Cub Scouts Pack 221 Omaha/Naples

Cub Scouts Pack 221 Omaha/Naples
Photo Release for Website
I grant permission for my child’s photo to be included on the photo page of
www.orgsites/tx/pack221 to depict the adventures of Cub Scouting. I understand my
child’s first name only may be included with this photo if he is depicted winning an
award. Group photos submitted of adventures at Scouting events including my child may
also be published. The photo released is involved in Cub Scout related activities, at
official Cub Scout meeting locations. This permission statement remains active, no
expiration date, while my Cub Scout is registered with Pack 221. I also understand I may
recant this permission statement at anytime simply by calling, emailing, or verbally
advising the Cubmaster, Den Leader, Committee Member or Chairman. At that time any
photo of my child will be removed.
This photo release also provides permission to submit photos for publication in The
Monitor or the Mt. Pleasant Daily Tribune as well as posters for exhibit.
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