A Cross Section of Nursing Research: Journal Articles for

A Cross Section of Nursing Research: Journal
Articles for Discussion and Evaluation (Second
Edition) Roberta J. Peteva
This book helps students learn how to interpret nursing
research by providing them with 33 research articles that
illustrate the full range of research approaches. Questions
at the end of each article keep students on track and
provide the basis for classroom discussions.
$28.50; ISBN 1-884585-06-X; © 2003; 236 pages
Nonexperimental Quantitative Research
Evaluation by Consumers of Quality Care Information on the Internet
Descriptors: Pilot study, evaluation using pre-established criteria, Journal of Nursing Care Quality
Role Orientation in Novice Home Healthcare Nurses
Descriptors: Regional survey, questionnaire, Journal for Nurses in Staff Development
Community Health Nurses' Knowledge of Lyme Disease: Implications for Surveillance andCommunity
Descriptors: Statewide survey, test of knowledge, Journal of Community Health Nursing
Ethics in Community Health Nursing Textbooks
Descriptors: Content analysis, Nurse Educator
Patients' Images in Nursing Magazine Advertisements
Descriptors: Content analysis, Advances in Nursing Science
Physical Activity and Postpartum Well-Being
Descriptors: Secondary analysis of longitudinal data, Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and
Neonatal Nursing
Nurses' Personal Pain Experiences and Their Pain Management Knowledge
Descriptors: Correlational research, The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing
Parent Behavior and Child Distress During Urethral Catheterization
Descriptors: Observation of natural behavior, Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses
True Experimental Research
Preop Fluid Bolus Reduces Risk of PostOp Nausea and Vomiting: A Pilot Study
Descriptors: Random assignment to experimental and control groups, Journal of Advanced Nursing
10. An Intervention to Increase Use and Effectiveness of Self-Care Measures for Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy Patients
Descriptors: Random assignment to experimental and control groups, Cancer Nursing
11. An Intervention Study to Enhance Medication Compliance in Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals
Descriptors: Random assignment to experimental and control groups, Journal of Gerontological
Quasi-Experimental Research
12. The Influence of Personal Message with Music on Anxiety and Side Effects Associatedwith
Descriptors: Pretest-posttest intact groups design, Cancer Nursing
13. The Impact of an HIV/AIDS Training Course for Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Descriptors: Pretest-posttest intact groups design, Journal of Nursing Education
14. The Effects of Crossed Leg on Blood Pressure Measurement
Descriptors: Repeated measures, intact groups design, Nursing Research
Pre-Experimental Research
15. Efficacy of an International Exchange Via the Internet
Descriptors: One group, posttest design, Journal of Nursing Education
Program Evaluation/Process Evaluation
16. The Adolescent Parenting Program: Improving Outcomes Through Mentorship
Descriptors: Comparison of outcomes to local and national data, Public Health Nursing
17. Initiation and Evaluation of a Research-Based Fall Prevention Program
Descriptors: One group, pre- and posttest design, Journal of Nursing Care Quality
18. A Comparison of Urban Versus Rural Experiences of Nurses Volunteering to Promote Healthin
Descriptors: Comparison of two programs, Public Health Nursing
Qualitative Research
19. John and Mary Q. Public's Perceptions of a Good Death and Assisted Suicide
Descriptors: Open-ended questionnaire, Issues in Interdisciplinary Care
20. Hospital-Based Psychiatric Experience Before Community-Based Practice for Nurses:Imperative or
Descriptors: Semistructured interviews, Issues in Mental Health Nursing
21. Maternity Care During the Post-World War II Baby Boom: The Experience of General DutyNurses
Descriptors: Oral history, Western Journal of Nursing Research
22. The Meaning of Family Health Among Mexican American First-Time Mothers and Fathers
Descriptors: Ethnography, Journal of Family Nursing
23. Using Research to Establish Protocols for Practice: A Statewide Study of Acute Care Agencies
Descriptors: Structured interviews, Clinical Nurse Specialis
24. Serendipity: A Focus Group Turned Hermeneutic Evaluation
Descriptors: Focus groups, feminist research, Nurse Educator
25. A Baby Has Died: The Impact of Perinatal Loss on Family and Social Networks
Descriptors: Open-ended questionnaire, Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing
Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Research
26. Computer-Mediated Support Group Use Among Parents of Children with Cancer: An Exploratory
Descriptors: Survey via the Internet, Computers in Nursing
27. The Interconnection of Childhood Poverty and Homelessness: Negative Impact/Points of Access
Descriptors: Standardized tests; interviews, Families in Society: the Journal of Contemporary
Human Services
28. Solution-Focused Approaches to Tobacco Reduction with Disadvantaged Prenatal Clients
Descriptors: Focus groups, questionnaire, Journal of Community Health Nursing
Test Reliability and Validity Research
29. Preverbal, Early Verbal Pediatric Pain Scale (PEPPS): Development and Early PsychometricTesting
Descriptors: Reliability and validity, Journal of Pediatric Nursing
30. Revised Susceptibility, Benefits, and Barriers Scale for Mammography Screening
Descriptors: Reliability and validity, Research in Nursing & Health
31. An Adolescent and Young Adult Condom Perception Scale
Descriptors: Reliability and validity, Western Journal of Nursing Research
32. Effects of Distraction on Children's Pain and Distress During Medical Procedures:A Meta-Analysis
Descriptors: Mean effect size, Nursing Research
Critical Review of Empirical Research
33. Needlestick Injuries Among Health Care Workers: A Literature Review
Descriptors: Evaluation and synthesis of previous research, AAOHN Journal