500 Hour Program
Class Outline Form
Class Title: Ethics
Course(s) and Hours: Business- 3.5
Class Description
Learning Objectives
Define ethics.
Class Outline
The instructor will use the packet pages and
power point presentation to guide the flow of
the class.
An important component of this class is that
the students will be given a partner (usually
the person sitting next to them). They will be
given time to write down their ideas about a
given category of ethical behavior. When they
are satisfied with their work, they will trade
with another group to review each others
work. This will continue until all of the
categories have been detailed and reviewed by
each group.
The time allotted for these sections is a guess.
The idea is to spend 2/3 of the time on the
actual writing and editing of their code of
ethical behavior.
Attendance, meditation, and pep talk.
What will be covered today.
March 7, 2016
Using the presentation slide, introduce the
idea of the class: that they are the first massage
MT: 21-29
therapists ever, and that they want to have a
profession reputation that is stellar from the
beginning. To do this they will put themselves
in the mind frame of a massage therapy client
who has received lots of massage. From this
point of view, they will come up with
descriptions of how they want their massage
therapist to behave.
Go over the working definitions for the terms
values, morals, ethics, and laws.
Have the students make a lists of their values.
When both are done, they can discuss them
with each other. Once everybody has taken the
time to write and discuss “locally”, bring
closure to the topic and continuance to the class
by having them share their values out loud as
you write them on the board.
Have the students write descriptions of how
they would want their massage therapist to
behave. This is mostly free form ideas about
ideal massage therapist behavior. When both
partners are done writing, they can discuss
their ideas.
Discuss the ideas that they found as large
group, writing them up on the board as you go.
Now narrow down their ideas into Primary
Categories of Ethical Massage Therapist
Behavior. Their ideas should fit nicely into the
categories listed on the presentation slide, but a
category may need to be added based on their
submission of ideas.
Have each group discuss which 2 or 3
categories they have the most interest in,
especially for the purposes of writing the
details for that category. Then take volunteers
for each category until every category has been
assigned (it is not necessary to assign the
March 7, 2016
categories of transference, countertransference, and dual relationship because
those will be discussed in more detail in
another class).
Continue to have them write the details of their
categories. When the are satisfied with their
work, they will trade with other groups until
all groups have had a chance to review and
edit/add to the work of their peers.
Call for a volunteer from the class to type up
these ethical guidelines. In return you can offer
to make copies for each student to hold onto
and review in a later class.
Using the presentation slides, review the actual
ethical guidelines in summary form to show
that the guidelines that they created are very
similar to those given by the state.
Circle up.
Briefly review the class and remind them of the
upcoming classes and assignments due.
End class.
1. Anticipatory Set / Introduction - Invoke excitement, success, clarity and security
2. Learning Experiences –
3. Evaluation / Assessments –
4. Class Close –
March 7, 2016