Staff Council Minutes
April 24, 2009
President Marsha Shaw called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. Those present were: Joyce Webb, Nicole
Houston, Diana Goodnight, Cathy Archer, Cheryl Little, Gail Daggett, Terri Hellmann, Linda Burkholder, Eva
Howe, Shirley Sellers, Anna Aichele, Rita Martin, Marsha Shaw, and Susan Wilson.
Treasurer’s Report
University Account #23-630-17, Balance as of March 31, 2009 S/A - $11,337.75
University Account #24-630-07 – Balance $0.00 (Scholarship Account)
Income & Expenses included in March 31, 2009 S/A
$35.00 (donation from Rita Martin for Yoga)
$102.86 (Wal-Mart gift card for Zane Barber funeral)
$120.00 (Lyon – lockers in Kelley Center)
$496.72 (GFS – water for Commencement)
No other expenses since April 1, 2009
Foundation Account #38RT04067 as of 4/24/09
Marsha shared a thank you note from the Innovation Symposium.
Student Lockers: Diana distributed pictures of what the new lockers look like after they were refurbished by
Physical Plant. They will be ready to use this coming fall in the Kelley Center. Diane will be ready to take
reservations, as students have to re-register each semester for a locker.
Wheelchairs: Marsha reported that we currently have two wheelchairs available. They are located in the
Main Building (where the old switchboard was housed) and Kelley Center (next to the Bookstore). If a
wheelchair is needed, all we have to do is contact Physical Plant. Wheelchairs are available at each public
event. Moore’s Drugstore quoted us a price of $175 each (originally sells for $199). Perhaps our next
fundraiser can go towards the purchase of one or two additional wheelchairs.
Staff Council Minutes
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April 24, 2009
Commencement Water: Shirley stated that the water has been delivered. She will be circulating a sign-up
sheet for help at Graduation for (a) placing water bottles on the graduate chairs, and (b) time slots for selling
the water to the public. The Bursar’s office informed Shirley that the only people who can sell the water must
have completed the financial training class. It was also suggested that that each Staff Council member should
check with his/her supervisor to see how to record time away from the office.
Call for Nominations: Anna stated it was time to send in your nominations for new Staff Council officers.
Please submit names to Oleatha and/or Anna by May 10th.
Other Business:
Staff Council will have a few accomplishments to celebrate. Nicole Houston, Michael Lynch, and Kelly Gebhart
will receive their Bachelor’s degree in General Studies; Linda Burkholder and Oleatha Love will receive their
Associate’s degree in General Studies. Congratulations to all.
Marsha touched on a conversation she, Eva, & Oleatha had with the Accreditation Team. The three felt that
the Accreditation Team took to heart what was discussed. Marsha was encouraged to get her notes together,
share them with Staff Council, and forward them to Chancellor Green.
Cherie Dodd approached Marsha to see if Staff Council would assist Professional Staff in selling their holiday
cards in November. A 1st was made by Linda Burkholder, a 2nd by Rita Martin, to decline. Motion passed. It
was suggested that perhaps Professional Staff consider purchasing a booth at the Craft Show to sell their
holiday cards. They are trying to raise money for the Student-in-Crisis project.
New Business:
Shirley made contact with a lady vendor at Shipshewana-on-the-Road. The lady wanted to know if Staff
Council would sell her dips – 3/$10 – for a fundraiser. Shirley did not have the details on how much profit
Staff Council would receive from the sale. Shirley will try to get our questions answered and a sample of the
dips by next meeting. If we decided to go with this project, perhaps this fundraiser could go towards the
wheelchair project. Marsha commented that she hoped the Chancellor’s office would consider purchasing the
next set of wheelchairs rather than Staff Council.
Cathy reported that she has 30-35 applications for the Craft Show already. She will meet with her committee
within the next few weeks to go over the applications and get word back to the potential vendors.
Staff Council Minutes
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April 24, 2009
Cathy sent an email around regarding Boyd’s Fudge. Lori Boyd, a vendor at the Craft Show and close friend to
Cathy & Susan, is doing her own fundraiser for Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer. For each box of $8 fudge
that Lori sells, she will donate $4 to the causes. This will run through Easter and Mother’s Day. If interested,
please let Cathy know. She will be taking orders for another week.
Linda Burkholder commented on the Campus Beautification email from Chancellor Green. The email thanked
Tara for her hard work in organizing it, but Chancellor Green probably didn’t realize that Staff Council
purchased bulbs last year and that Student Activities purchased the t-shirts.
Meeting adjourned at 10:27 a.m.
Submitted by Susan Wilson, Secretary
May 19, 2009