Breakdown for Essential Course Components

Grade 9 Academic English: ENG 1DI
Brought to you by Mr. Stephan Latour
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Phone : 519-884-9590 ext. 2420
Office : Room 420 or Portable 6
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Course Description from Ministry Guidelines:
The Grade 9 Academic English program continues to develop the analytic reading, writing, oral communication and
thinking skills needed in the challenging secondary school academic program and in preparation for the diversity of life.
Students will study and interpret a variety of challenging texts from contemporary and historical periods, including
novels poems, plays and opinion pieces, and will analyze and create effective media works. An important focus will be
the thoughtful use of spoken and written language.
ENG 1DI – Overview of Main Units:
Accompanying Text(s)
Unit 1
Writing with Style and Purpose
Sightlines 9
Unit 2
To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee’s: To Kill a Mockingbird
Unit 3
Mythic Voices
Unit 4
Twelfth Night
Shakespeare’s: Twelfth Night
Unit 5
Independent Novel Study
A Novel from the WCI Library
Unit 6
The Laramie Project
The Laramie Project Film and Play
Unit 7
Culminating Activity
Sources will be provided.
* You will be assigned a set of course books for the entire year. You are responsible for keeping your books in good
condition. You are also responsible for covering the costs for any lost or damaged books.
Learning Skills:
The development of learning skills and work habits is an integral part of a student’s learning. The achievement of these
skills is officially reported on the Provinicial Report Card. The evaluation of learning skills and work habits includes 6
Learning Skills: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self Regulation, please see
the WCI Student Planner.
Course Evaluation :
The ENG 1DI course will be evaluated based on term work worth 70% of your final report grade and the components of
the final evaluation are worth 30% of your final grade.
Essential Skills or “Big Ideas” in this course:
To be successful in this course, your MUST be able to demonstrate all of the following skills:
• Demonstrate the ability to listen in order to understand, use speaking skills and strategies
appropriately to communicate with a variety of audiences and reflect on their strengths as a listener.
• Demonstrate the ability to read and comprehend a variety of texts while identifying literary devices,
text forms and features while implementing strategies before, during and after reading.
• Develop and organize content to write for an intended audience while making connections in your
writing (Thesis, Supporting Evidence and implement PPE Structure)
• Implement editing and proofreading strategies in order to communicate your understanding (TKAM essay,
Summative Essay and Journal responses).
• Identify media forms by identifying conventions and techniques as well as create a media text for a
specific audience using conventions and techniques.
Breakdown for Essential Course Components
Biography with Literary Devices
Approx. 8%
To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis
Approx. 8%
Twelfth Night Test
Approx. 5%
Twelfth Night Dramatization
Approx. 8%
Independent Novel Study
Approx. 5%
Mythology Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Approx. 8%
Formal Essay
Approx. 8%
Approx. 20%
Culminating Activity
Guidelines for Late and Missed Assignments:
At WCI, it is the expectation that students submit all required work by the assigned due date as evidence of their
learning. Students who fail to meet a due date for an essential course component will be subject to the completion policy
found in the student planner. Failure to submit this work, despite these interventions, will be recorded as incomplete and
may result in a loss of credit. * Please do your best to communicate when things happen (I will understand). Please tell me
in advance, when possible, and do your best to make alternative arrangements for appointments, extra-curricular
activities, vacation, etc.
Cheating / Plagiarism Policy :
At WCI, it is the expectation that students will submit their own original work for the purpose of demonstrating their
learning. In the event that cheating orplagiarism occurs, the following consequences may be implemented, in consultation
with administration, depending of the situation:
• The student may be required to redo all or part of the assignment or assessment
• The student may be required to complete an alternate assignment of assessment
• The student’s work may be treated as a missed assignment
• There may be other consequences that are determined to be appropriate, including disciplinary
consequences as outlined in the Cheating / Plagiarism section of the student planner
On a Personal Note:
I look forward to explore aspects of English/Communication with you, and see you develop as a student and person. As a
teacher I live by the following motto: “The meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Latour