MUSA 451 Syllabus

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Music Department
MUSA 451 Private Composition
Lessons: TBA at private residence (Baley), TBA in HFA-233 (Stolz)
Seminar: We 5:00-6:30 in HFA-147
Dist. Prof. Virko Baley, Dr. Nolan Stolz
Office: HFA-233 (Stolz)
Phone: 702.683.9679 (Baley), 702.895.5040 (Stolz)
Baley’s office hours: We or Th by appointment only
Stolz’s Office hours: Mo,Tu,We 1130-1230, or by appointment
Learning outcomes for the semester
Completed, original compositions totaling at least 10 minutes in duration
Required materials
Computer engraving software (e.g., Sibelius, Finale, etc.)
Alfred Blatter’s Instrumentation/Orchestration
Various books, scores and recordings on reserve in the Music Library
Online sources (e.g.,
Folder or three-ring binder
Recommended materials
Samuel Adler’s The Study of Orchestration
David Cope’s New Directions in Music
Laptop for playback purposes
Software for electro-acoustic composition (e.g., PureData)
90%=Portfolio (adjudication will be done by the composition faculty)
10%=Listening Exam
Course Policies
 Print-outs of your latest revisions must be presented at each lesson: I will not look at your
laptop screen. I need a hard copy on which to make suggested revisions. You should
bring a laptop for playback, if possible.
 Revisions or new material (even sketches) must be brought to each lesson. You must
show some progress on your work since our last meeting. Showing no progress will end
the lesson, and it will be considered an absence.
 Lesson and seminar attendance is mandatory: excessive absences and tardiness will not
be tolerated. After two unexcused absences, your final grade will be lowered.
 Attendance at all Composition Area and new music events including but not limited to
NEXTET concerts, new music events, recitals by guest artists, et al. is required.
Unexcused absence to each Composition Area or new music event will negatively affect
the final grade.
 If you miss your scheduled lesson with a guest composer (unexcused), your final grade
will be lowered by a partial grade (e.g., A to A-).
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Academic Misconduct
Disability Resource Center
Religious Holidays Policy
UNLV Writing Center
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