623. (GO
Determine Main Idea and Details on the
section, Labor Strife Grows using GO #13.
Identify Cause and Effect:
o Seattle general strike of 1919
o Boston Police strike of 1919
Interpret the Graph European Immigration,
1890-1930 on p. 626. (Skills Handbook p.
Identify Cause and Effect: Why did labor
unions join nativists in pushing for
restrictions on immigration?
Evaluate the convictions of Sacco and
Vanzetti. Do you think the convictions were
o Analyze the quote by Vanzetti .
According to Vanzetti what were the
reasons for his imprisonment?
o Examine the painting by Ben Shahn
of Sacco and Vanzetti on p. 627.
immigrants played a part in the trial. Decide
if you think Sacco and Vanzetti received a
fair trial and support your position. (Rubric
42 Alternative Assessment HB)
Prepare an advertising campaign for one of
the new products developed in the early
1900s. Design a magazine advertisement and
a slogan or jingle encouraging people to buy
it. Use words and pictures to try to create a
demand for the product. Your ad should
describe the affect the product will have on
consumers. Ads should be colorful and show
the product’s features. (Rubric #2,
Create two illustrations that depict the
characteristics of the Harding and
Coolidge administrations. Base your work
on your completed Compare and Contrast
GO on Harding and Coolidge. The
illustration should reflect the personal,
political and economic views of the two
presidents. Write and expository
paragraph explaining your illustrations.
(Rubric #3 in the Alternative Assessment
Quizzes and Topic Test
 Required Assessment
 Select one of your choice
World War I on American politics in
the 1920s?
o Online Resources SD7 CH19:
Research the Sacco and Vanzetti case
Preview A New Economic Era using PIC Method
 Take Notes on the role the Ford Motor
Company and Henry Ford played in
revolutionizing American industry.
o Explain why Henry Ford’s Model T
was such a revolutionary idea
o Evaluate the Positives and
Negatives of the assembly line (GO
 Analyze the impact the automobile had on
American life:
o Rural areas, Work, Home, Dating,
Women, etc.
o Interpret the Infographic, Autos
Drive the Modern Age, p. 630. (Skills
Handbook H30)
 Connections to Today:
o Evaluate: How do cars get produced
today? Do you think it’s positive or
negative, explain your answer.
o Analyze the impact of computers on
American life today.
 Cause and Effect: How did the growth of
the auto industry affect related industries?
(GO #4)
 Journal: Read The New Consumer and
analyze the picture on pp 631-632
o Describe the new consumer of the
1920s? What might influence their
purchases? What would they buy and
why? How and where would they
buy their goods? How might they pay
for their purchases?
 Identify the segment of the American
economy that did not enjoy prosperity in the
1920s and explain why. P. 633.
Preview The Harding and Coolidge Presidencies
using PIC Method
 Interpret Warren G. Harding’s speech when
he was running for office. America needed a
return to. . .”normalcy.”. Read the “The
Inside Story” and determine why the
American people elected Harding President
in the election of 1920.
 Take Notes comparing and contrasting the
presidential administrations of Warren G.
Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Use GO #8 to
record answers.
 Analyze the political cartoon on the Teapot
Dome scandal on p. 635. (Skills Handbook
p. H7, H28-H29) Evaluate Harding’s
position concerning business and
government, should the Teapot Dome
scandal have been a surprise?
 Summarize: Why did the Teapot Dome
incident cause a scandal?
 Identify the political events and ideas that
marked the Calvin Coolidge presidency
 Sequencing: Read Native Americans and
Citizenship on p. 637. List the steps
Congress took toward granting citizenship to
all Native Americans. Why do you think it
took so long for Native Americans to attain
Examine the visual on the effects of World
War I on p. 638. How did the United States
become the banker of the world?
Identify the Washington Naval Conference
using GO #2.
Evaluate: Why do you think the United
States signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact but did
not join the League of Nations?